In doing so they are contrary to the will of God, who put us on earth that we might, during our brief existence, enjoy without hindrance everything that might give us pleasure.” This was not a popular view in 17th Century Holland and Torrentius was tortured for his beliefs and exiled to England. Having been arrested for negligence soon after arriving in Batavia, Jacobz is believed to have died in jail. Firstly, he tricked a party of cabin boys, men, and women, (about 45 in number) into believing that water could be found on Seals Island (Long Island). Forewarned, Hayes then used coral blocks and flotsam to fortify the island and make primitive weapons.

The sailors and officers settled on another island nearby. She later claimed to have recognised the voice of Jan Evertsz, a man devoted to Jacobsz. Pre-fabricated sandstone blocks for a portico to be erected as a gatehouse in the city of Batavia - the new headquarters of the VOC in the East Indies. Next, he drowned a good many people by sending them out in boats on useless errands, where his accomplices would push them overboard. Hayes was made Sergeant and the others Corporals, positions which carried a higher wage, of course. He started with the ill and infirm. The potent mix of many men and comparatively few women living together without a firm hand of control lead to an ugly incident. Her social standing meant that she had her own small cabin, and she was accompanied by her maid. So in early August he made two attempts to storm West Wallabi. In keeping with VOC practice, the Batavia had two commanders: a senior merchant, or commandeur, who had overall command of the fleet; and a skipper responsible for the ship itself.

As with all VOC ships at the time, the Batavia had sailed before the prevailing winds known as the Roaring Forties east across the Indian Ocean. Pelsaert built a jail and tortured the mutineers until they all confessed. Of those who had died, about 125 men, women and children had been murdered by Cornelisz’s men. The 33-day journey was a remarkable feat of navigation, particularly as everyone aboard survived. He began by ordering his men to slaughter the entire population of one of the nearby islands. The success and attitude of the VOC reflected the Dutch proverb: ‘Jesus Christ is good, but Trade is better.'. In mid-ocean Lucretia Jansz was assaulted in the dark by a group of men. Their plans became more feasible when the Batavia separated from the rest of the fleet during a storm off the Cape of Good Hope. Pelsaert's sudden departure in their hour of need – or so they perceived it – had left the shipwreck survivors bitter and distressed. Cornelisz recognised that Hayes and his men were a real threat as they could warn any rescue ship. A handful of people remained on the foundering ship. Noticing that the group he had sent off to Seal Island had survived longer than expected (they could be seen wandering on the beach), Cornelisz dispatched his henchmen to get rid of them, which they duly did. A violent storm on the North Sea separated most of the ships in the convoy, and when calmer weather returned only three of the seven ships had sight of each other; Batavia, Assendelft, and the Buren. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Deep Light: Illuminating the Wrecks of Sydney and Kormoran, Unearthed: Mining Stories from the Mid West, WA Museum Collections and Research Centre, Two antiquities belonging to the artist Rubens for sale to an Indian Mogul ruler. He did not expect them to return. His only chance lay in taking control of the islands and seizing any rescue ship.

The National Museum of Australia acknowledges First Australians and recognises their continuous connection to country, community and culture. His main concern was to remove the threat posed by the well-disciplined mercenaries.

Upon landing here, the group found no water. Also on board was Pelsaert’s deputy Jeronimus Cornelisz, a former apothecary who had joined the VOC and signed up for the voyage to avoid being persecuted for his adherence to the heretical values of the painter Torrentius. Clearly, Wiebbe Hayes and his soldiers had found water, which complicated matters for Cornelisz. The Batavia was there, with several other large retourschepen moored close by—the Dordrecht, ’s Gravenhage, *13 Nieuw Hoorn, and Hollandia. Of the 200 people who survived the wreck, only about 70 would still be alive three months later. The sick and lame were also targeted. Pelsaert died of disease in September 1630, his reputation tarnished by the events off Western Australia. During the Indian Ocean crossing, Pelsaert fell seriously ill. She was commanded by one of the VOC's most experienced merchants, Francisco Pelsaert, but not even he could have foreseen what was in store for the Batavia and her crew. On 5th December 1629, Sardam returned to Batavia with the remaining survivors, and the salvaged cargo of coins and jewels. Cornelisz’s men raped any woman they chose. Hugh Edwards, Islands of Angry Ghosts, Angus & Robertson, Sydney, 1991.

Lucretia van den Mylen, who had been forced to become Cornelisz’s concubine, arrived in Batavia to find that her husband had died. Firstly, it meant they had a means to survive. When they saw Pelsaert, they lay down their arms and ceased all resistance. So...pretty much like kids during any other... To see what your friends thought of this book. Her social standing meant that she had her own small cabin, and she was accompanied by her maid. Then people were murdered at random, with many forced to kill other survivors to save their own lives. A few of the women were to be kept alive, for obvious reasons. Approximately 70 men remained on board, including Jeronimus Cornelisz.

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