Big-picture thinkers are the masters of losing the keys they were actually holding. Deep thinkers get genuinely concerned and disappointed with all this injustice, greed, and violence we witness today. It has also altered the way we see each other. You secretly love it when people tell you that you can’t do something. Big picture thinkers absolutely hate cliches. When you wake up and remember your dream it’s often as though the dream was more real than real life.

Put a mouse in a room with a piece of cheese in one corner, paint one wall blue, show it the cheese, then disorient the mouse. 16. Could deep thinking be the cause of some suicide cases? Being indecisive and failing to take real actions. This is why deep thinkers often end up alone as they prefer loneliness to forced friendships. You like to say nice things and you like to do nice things. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement.

Unfortunately in my family I appear to be the only one so have endured ongoing shaming from my siblings. The mundane aspects of being don’t really interest a deep thinker and their practical thinking skills are not that good. I think that there are in Fact true answers that anyone can find out for themselves but the answers are non transferrable to another person and can only be found by deep thinking and raw determination to discover the truth. No. Thus, all a deep thinker is left with is worrying about the things they cannot influence. In the end, you value the ideas themselves over their practical application. We take a look at some of the struggles of being a big picture thinker and a few strategies to help: Other people think your ideas are unrealistic. Submit your writing to be published on Thought Catalog. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. People cannot understand why you argue so darned much. I was also Christian for a long time because colonialism brought Christianity to South Africa. Flexible study options & dedicated support teams. It’s all because being a deep thinker comes with a number of struggles and drawbacks most people are unaware of. Which force us into hiding our insights. I knew "left," I knew "blue," and I knew "wall," but I had no idea how those three were going to come together in a program that solved my problem. Their thoughts. Like the title of the podcast suggests, it was words that had been helping me.

She specialises in education, careers, travel and outdoor writing and is the co-author of the popular daily outdoor blog 'Two Blondes Walking'.

Thank you for this website. Your email address will not be published. Maybe YOUNGER deep thinkers are wallowing helplessly, but not those who have some experience under their belt already.

Your email address will not be published. My first ever lesson in programming was to break down the steps of refilling a mechanical pencil. With their excellent ability to interpret whether something is manageable, our friends who are "details people" take our abstract planning and refine those ideas until they are practical. But that’s the thing you hate most about it. Or not noticing the dent on their car until it’s been there for a month (and someone else points it out).

Still dealing with that through establishing personal boundaries but have it under control and indeed, I am the happiest one. On the flip side of this, big-picture thinkers are hardwired to be go-getters. Then I need to add that result and the number before it. Now have a grip on it, am moving forward and realigning my life. If you are a deep thinker, you are probably familiar with the feeling of sadness you may have from time to time for no obvious reason. Although they're helpful, we really don't need them to tell us what kind of person we are, whether it be left-brained vs. right-brained, type A vs. type B or detail-oriented vs. big-picture thinkers. Dedicated to your stories and ideas. Big picture thinkers are innovative, perceptive, and creative. From our friends' perspectives, we are admired for our spontaneity and often are the first people who come to mind for a last-minute invite to a concert or road trip. But I never really could. It’s all because you deeply realize that humankind is constantly moving away from the true values and the things that really matter. No matter what I append to it, I'll return the last two numbers! Pain and suffering are always inevitable for a large intelligence and a deep heart. It just one stop coming up with ideas. 17. Detailed, detailed steps, but most importantly, detailed, detailed steps written down and thought out in every way you can possibly say it, until something clicks. I haven't written anything substantial, but I've made a great deal of progress in wrapping my head around translating complex thoughts into basic steps a computer can follow. You may have remarkable insights and may notice things most people are unaware of. You just don’t see the point in even trying anything that is actually possible to do. The grunt work involved in actually following up on a plan is torturous to you.

Okay. You don’t understand why every I has to be dotted and every T has to be crossed – if the general idea is apparent, why stress over the specifics? I hear you repeat what they say in the church. To big picture thinkers, team work is virtually impossible. Just a disclaimer: I'm currently in that honeymoon phase of programming. In a society that highly encourages self-awareness, we are all too eager to label ourselves as a particular class of human. 3) You look at things from multiple perspectives. But you don’t follow them. And even though flash fiction is kinda cool, you do wish you could actually finish something! And thus my first recursive function was born. A subreddit for all questions related to programming in any language. And that’s why we now have airplanes. The ability to analyze human nature in depth also affects social situations and day to day interactions with people. You need to change your mindset for success, because your dreams will only come true when you actually put two and two together (and no, the answer isn’t 5). Yes SilkRoadBaby, I agree with you on your comment. I knew a for loop would work, and I made the list easily enough, but then I just sat there thinking "uhhh, x % 5 === 0, ummm....". Big picture thinker’s brains are exploding with ideas. And that doesn’t really offend you. To be classified as a "big picture" kind of person can mean a variety of things. This post and its top comment got me thinking about some success I've had in learning the basics of programming, and what got me to think the way I need to in order to solve basic problems like "fizz buzz," and anything Fibonacci related. Sometimes, the specifics of specifics. If it’s in front of your nose you will never see it. [bctt tweet=”Please tell me I can’t do something. I like deep thinkers. -Fyodor Dostoevsky, “Crime and Punishment”.

That’s because about two and a half minutes after saying something you get a much better idea, and so you do the even better thing instead. Instead, you would sit there, with a million dollars under your nose, dreaming about having a million dollar under your nose.

I also have a uncanny ability to analyze a person’s behavior and there body language as well as there over all demeanor and well that guy right there well he’s is lying his ass’s off.. Shes nervous about one thing or another.. And him over there he’s scared to death about some one finding out about something.. I’m hoping since I have just finally found this information maybe I will find some answers that will help me understand myself a little more better.. My next tattoo:.

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