Captain made one announcement about turbulence once at the beginning but nothing else for 1/2 hour or longer long turbulence period. Seats so small one had to keep elbows glued to body to eat without touching neighbors. If you wish to exercise one of these rights or contact our Data Protection Officer, please fill out the Privacy Policy Form. Water bottle frozen solid and only as it began to leak on floor did I realize ice had broken bottle. The flight was smooth" Because airlines have so games their system by setting expectations of on time arrival so low that it is nearly impossible to not exceed them." Economy. ", Pros: "Great crew. The most expensive month to go is July. So she had to wait for the next flight!! ", Pros: "Good documentary films to choose from to pass time. I called Vagama customer service and the attended refused to help get an additional flight or confirm our returning flight would be held. ", Pros: "The hostesses did their best to entertain us." Comfortable seats and good food." Cons: "45 minutes is too tight a connection in JFK when you have to change terminals even if the flight were on time! ", Pros: "great service - flight was smooth takeoff and landing", Pros: "My screen worked and there was a good selection of movies. No personal screens and small shared screen too far away. Still not in London yet!!

Alternative flight was given but quiet a commute and pretty much the entire day of vacation is lost. Cons: "I did not get a choice of seat for the one and a half hour flight from Amsterdam to Munich and I sat in a middle row for the first time in 20 years. ", Pros: "Crew was friendly and professional. You’ll also find a wide variety of shops and restaurants. Deposit only required on Eco Standard, Flex and Club fares. drive the parents uo the wall, make them wait endless time, and then they comlaine that thay have no time tofor the child and leave him standing with out even letting him to seat with the other air lines a child of 12 can travel alone. The group of people waiting were unorganized and handled poorly which I suspect was due to such low staffing i.e.

If you're spending more than seven hours on a plane, you might as well do it in luxury. Complementary coffee would be a nice touch too but at least water. Et pour la musique classique, allez écouter l’Orchestre Symphonique de Toronto. And to top it off, I thought I would be flying with KLM on both legs! Only rebooked a flight itinerary for the next day for a 4 hour flight with connections on a 1 hour direct flight. Cons: "Food was poor. I didn't catch his name but he was a tall dark skin gentlemen and he went over and beyond to assit me. ", Cons: "we order kosher food for the flights, on the first flight we recive only for 1 pessanger so on the way back we call few days before to the airlines company to confirm that is kosher food for both passengers and they confirm and again we didnt recive only 1 passanger recive for flight over 20 hours way to be with out food", Cons: "There was no phone charger at the seat. Search flexible flights. ", Pros: "I think people could entertain themselves but to me it is deplorable to not offer at least complementary water. Flight was low so very interesting to be below clouds and just above. But. Jan 15 - Jan 17. Deplaning process went smoothly also." But the snacks and beverages we're quite good. Toronto est partiellement accessible aux voyageurs. Cons: "The seat could not recline (26F) and for a long overnight flight of 9 hrs it was very uncomfortable", Cons: "Never told why we were delayed by more than 90 minutes", Pros: "Nice crew, clean plane" (Note: this flight was operated by Air France)." ", Cons: "Flight was delayed for more than hour. Cons: "There was no entertainment and that is a must on any transatlantic flight", Pros: "Good overall experience" ", Pros: "Fed twice enroute" I understand now the restrictions to bringing over 120ml bottles but they refused to even pour out half the contents (which they took into consideration on the toronto side) my bottles were only 125ml.... what a joke this airline is. Mon to Fri: 10am-8pm (EST) Sat: 9am-6pm (EST) Français. ", Cons: "Service was bad and plane are old traveling with other airlines with business class is way much better then. ", Pros: "snacks and drinks staff was nice" Consequently we didn’t know the flight had been cancelled until it was too late to make an adequate adjustment. Not enough room for carry on. Vous montez à 342 m en seulement 58 secondes, accrochez-vous ! Cons: "Seating was random. Thank you! Flight was great, but I love flying. Use our flights finder to find prices for more dates and departures and for accommodation choices in the area. I’ve flown overseas on European flights before and there is more attention to comfort. ", Pros: "Plane was comfortable"

See several art exhibits on display, including a permanent collection by international artists and changing exhibitions throughout Terminal 1. ", Pros: "The crew members were so kind and friendly. ", Pros: "Everything is good except our lunch as described below." Scores according to KAYAK customer reviews, Cons: "Great flight but old regional jet", Pros: "The crew was attentive and personable" On another flight we left LAX late as they had to wait for connecting passengers who were delayed but their amazing staff raced me to my connection. If you are here in the month of September, make sure you are attending the Toronto International Film Festival.

Latest Toronto flight deals.

The selection of films was excellent, lots to choose from including some very recent releases. Les fans d’opéra se rendront au Canadian Opera Company et à l’Opera Atelier. Seating was excellent."

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