(I never liked the Spartans That total amount of damages has been increased since the initial day as more experts have surveyed the area to more than $15 million across more than 500 buildings. Seen in the image to the right, present day Greece still experiences seismic activity regularly however is usually much more mild than the one felt in the year 464 BCE. But this time I'm gonna turn it over to our emergency management coordinator. If you haven't had your property checked out, please call it in. “The cats came back after a little while, but our poor dog would not come back in the house,” Whitehead said. “It sounded like the rollers and I have a concrete driveway,” Vega said.

Wes Brinegar, the town's mayor, issued a state of emergency to apply for FEMAand state financial aid. Met that day forward all the assessments being the role in and that's going a great job. So in the afternoon, Daniel now called emergency meeting of the Board of Commissioners to declare state of emergency for Al Game can. Maines estimated a handful of homes in some housing developments in the area are no longer safe for occupancy. “I live in an apartment and I thought ‘what is that guy doing up there.’”, Then she thought it might be a sinkhole — “that’s just a fear of another fear of mine,” she said, laughing. “We have a lot of chimneys and structure issues where the homes have slid a couple of inches off the foundation,” he said. The 464 BCE Sparta earthquake occurred along the Sparta fault in the year 464 BCE destroying much of what was Sparta and many other City-states in Ancient Greece. Accounts of the earthquake and its consequences are based on only a few often unreliable historical sources, specifically the writings of Strabo, Pausanias, Plutarch, and Thucydides. Juan Carlos Nordelo, owner of Tex Mex Riverside restaurant in Sparta, shows damage to his building two months after a magnitude 5.1 earthquake on Thursday, Oct. 14, 2020 in Sparta, N.C. The latest aftershock was a 2.1 magnitude quake on Saturday. "It's about helping them out and trying to take what little funds are available out there and get it back into their hands because insurance does not cover earthquakes and a majority of the people here just don't have earthquake insurance simply because it never happens," Bottomley said. Click the video player above for studio coverage from WXII 12 News.

On Sunday morning, she was at her computer and the whole house started shaking. “He’s very obsessed with weather and stuff,” Ah-Keen said. )"[10], "Sparta earthquake" redirects here. 6,000 Wake County middle school students return to classrooms, Laura Leslie: 'At this point there is not' evidence of voter fraud, Panthers lean heavily on McCaffrey in upset bid of Chiefs, US allows 1st emergency use of a COVID-19 antibody drug, Pfizer says COVID-19 vaccine is looking 90% effective, Duke infectious disease expert part of Pfizer vaccine trial, Heavy rain, localized flooding possible this week, Eta strikes Florida Keys; expected to become hurricane, The Only* ACC Power Rankings That Matter: ND's turn to lead the roller coaster, Chiefs escape with 33-31 win when Panthers FG is wide right, AP Explains: 5 key takeaways from the October jobs report, 751,000 seek US jobless benefits as virus hobbles economy, Businesses hoping for economic aid now that election is over. Sparta's mayor and Alleghany County emergency management officials gave an update on the damage reported since the Aug. 9 earthquake. While there have been a few people with scratches, he said he is thankful there have not been any significant injuries reported so far. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. This will conclude our press conference. Mention my name is Daniel wrote, and I'm the Allegheny County Emergency Management Director. {{start_at_rate}} {{format_dollars}} {{start_price}} {{format_cents}} {{term}}, {{promotional_format_dollars}}{{promotional_price}}{{promotional_format_cents}} {{term}}, View the USGS details and interactive map. “Shock, just absolute shock — and we were in awe of the damage and how much had been done,” Shore said.The earthquake could also be felt in other states. Mike Parlier describes damage to his home to Gov. KENNY: PRETTY SOON YOU CAN GET THESE AT SPARTA FLORIST, MILLER MERCANTILE, AND A TOUCH OF GRACE. “Complete devastation we were speechless yesterday. Help us if you can. Thank you very much for your dedication. Thank you, Mayor Gregor. There have been some roads that have significant cracking and pavement separations.”.

Thanks to Mikey Whitt for letting us share these. The Associated Press contributed to this report. then {{format_dollars}}{{start_price}}{{format_cents}} per month. I started screaming because it just would not stop.”.

Damages include collapsed ceilings, chimneys, and masonry; damaged water mains; cracked and deformed roads; uprooted headstones; and displaced appliances and items. The owner of a building that houses several companies in Sparta said the damage inside is extensive, and with no earthquake insurance, she’s trying to figure out what’s next.

— It's been nine days since a 5.1 magnitude earthquake rocked the small town of Sparta, North Carolina, and emergency officials say the damage is worse than they initially thought… much.

“I even went outside to see what was going on.”. THE MAJORITY OF THE PEOPLE JUST DO NOT HAVE EARTHQUAKE INSURANCE. The 5.1 magnitude earthquake occurred 2 1/2 miles southeast of Sparta, the USGS said. [8], The 464 BCE Sparta earthquake is marked by scholars as one of the key events that led to the First Peloponnesian War. When Cayton arrived at Midtown Café, he was surprised to find out that just three out of 30 of his employees felt the quake. Betty Sue Poole, who lives near Pine Swamp Road in Sparta, shared photos of the damage in her home after a 5.1 magnitude earthquake hit the area. Rip Birkin. 60 of these is having major damage.

