We have courses and trips to suit all tastes, from a bushcraft taster session and a day of canoeing and bushcraft which is a great way to see the stunning Wye Valley and a great introduction to both activities to a full on 3 day River Bushcraft Expedition on the River Wye. Only 5 slots available.

Spend the first half of the day on the stunning River Wye, paddling with our highly experienced guides follow the river from Goodrich to Symonds Yat. You’ll also learn about Leave No Trace guidelines the importance of minimum-impact camping. Get a great deal on a great class - with Fieldcraft Fridays. POWERED BY THE X THEME. --happyforms-color-primary: #99ff66;

Mailing Address: PO Box 32 Somerville VA 22739Email: tim@advancedsurvivaltraining.com. You can now learn our Modern Survival course series completely online in addition to our onsite classes. True North rated one of the Top 10 survival schools in the U.S. For a great day out combine bushcraft and canoeing. While numerous parenting books attempt to help parents navigate this foreign land, many find that their children do not fit the simple molds found in such books. Wilderness Survival Skills Instruction for Youth and Adults in DC/MD/VA, Whether you are looking to make car camping more enjoyable with a warm fire, or you are getting ready to hike the AT, learning basic outdoor skills is the key to staying found, safe, and comfortable in the wilderness. What brought you here does not matter – all that matters is that you… survive! --happyforms-color-divider-hr: #cccccc; What are the necessities needed to insure you make it out alive? Our team has built a comprehensive series that includes content that will allow you to fully immerse yourself into each of our 4 primary courses. --happyforms-color-part-title: #99ff66; }.

Be Genuine challenges girls to use the survival, communication, leadership, and safety skills they’ve gained to plan an outdoor adventure, explore civil debate and compromise, investigate environmental issues, practice public speaking, and discover nutrition and personal health.

Looking for a vision quest, this is it! Over the course of four days and three nights, you will spend one day overviewing the seven priorities of survival, map reading, and basic navigation. The Introduction to Wilderness Skills gives participants the skills to venture out into the woods overnight, and find their way back to their home or vehicle the next day.

Learn blacksmithing and make your own tongs. Gain the skills to survive with modern skills, knowledge and equipment. Any parent navigating parenthood will probably admit that the family unit can feel like a wilderness at times! This experience introduces girls to the parallels between each survival priority and their lives in the “front country.”. Surrounded by wildlife and a vast array of natural resources you will get a good understanding and grounding in basic bushcraft survival techniques and hopefully be inspired to want to learn more. If you are looking for a unique way to bond with your children, and in turn strengthen your family, you will want to enroll your family today in this two day and one night camping experience. Register today to begin this ultimate, truly life changing adventure!

Our Introduction to Wilderness Skills gives you the tools to plan your next trip into the outdoors with confidence. Or --happyforms-part-value-font-size: 16px;

While participants have the option to spend the night in a tent, they can also choose to stay in Mountain Shepherd’s lodge.

This experience is a customizable weekend adventure for friends.

Is the Appalachian Trail or Pacific Crest Trail calling your name? Through becoming immersed in a realistic survival scenario, you will gain not only practical survival skills, but also learn how to develop the keys to success that are already inside you. Come to Camp Adventuress at Mountain Shepherd for all of the above and more! Make the traps and hunting implements you'll need in the wild. Learn to light a fire, with modern and primitive methods, no matter what. --happyforms-color-dropdown-item-bg: #ffffff; It's all up to you. Avid Girls Empowered are invited to Rock On for another intensive five-day overnight experience focused on personal development and empowerment.

© Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School, All Rights Reserived | Site by. Our first Wild Comforts course brings families together in the outdoors to strengthen their bonds and their camping skills by learning the basics of wilderness survival. You are alone in the middle of a vast wilderness. See our Events Page for dates --happyforms-color-multistep-previous-background-hover: #cdcdcd; Safety always! Any exceptions are listed on our Photo Credits page.

You can start with a one day class to get to know us, or dive right into a 5 day classes. This session is also a five-day overnight experience during which Girls Empowered will be challenged to step further outside their comfort zones by building on the skills and understandings they gained during GEMS 1. Are you tired of the same old “girl’s night out”?

See our Events Page for dates Click for info! Many class selections are one day long, but there are also 2 day, 3 day and 5 day classes which offer a well-rounded variety of survival skills training. Learn to read map and compass like a pro! Or --happyforms-color-part-background-focus: #ffffaa; Canoeing & Bushcraft Day – £70 pp. Learn blacksmithing, and make several knives - in one day! NOC’s wilderness survival classes teach you how to survive--and even thrive--in such situations. --happyforms-color-part-placeholder: #888888; --happyforms-color-error-notice-text: #f23000; Our Bushcraft and Survival day is based in the beautiful Forest of Dean and you will cover shelter building, fire starting, foraging, game preparation and cooking. Humble Thunder is more than the course for you! --happyforms-color-table-row-odd-text: #000000;

Whether you are looking to make car camping more enjoyable with a warm fire, or you are getting ready to hike the AT, learning basic outdoor skills is the key to staying found, safe, and comfortable in the wilderness. An day long off-trail hike puts your newly learned land navigation skills to the test.

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