Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. "The Gift of Gab", a 1955 short story by Jack Vance. It is her story from beginning to end. Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words?

She could keep you on the edge of your seat with a story you've heard a hundred times!

She is characterized as a caring person who dearly loves her husband Jim. Sacrifice and love are two key elements of "The Gift of the Magi." What made you want to look up gab?

Jim's problem should not be included as part of the main conflict in "The Gift of the Magi."

In "The Gift of the Magi," Jim and Della are representative of the Magi.

Talent for verbal fluency, especially the ability to talk persuasively. The tone can take on a variety of styles and may be formal, informal, sad, depressed, happy,... Latest answer posted December 13, 2015 6:25 pm UTC. The author compares their giving to the gifts the Magi gave to baby Jesus. In fact, Christmas begins with the birth of... Latest answer posted June 26, 2014 11:43 pm UTC.

Jim loves Della, her hair included, and he doesn't need a fancy watch chain for Christmas to... Latest answer posted July 31, 2016 4:19 pm UTC. O. Henry's The Gift of the Magi is a classic Christmas story that is often retold in television and movies. O. Henry is using the wildest hyperbole to describe how Della and Jim valued their family treasures: her beautiful long hair and his gold watch. It was a set of combs for Della's hair, of which she was extremely proud.

Fluency of speech; also, a tendency to boast. When Jim walks through the door, he possesses an unreadable expression that utterly terrifies his tremulous wife. Which instigates the moral reflection that life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles, with... Latest answer posted April 9, 2015 11:43 pm UTC. Both Jim and Della's... Latest answer posted August 6, 2015 9:54 pm UTC. The story takes place in New York during the Christmas holiday season. In this story, one might argue that the... Latest answer posted August 15, 2018 5:01 pm UTC. She has a problem.

One example of verbal irony, somewhat of a stretch, is at the end when Jim says their presents are "too nice to... Latest answer posted September 25, 2012 11:42 pm UTC. In fact, the very... Latest answer posted March 22, 2020 4:24 am UTC. Despite this, Della really wants to buy Jim a good Christmas present. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free!

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Alexis really has the gift of gab, so she should be the one to address the potential investors. However, lately it’s been struggling to heat things. The Magi referenced in O. Henry's short story are the three Wise Men who brought gifts of frankincense, gold, and myrrh to the infant Jesus in the Biblical tale; this was a risky gesture, as it... Latest answer posted February 27, 2017 2:12 am UTC. Jim... Latest answer posted June 3, 2012 7:46 pm UTC. Robert Nickelsberg via Getty Images “Fake news” is so ubiquitous now, it’s hard to believe that just a … Thompson has the gift of the gab and is a born communicator. First, let’s start with a definition. He was entertaining company and certainly had the gift of the gab. Imagery is descriptive language that creates a picture... Latest answer posted October 11, 2012 8:22 pm UTC.

It is... Latest answer posted October 17, 2017 1:19 am UTC. See the full definition for gab in the English Language Learners Dictionary, Thesaurus: All synonyms and antonyms for gab, Nglish: Translation of gab for Spanish Speakers. The situational irony in "The Gift of the Magi" arises from the fact that both Jim and Della sell their most prized possessions in order to buy the other a special Christmas gift, but the gift each... Latest answer posted April 28, 2012 10:45 pm UTC. The Agreement and Plan of Reorganisation also provides that the bank will be merged into German American Bancorp, Boca Raton, FL, October 03, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Perfect Glow Sunless[TM], a professional tanning solution sold worldwide and Melissa Weinberg Tanning & Beauty, a salon grade self-tanning retail line, masterfully created by South Florida sunless tanning expert Melissa Weinberg to produce the ideal tan — sans streaks, stickiness, odor or harsh chemicals — has appointed award-winning brand specialists The, In an attempt to understand how propofol induces anesthesia during surgery, scientists tried to identify its binding site within the gamma-aminobutyric acid type A (, The proposed investment consists of a $5 million equity investment in Gulf African Bank (, John Kirtland, his UK-based agent, said: ", Management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company Accenture (NYSE:ACN) announced on Thursday that it has signed a contract with Malaysian beer and stout company Guinness Anchor Berhad (, 29 November 2011 - RAM Ratings set on Tuesday preliminary long- and short-term ratings of AAA and P1, respectively, to the proposed MYR500m (USD157.3m/EUR117.7m) commercial papers/medium-term notes (CP/MTN) programme of Malaysian malt liquor brewer Guinness Anchor Berhad (KUL:GUINESS), or, It was found that EMC data was better described by the modified. Example: The stove in my kitchen is the same one from when I first moved in a decade ago. Accessed 10 Nov. 2020.

Allusions can invoke a wide range of subjects: they can draw from history, culture, or other works... Latest answer posted February 17, 2020 6:17 am UTC. The word "magi" is most widely known in... Latest answer posted August 7, 2020 11:44 am UTC. Jim’s most valued possession was his watch, and Della’s was her hair. He was a pleasant little man with spiked hair, a black pipe, and a great gift of gab.

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