“Lots and lots of blood sweat and tears I’m sure to come,” Shore said.The insurance commissioner said if people have damage and do not have the correct insurance coverage, as of now, they are going to have to pay out of pocket, and that it is too early to tell if any type of relief could come from the state.For more information, you can click here. [6] A 1991 study attempted to locate the fault responsible for the event and estimate the magnitude of the earthquake based on satellite imagery and fieldwork. Page is Please, please do not donate to somebody that you don't know. Since that 5.1 earthquake, we are hearing continuous rumbles throughout our community here in town and in Allegheny County. Care off. “We definitely felt it shaking,” Ah-Keen said. Some of these air there a monitor. Editorial: Did Trump sacrifice Pennsylvania and Georgia to win in N.C.?

The bolts came from a mirror attached to an antique dresser. “Not even a minute passed and the side-to-side motion started,” Hull said. pic.twitter.com/qdm31MgmtL, This is what the Food Lion in Sparta is dealing with this morning! I want to thank everybody for coming out today and you've done heard the statistics and all about that I won't talk about hopefully the state and federal well kick in monies for some people that are playing out placed out of their homes today. And Governor Cooper, who visited here last week, Samaritans, Purse and other generous organizations have also reached out with their hands to offer their help. Me? Editorial: Election's focus now on voters and ballots, not politics and posturing, Editorial: Even in dark times, Cooper, fellow governors seize a brighter future, Know where money goes to jump start your savings, Calls for consistency with airline COVID policies, Want something delivered by Christmas? I want to emphasize the need for continued prayers and in reaching out to our legislators in Raleigh and in Washington. (Courtesy of … “I’m hearing pictures fall off the wall, dishes fall out of the cabinets. Local and national elections & political news, delivered to your inbox. “It’s not me,” he replied. “I just heard noise, mostly for me,” Vega said. Sparta business owner creates 'The Great Quake' T-shirts to raise earthquake damage relief funds, IDEA OF JUST HOW BAD THE SPARTA EARTHQUAKE WAS EARLIER THIS MONTH. However, the earthquake is believed to have been 'medium to large' according to many historians and occurred due to movement on a fault near the Taygetus Mountains. By Thucydides's account (History of the Peloponnesian War, I.101–102), the Spartans were concerned that the Athenians would switch sides and assist the helots; from the Spartan perspective, the Athenians had an "enterprising and revolutionary character," and by this fact alone posed a threat to the oligarchic regime of Sparta. It was the largest earthquake to hit the state since 1916, when a magnitude 5.5 quake occurred near Skyland, the weather service said. A 5.1 magnitude earthquake Sunday morning caused damage at Betty Sue Poole’s home near Sparta, North Carolina. So my plea goes out. WE WERE SPEECHLESS YESTERDAY. University of Memphis earthquake team in NC to learn more after historic 5.1 earthquake, North Carolina governor tours Sparta earthquake damage. Of course, it’s the bigger ones that get felt.". Emergency management increased the total amount of damages from the 5.1 magnitude earthquake that happened more than two weeks ago on Aug. 9, rattling homes, businesses and residents. Shana Whitehead lives near downtown Sparta. “Well, sadly, nothing surprises me in 2020, but a hurricane and an earthquake in the same week is crazy.”. AUSTIN WHAT DO YOU FIND THERE? Thank you, guys. Folks give him $500 and they don't see him again. It's home, sir. Have a great day with again. As of close of business yesterday we have received approximately 525 reports of damage. And to that, I say a big thank you. "You know those old-fashioned weight reduction machines with a belt that shook the bejesus out of you?," Johnson said. The owner of a building that houses several companies in Sparta said the damage inside is extensive, and with no earthquake insurance, she’s trying to figure out what’s next.

Maria Johnson of Greensboro was sitting on her couch reading the paper when she felt the whole house start shimmying. Kelli Ah-Keen of Greensboro was lying in bed next to her husband when the earthquake struck. Roy Cooper during an Aug. 11 tour following the 5.1 magnitude earthquake in Sparta. Then his father-in-law in Kernersville called about the earthquake. The damage assessment continues and the cleanup begins. [2] [3]. NOW A SMALL BUSINESS OWNER IN SPARTA, AND FORMER WXII EMPLOYEE WILLIAM BOTTOMLEY IS HELPING OUT. A 5.1 magnitude earthquake Sunday morning caused damage at Betty Sue Poole’s home near Sparta. “The wall was making a noise and I thought the wind was blowing outside. Please remember that we have several citizens that are displaced and those that are suffering with the loss of their homes and having anxiety issues over every little rumble. He works for Pepsi and was making a delivery when the earthquake began @wsoctv pic.twitter.com/zoShgPWR6M. “My coffee cup was moving.”. And then everything followed. That total amount of damages has been increased since the initial day as more experts have surveyed the area to more than $15 million across more than 500 buildings. There are some folks that have been displaced from their homes. Our citizens, they took every step necessary to make sure that our citizens were safe and well taken. Their immediate dismissal upon arrival is said to have been a key event that lead up to the First Peloponnesian War.

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