Dimensions are X: 119.89mm Y: 119.89mm Z: 140.42mm Vanguard United Federation of Planets The setting of Vanguard during the events of The Original Series and between Klingon and Tholian space also ensures that the series concentrates on examining these two states during the 2260s. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Starbase A different Starbase 47 was featured in the Star Trek: Vanguard series of novels. Affiliation: The central mystery of the series, and the secret reason for the Federation push into the Taurus Reach, is a massive genetic mystery, the Shedai Meta-genome. For a complete list of characters, see characters in Star Trek: Vanguard. (TOS comic: "The Chosen"), By 2343, the designation had been transferred again to a facility near Cardassian space. Starbase Location: Later that year, Vanguard suffered damage when attacked by the Shedai Wanderer.

The earlier careers of important figures such as Gorkon and Chang are examined, the vying statues of "ridged" and "smooth"-headed Klingons, and the events leading to and surrounding the brief Federation-Klingon War of 2267 ended by the Organian Peace Treaty. The fleet consisted of the USS Buenos Aires, USS Endeavour, USS Panama, USS Sagittarius and, at the last moment, the USS Enterprise. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The series began in 2005 with Harbinger and ended in 2012 with Storming Heaven. According to the commercial transport database graphic in the original episode, in 2328, David Trotti boarded a transport ship at Gamma Towles II bound for Starbase 47. Filled with an ensemble of characters, the series focuses also on unusual Federation characters, such as a Rigellian Chelon ambassador, Jetanien, a Starfleet Intelligence mandarin, T'Prynn, a Federation journalist, Tim Pennington, a JAG officer, Rana Desai and an Archaeology and anthropology officer, Ming Xiong. A different Starbase 47 was featured in the Star Trek: Vanguard series of novels. (TLE novel: The Art of the Impossible), Vanguard had at least 92 docking bays for vessels of varying sizes. Watchtower-class Vulcan Starfleet Intelligence officer of Starbase 47, living in self-imposed exile from Vulcan due to her being a val'reth- she holds the katra of her former fiance, whom she killed in the heat of pon farr, against her will; in a lesbian relationship with Anna Sandesjo/Lurqal. Two years later, after the return of the USS Enterprise from the galactic barrier and the transformation of Gary Mitchell and Elizabeth Dehner into superbeings, the damaged ship expects to take several months to reach Federation space.

However, following the events of that series, that station was destroyed and disavowed in Federation records. The Tholians are depicted in great detail, proving a history to the events of TOS episode: "The Tholian Web", which is placed within the context of Vanguard's operations.

Starbase 47 https://memory-beta.fandom.com/wiki/Star_Trek:_Vanguard?oldid=718488.

FACILITY Set on a starbase in the Taurus Reach, a region outside Federation space and tucked between Klingon and Tholian space, the series, in setting itself upon a centralized space station with ambassadorial, legal, and colonizing purposes, purposefully avoids traditional depictions of Starfleet and the Fede… Class: Finally the origins of the failed "Planet of Galactic Peace" seen in Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Nimbus III, are explored also.

Original media: The designation was covertly reassigned to the starbase referenced in "Parallels". Rear Admiral Heihachiro Nogura assumed command of Vanguard after Reyes' court martial. (VAN novel: Harbinger), The lower core was serviced by four turbolift shafts, and included the secret laboratory, the Vault.

At the beginning of the series, he is beholden to another civilian resident of the station, the Orion merchant-prince Ganz. Unless otherwise noted, personnel listing is as of 2265 and is of main characters. T'Prynn also appears in the Pocket DS9 Mission Gamma novel Lesser Evil. More Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki. (TNG: "Parallels"), In an alternate quantum reality visited by Worf in 2370, Starbase 47 was the object of covert surveillance by the Cardassian Union, who had reprogrammed the Argus Array to observe this, as well as Deep Space 5, the Iadara colony and the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. The remastered version of Starbase 6 was later inspired by this version of Starbase 47. (TNG: "Parallels").

The series is set aboard Starbase 47, also known as "Vanguard", a 23rd century station located in the Taurus Reach, a remote region of space, where a mix of Starfleet and civilian protagonists race to solve an ancient mystery, one that holds a highly coveted, mysterious, and potentially cataclysmic secret. Starfleet Their history with the Shedaiimprisoned within the artifacts was enough to provoke them into mustering an armada, consisting of approximately twenty percent of their active combat fleet, and heading to the station to destr…

Though each is central to the series, and are filled with perhaps characters more familiar to traditional Star Trek narratives (captains, first officers, science officers, chief medical officers, engineers, etc. The four main bays in the primary hull could accomodate starships up to the size of the Constitution-class, while the others catered for smaller ships and shuttlecraft. The series follows the life of Vanguard, under command of a flag officer, Commodore Diego Reyes. As the series continues, its connection to a powerful and violent ancient threat becomes clearer, as well as this threat's relationship to the origins and emergence of the Tholian species.

