Nevertheless, the Navy continued to call the ship "Puritan" as the new ship was, due to this legality, still technically the same ship that had been in existence since 1864. Armament:     • 4 × 12 in (300 mm) breechloader rifles

Nevertheless, Fulton gave the congress a modern ship which was launched too late to be seen in action: The Demologos. These early 1797-1799 frigates became legendary.

This impressive ship was launched in 1837 to meet the equivalent units of the Royal Navy with which a conflict was still highly potent after 1812 war. But rather we will try here to show the main classes and most important ship, of military or historical value, and the events they were involved in. The USS Camanche was carried in parts by USS Aquila, which sank in 1863.

She distinguished herself in august 1864 at the battle of Mobile Bay and 12 sailor of her crew earned the Congress Medal of Honor for exceptional gallantry. Amongst the numerous ships in service in 1860 the most famous were undoubtedly the USS Constitution and United States, dating from 1797 and 1798. By 1896 monitors were passe, kind of like a cop carrying a revolver these days. Armour : Extra planking on Wooden framework Armament : 1×4.2in Parrott RML, 12x9in SB, 2x7in Parrots Rifles. Here we have the monitor USS Puritan dropping it like its hot shelling the port of Matanzas on the 27th April 1898.

Speed:     12.4 knots (23.0 km/h; 14.3 mph)

Armour : Extra planking on Wooden framework Armament : 20x9in Dalghren SB guns, 2x20pdr Parrots Rifles, 2x12pdr.

Mission Ready, Qualified & Competent, On Time Execution!

She became a floating hulk after the war and survived well until the beginning of the next century. The USS Wheekhaven sank due to an accidental filling of the purges in 1863. Crew : 75. The Mechanix of Auto, Aviation, Military...pert near anything I feel relates to mechanical things, places, events or whatever I happen to like. This unusual ship was an experimental semi-submersible spar torpedo vessel.

There were two classes of barque-rigged sloops, Sacramento and Ticonderoga commissioned in early 1963. This were ten improved “monitors”; lenghtened, widened, but with the same draught, and bearing one light and one heavyer guns, the first beeing used to help to targeting the first. The success of Sampson’s squadron at Santiago on July 3 resulted in almost the complete destruction of the Spanish Fleet. It was designd by William Hood, the chief engineer of the USN. The first USN sea-going ironclad was launched in may 1862 at Philadelphia. This ship became CSS Harriet Lane after being captured by the Confederates in 1863 during the Battle of Galveston and used for trade, until recaptured by the Union in 1865. First in a long line, the revolutionary ship of John Ericsson was nicknamed “the cheese box on a raft.” The latter has had a hard time convincing the traditionalists Chiefs of Staff of the fleet of the merits of his riverine ironclad, the first with a unique Coles turret and two guns to bear. She was very near completion at the end of 1864, but could not be commissioned until the delivery of her twin 20" smoothebore Dahlgren guns. She arrived too late to make a difference during the conflict, although her capacity to serve offshore gave her a distinct advantage for the years to come. Length:     296 ft 3 in (90.30 m)

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