The Jesuits, who had intensively dealt with Confucianism from the 16th century on, also took over dao as the “correct (Catholic) way,” and the so-called Figurists, a group of Jesuits in the 18th century who saw the Messianic figure of Jesus Christ outlined in Chinese history, went so far as to point to the existence of John’s Logos in the dao of Daodejing. In the Greek translation of the Old Testament (Septuagint), the Word could be used both of the means by which God had created the world (Ps 33:6) and through which he had revealed himself to the world (Jer 1:4; Ezek 1:3; Amos 3:1). Some voices went so far as to describe Logos and dao as a point of contact between Christianity and the Chinese religions. BigCommerce Premium Themes by PSDCenter, Ndyuka / Suriname / Eastern Maroon Creole, Low German (Plattdeutsch - Plautdietsche), Old Hungarian Script / Székely-magyar rovásírás, Small Flowery Miao 小花苗 (Gha-Mu / Blue Hmong), Formosan (Taiwanese Aborigine) Languages, Yatzachi Zapotec New Testament / Testament Cobə deʼen choeʼ dižəʼ c̱he ancho Jesocristənʼ (ZAVNT) / Mexico. Leesplannen helpen je om elke dag een moment met Gods Woord bezig te zijn.

Please, Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | External Links Disclaimer. Jump to navigation Jump to search. He can easily express himself relative to the man who has conceived good things, has said them, or done them.

You’ll receive credits toward complimentary access to Ethnologue for every contribution that is vetted and accepted by our editors. Yatzachi Zapotec New Testament / Testament Cobə deʼen choeʼ dižəʼ c̱he ancho Jesocristənʼ (ZAVNT) / Mexico Then God said, "Let there be light!"

Among certain of the Greek-speaking Jews of New Testament times, there was much speculation about the ‘wisdom’ of God, which God ‘made in the very beginning, at the first, before the world began’ (Prov 8:22-23). “Therefore, this first sentence in John 1:1 may be rendered ‘Before the world was created, the one who was known as the Word existed’ or ‘… the person called the Word existed.’ In languages which employ honorific forms it is particularly appropriate to use such an indication with the title ‘Word.’ Such a form immediately marks the designation as the title of deity or of a very important personage, depending, of course, upon the usage in the language in question.”. SIL's commitment to see people flourishing using the languages they value most. Geniet van honderden vertalingen, inclusief audio, alles op je mobiele apparaat. Download de gratis app en krijg toegang op je bladwijzers, notities en leesplannen vanaf elke plek. In Daoist writings (especially in the Daodejing), dao goes far beyond the Confucian meaning to take on creative qualities. Protestant translations, however, began to use dao as a translation for Logos in the 1830s and have largely retained this practice to this day. “”When the disciples were participants in events along with Jesus, it was necessary to make explicit the fact that they accompanied him, although in the source language that is left implicit, since otherwise our rendering would imply that they were not present.””, In this verse, the Yatzachi Zapotec says: “The next day John saw Jesus coming where he was and he said to us who were there. English Proper noun .

John 12:13, John as a first-person evangelist (John 1:29), Tzeltal de Oxchuc y Tenejapa (Highland Tzeltal).

However, when a Caledonian speaks French, he translates his thoughts as they seem to him the most adequate. They found obscure expressions for the common ‘word’ or ‘speech’ (…) It would seem that these words would present insurmountable difficulties for the translator in primitive languages.

For the Greeks who held to a theistic view of the universe, it could be understood as the means by which God reveals himself to the world, while among those who were pantheistic in outlook, the Word was the principle that held the world together and at the same time endowed men with the wisdom for living. Copyright 2020 bibleinmylanguage.

He gives understanding to the minds of all men.” All Rights Reserved. Diosənꞌ, Diozənꞌ, Villa Alta Zapotec, Zapoteco de Yatzachi, OLAC resources in and about Zapotec, Yatzachi.

Map Notes.

Beiträge zur Religion, Theologie und Kirche im chinesischen Kontext.

“Because of these and other difficulties, many translators treat the term ‘Word’ or Logos as a title, and that is precisely what it is. Ethnologue entry for Yatzachi Zapotec, zav; But if we are constantly heeding what Christ taught us, … (Source: Inez Butler in Notes on Translation 16, 1965, p. 4-5), The Greek that is translated as “God is spirit” in English is translated in Xicotepec De Juárez Totonac as “God is alive although he is not seen,” in Huehuetla Tepehua as “God doesn’t have a body,” in Yatzachi Zapotec as “God is not a person of flesh and blood,” and in Alekano as “God is breath.” (Source: M. Larson / B. Moore in Notes on Translation February 1970, p. 1-125). Our deceased colleague Laffay once said: ‘I prefer to read John in the Ajië rather than in French’.

A variety of Zapotec spoken in Oaxaca, Mexico; Further reading . Register on So there was light. Registration is fast and secure.

(Source: M. Larson / B. Moore in Notes on Translation February 1970, p. ): “”In revising the Gospel of John in Yatzachi Zapotec we realized from the start that the third person references of Jesus to himself as Son of Man had to be converted into first person references, but only more recently have we decided that similar change is necessary in John’s references to himself as ‘the disciple whom Jesus loved.’ As I worked on those changes and questioned the informant about his understanding of other passages in the Gospel, I discovered that the reader misses the whole focus of the book as an eyewitness account unless every reference to the disciples indicates the writer’s membership in the group.

Christianity .

The origins of dao and Logos have some clear differences, not the least being the personal relationship of Logos as the Son of God with God the Father. Ethnologue: Languages of the World.

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To enable us to better serve you, we invite you to create an account on ): “In certain special instances it is quite impossible for a translator to reduce [Λόγος] to a single word in English, or in any other tongue (though one standard Chinese version of the Bible renders logos in the prologue of John’s Gospel as 道 (tao), which is about as near as any translation could come to capturing the scope and depth of the word’s religious, philosophical, and metaphoric associations in those verses, while also carrying the additional meaning of “speech” or “discourse”).”, Dao 道, which developed into a central concept of classical Chinese philosophy, originally carried the meaning of “path” and “(main) road.” From there it developed into “leading” and “teaching” as well as “say” and “speak.”.

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In later Catholic Bible translations, dao was rarely used as a translation for Logos; instead, the Latin Verbum (from the Latin Vulgate) was transliterated, or yan 言 — “language”, “meaning” — was used, usually with the prefix sheng 圣 — “holy” (also used by the Russian Orthodox Church).

Thus, Chinese readers can understand that the dao of God is not just words spoken by God, but it constitutes the guiding salvific principle underlying the whole biblical account, including his action in history and teaching and action of Jesus whom he sent. Registration is fast and secure. If so, we invite you to join our Contributor Program. Twenty-third edition. Thought, speech, and action are all included in the New Caledonian term no.

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