His official reports, taking the rescue of abducted Chibok girls by the Nigerian Army for example, may be debunked often making you wonder if he has true access to the President but you cannot gainsay his praying effectiveness. Just a touch of the hem of the President’s garment put an end to his issue of negative words and he now speaks a new tongue. Spiritomb countered Dark Pulse with one of its own and then hit Darkrai with Ominous Wind before being frozen by Ice Beam and knocked out with Dark Pulse. Unlike against Lucario, Latios took the blow and used Recover. Darkrai later battled Ash's Heracross, Torkoal and Sceptile.

Was it not the same Dr. Abati who in his previous unceremonious role as the chairman of some editorial board of some pretentious sentinel of thoughts newspaper went on a weekly binge of factual insults against a dove-like President and his wife until the spirit of transformation descended upon him? © News Media Africa Limited. Goodluck Jonathan may not be a man of the cloth but he has millions of Oliver Popes fixing his image without a fee as well as paid preachers of his gospel in different collar-sizes. Against Torkoal, Darkrai dodged Flamethrower and tried to hit Torkoal with Dark Pulse. Goodluck Jonathan may not be a man of the cloth but he has millions of Olivia Popes fixing his image without a fee as well as paid preachers of his gospel in different collar-sizes. She fired a Mist Ball and Charizard countered with Flamethrower. Latios then battled Lucario easily resisting Aura Sphere and firing Luster Purge. No one has inspired a religious following in such a short time after being so hated a few years ago, like him. Latios dodged Garchomp's Dragon Rush and tried to hit him with Luster Purge. To contact Abusidiqu.com for Article Submission and Advertisement or General inquiry, send a mail to info@abusidiqu.com, Your email address will not be published.

Sceptile then dodged Luster Purge and slashed Latios with Leaf Blade slamming him into the ground. Lucario waited until the last moment and then used Quick Attack to propel himself into the air. As Pikachu descended Latios fired another Luster Purge but Pikachu used a combination of Volt Tackle and Iron Tail somersaulting over and over until he hit Latios with both attacks. Latios then fought Pikachu, taking a Thunderbolt and overpowering Volt Tackle with Giga Impact. Like Oliver Pope from the enthralling ABC series ‘Scandal’, he now leads the formidable army of President Jonathan’s cerebral fixers, plotting quick and effective responses to any and all detractors of the most pious and chivalrous President Fitzgerald Grant, sorry, President Goodluck Jonathan. Lucario back flipped out of the smoke and landed on his knees, exhausted but still conscious. A President And His Many Popes BY Tobi Adebowale. Torkoal blocked it with Protect and hit Darkrai with Heat Wave. (Theo's mother is absent for unexplained reasons; however, post-game co… Sceptile dodged many of them but was eventually hit and put to sleep.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. It resisted Heracross' Hidden Power and fired an Ice Beam. Latios crashed to the ground and Tobias recklessly ordered him to finish Lucario with Giga Impact. It is revealed at Professor Bamb'o's lab that Theo always followed the hero around while they were growing up. Zenger Folkman President Joe Folkman, experiencing Kestler's greatest capabilities firsthand. Femi Fani-Kayode could shed his clothes in the market square two years ago to assert the President’s cluelessness and illuminati disposition but not anymore, he would rather prefer today to be nailed to the cross to prove the sanctity of the transformation gospel. We have been having many days with Jesus in Nigeria and rightly so, hence no need placing too much emphasis on another held in Israel with taxpayers’ funds. READ: We Won’t Say GEJ Is Locking Down The Christian Sentimental Votes With This Holy Land Trip (PHOTOS), READ: Diezani Heads Finance Committee For GEJ Declaration; Hundreds Of Others In 10 Committees (FULL LIST). When that spirit visited a certain clergyman in faraway America, he returned home to administer subliminal truths on social media to the millions of twittering children of anger Dr. Abati had earlier diagnosed. Heracross dodged it and smashed into Darkrai with Megahorn.

Afterall, the fervent prayer of the righteous man makes much power available. Latias fired another Mist Ball but Lucario dodged and hit her with Quick Attack before jumping above her, hoping to use the momentum of his fall to power up his Force Palm just as he had against Latios. It is he who speaks and Obiageli Ezekwesili must listen and but for merciful judgment on her side, he would have shook her at Heathrow airport and proclaimed victory on BBC. We should all thirst and hunger for that spirit, for the President will send it to those who believe and ask. by Tobi Adebowale This is not about the President’s visit to Israel with notable leaders of the Christian faith in Nigeria or the special sessions tagged a day with Jesus for Nigeria in Israel. There is an interesting contrast between the player character and Theo. If his biggest critics can turn around to become the guardians and vanguards of his image, his fresh air of transformation needs to be packaged like SCOAN water and sent to Presidents like Assad of Syria and other leaders who are constantly dealing with unnecessary hate. He has a twin brother in Femi Aribisala with his untiring mishmash of revelations about the All Progressives Congress’ demonic agenda and President Jonathan’s righteous walk to triumph. She then hit Charizard with Mist Ball followed by Hyper Beam. Latios was first seen during Tobias' battle with Tom Norton where he fought Tom's Garchomp and Lucario. World leaders have a lot to learn from President Jonathan. Garchomp used Crunch on Latios' arm and then hurled him to the ground before hitting him with Dragon Rush. Charizard fired Flamethrower and Ninetails dodged it and hit Charizard with Fire Spin. Now this might be a bit of a stretch but I just thought it would be fun to speculate. Glaceon hit Darkrai with its own Dark Pulse by using Mirror Coat but Darkrai dodged Iron Tail and used Dark Void and Dream Eater to defeat her. No one has inspired a religious following in such a short while of being so hated a few years ago, like him. Pikachu then smashed Latios in the face with Iron Tail before striking him with another Thunderbolt. Swampert was Tobias' Starter Pokémon and was stated to be the one he used to catch Darkrai. Charizard then managed to defeat Latias before finally falling to Ninetails' Fire Spin. If you still have doubts about who will win Nigeria’s presidential elections in 2015, just go and check the originator of the prophetic hashtag #BringBackGoodluck2015.

Darkrai took out Heracross and Torkoal before losing to Sceptile. Ninetails was used to battle Ash's Charizard and as soon as it was brought out it used Drought. The main character has known him since they were both young. Do not hesitate to leave your opinion in the comment section below. Garchomp blocked the attack with his fins so Latios tried to strike him with Dragon Claw. Mr. Mr.

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