Operator: In late 2268, experiments on Mirdonyae Artifacts in Vanguard's secret laboratory, the Vault, drew the attention of the Tholians. However, following the events of that series, that station was destroyed and disavowed in Federation records. One person is a colorful trader and smuggler, Cervantes Quinn, in the same vein of Cyrano Jones. Vanguard, Taurus Reach Cargo bays were located through levels 44 to 51. It was followed by a coda, In Tempest's Wake, and a spin-off series started in 2014, Star Trek: Seekers.

(VAN novel: Storming Heaven), By 2270, the designation of "Starbase 47" had been transferred to another facility near the Romulan Neutral Zone.

novels It was sized to scale with the Tinyprise in Startrek Attack Wing. Starbase 47 Vanguard is a Federation Starbase. Helios-subclass: Jupiter Station (variant) • Robert Hooke Research Station • Space Station Bravo (variant). It was declared fully operational on stardate 1271.4 under the command of Commodore Diego Reyes. The emergence of the Romulan Star Empire from its century of isolation is explored, as well as how the Klingon-Romulan alliance of the 2260s occurred.

2263-2265 Taurus Reach 2260s Gariman sector: neighboring sector along the Klingon border to Deep Space Station K-7.

A different Starbase 47 would be in service during the 24th century. The base was operational from 2265 to 2268. short stories Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Status: Production Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library ("Federation Historical Highlights, 2161-2385") located this original Starbase 47 in the Alpha Quadrant. Status: For the mirror universe counterpart, see Imperial Starbase 47.

The relationship of these two to the intelligence and espionage apparatus of Starfleet and the Klingon Empire proves central to the series's narrative. Star Trek: Vanguard (or VAN) is a book series centering on activities on and around Starbase 47, aka Vanguard, set from 2265 to 2268, the same time period as Star Trek: The Original Series. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Star Trek: Vanguard provides a greatly expanded look at the geopolitical and cultural context to the events of the Star Trek: The Original Series.

Unable to spare the resources to study the finding, Commodore Matthew Decker sends the information to Starfleet Command.

), the authors of the series ensure each ship's distinctiveness from one another and from other, more familiar, Starfleet vessels. To that end, he ordered every civilian ship within three days of Vanguard to assist in the evacuation.

Operation Vanguard was officially over.

Set on a starbase in the Taurus Reach, a region outside Federation space and tucked between Klingon and Tholian space, the series, in setting itself upon a centralized space station with ambassadorial, legal, and colonizing purposes, purposefully avoids traditional depictions of Starfleet and the Federation to examine the bigger picture of the events of the TOS era. Cut off in the Vault, Lieutenant Ming Xiong activated the self destruct when the vengeful Shedai escaped from their containment.

Vanguard in 2265 Owner: Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library, https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Starbase_47?oldid=2486940. Federation, Starfleet Starbase 47 was also originally listed in an okudagram in the episode "Inheritance".

Admiral Nogura ordered an evacuation of all civilians and non-essential Starfleet personnel. According to Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 47) and Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library ("Federation Historical Highlights, 2161-2385"), Starbase 47 was located in the Alpha Quadrant. (TNG: " Aquiel ") After USS Constellation discovered the metagenome in the Taurus Reach in 2263, the Federation fast-tracked the construction of a base in the region. As the hub of a massive colonization effort, Vanguard Station is populated by a number of civilian inhabitants and ships. Active (2370), Starbase 47 was a Federation Relay Station 47-type starbase administered by Starfleet and active during as of late 24th century. For a full listing, see the relevant sections of this page. VAN (VAN novel: Open Secrets), In 2267, a Klingon fleet under Captain Kutal was immobilized by the Organians as it prepared to assault the station.

(VAN novel: Precipice).

Location: SERIES

The scientific successes and failures of the Genesis Device are given foundation in the exploration of the meta-genome in the series, with the 2260s Carol Marcus explored, a civilian scientist imposed by the Federation Council to limit militaristic excesses. Other media: A small fleet of Starfleet vessels remained to defend the station. The station is supported by three starships, the Constitution-class USS Endeavour, the Miranda-class USS Bombay, and the Archer-class scout ship USS Sagittarius. The events of Vanguard commence in 2263 when the USS Constellation discovers on a scan of the Taurus Reach a complex and unknown genetic marker. The books largely take place on board the Federation space station Starbase 47, also known as "Vanguard", which serves as a support facility for a colonization push by the United Federation of Planets into an interstellar expanse called the Taurus Reach.

The resulting explosion obliterated Vanguard and wiped out the Shedai, it also destroyed most of what was left of the Tholian armada. Constructed: Memory Beta, non-canon Star Trek Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Vanguard was the name given to Starfleet Starbase 47. Docking Bay 92 was large enough to service Cervantes Quinn's Mancharan starhopper, Rocinante.

Tried my best to make it look like it. Starbase 47, Vanguard Characters are revealed to be, like Arne Darvin in "The Trouble with Tribbles," surgically-altered Klingon spies, and the ruthless efforts taken both by the more militaristic Starfleet of the TOS-era and the other interstellar powers add further realpolitik to the series.

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