For generations, I suppose, Chinese people have had their news from the next-door neighbor because the government certainly wasn't going to give them any. ANTONY THOMAS: And from these cities, hundreds of thousands of supporters converged on the capital. And I said, "I smell something sweet." It was to me unbelievable. The man moved with the tank, blocking its path once again. People, astonishingly, started trying�� holding hands, walking up the avenue, trying to re-enter the square in the face of these tanks. Prof. TIMOTHY BROOK, Univ. By 5:30 A.M. on June 4th, 1989, the army's mission had been accomplished. And this China is still very poor, not getting better because all the economic growth is concentrated in the cities. That's almost $7 a head, probably not enough to turn back the human tide. And then the young man jumped in front of the tank. But there's much more to this story. The tanks did indeed stop, and Tank Man was seen climbing up the front of the lead tank, and standing on it for several moments, during which time he spoke with a crew member. I want to watch this. LRT

The article was attributed to The Standard's Beijing correspondent, John Passmore< br /> He was named in an English Sunday newspaper as Wang Wei Lin, the 19 year-old son of a Beijing factory worker. The people in the streets don't expect this to happen. U.S. House of Representatives Photo editors: Brett Roegiers and Mohammed Elshamy. This scene flies in the face of Western propaganda. Young women, middle-aged housewives, elderly retired workers said "You're not coming in. ANTONY THOMAS: Hongyan is the veteran of the group at 22. By putting his life on the line in front of his government's tanks, he provided not only one of the most memorable images of the last 35 years but one of the most inspiring too. ANTONY THOMAS: To block the army's advance, the citizens barricaded all the main road bridges and intersections with buses, trucks, heavy earth-moving equipment, anything they could lay their hands on. [on camera] Does it have any meaning at all?

Following his world exclusive, Alfred Lee was congratulated by British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, and the name he gave the Tank Man has been used by journalists and commentators ever since. I think that the people who took the Tank Man away were concerned people. T.D. China in Beijing was required to provide information about a user, who we later learned was Shi Tao, we had no information about the identity of the user or the nature of the investigation. And still, we have no idea of his fate or who he was.

And now on both sides of the square, you had hundreds, if not thousands of soldiers. ", LU JINGHUA, Former Beijing Resident: [through interpreter] The citizens were also quite clever. ANTONY THOMAS: Four days after the attempted entry, the army withdrew to bases outside the city. And of course, from there it moved outward across the country. JONATHAN MIRSKY, Author and Journalist: Uprisings occurred all over China, in at least 400 cities �� we know this from the Chinese press and from their own military museum �� all the way from Mongolia in the northwest down to the southeast near Hong Kong. QUIN TANG: [through interpreter] You just can't make a living from farming here. They needed to make a stand �� and a bloody stand �� to show their population, in effect, to cow their population back into submission.

Sharon Tiller, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER SPECIAL PROJECTS Success is how high you bounce when you hit bottom. After decades of austerity, they have access to everything that money can buy. Even at this late stage, many couldn't believe the army was using live ammunition, and they stood their ground. “I think most of the media was swept up in the whole affair, and I personally found it amazing that there was a statue of democracy across the Chang’an Boulevard which faced off against the giant Mao portrait symbolizing communism.”. This is hell. JAN WONG, Author and Journalist: In Beijing, one in ten of the population was joining in, and that includes all the old people, all the little children. ANTONY THOMAS: And then the firing started. Forty thousand migrants work here in Sanxingchen, a new industrial center that has grown from a village in less than 10 years. We will, in effect, halt political reform." And this went on more than half a dozen times in the day. But what do they know of their recent history? ALLMAN, Author and Journalist: Gradually, the dawn came up. They don't have a social mechanism to sort of advocate on their behalf. And in the end, it's the workers who are at the end, who are at the bottom of the�� you know, of the heap, and so they are not paid. Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge.

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