If the gene is being watered down to get mis marked dogs then the dogs should not be bred. No matter which color you pick, Labs are wonderful dogs to own. Is it important? One of the genes determines if the hair will be light or dark and the other one determines if dark hair will be chocolate or black. I have read all posts and decided to throw mine out there in hopes to talk with a geneticist, or someone of equal knowledge. There’s usually a premium to pay for what’s often described as a rare and hard to find dog by breeders of silver Labradors. For starters, the dilute gene was “tied” to the chocolate color. Just one more thing… of course you can just not do any of this testing/verification/review and breed your dogs but you should know that is HIGHLY frowned upon and considered irresponsible… especially when it comes to dilutes. I have owned seven Labrador Retrievers or near crosses with that breed. Regards, Sue. Good afternoon DNA tests for breeds are fraudulent and laughable. Since then I’ve hunted thousands of hours with various dogs of the 3 registered colors, including fox orange, but never a coal dog. I have one, that was silver at birth, but now more charcoal. And she’s ALL Labrador! Any help would be great, Thanks! There are 7 fairly distinct blood lines and hence health problems due to inbreeding aren’t too much of a concern anymore. Your Silver sounds great Dave, I hope she turns out to be a good companion and hunting partner for you. As for price of puppies-I have seen so called ‘designer’ cross bred dogs advertised for far more than I can buy a NZ born dilute Labrador of any of the 3 shades, descended from American registered parents with pedigrees as long as you care to trace back! Thanks.

The only way to “prove” whether dilute labradors are pure or not is to go back to the founding dogs of the breed… and I mean back to the St John’s water dogs that were imported to serve as the basis of the development of the Labrador Retriever. Currently, there are quite a few Labrador retriever breeders of dilute colors who are involved in an “improvement movement”.

My companion and I laughed about it the entire 2 hour drive home. In my humble opinion, there is no mixed blood in my purebred silver, uh chocolate lab. They can’t accurately determine a purebred dog. These are pretty dogs! There are many arguments going back and forth over whether they should be recognized by the AKC or not with a lot of emotion brewing on both sides. I previously had a yellow and chocolate lab for 16 years each, they were father and daughter. This site is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. 925 Sterling Silver Evil Eye Hamsa White Blue CZ Womens Pendant Necklace 4.3 out of 5 stars 96. My current silver is so much like my last chocolate, i sometimes believe she is the reincarnation of that wondrous dog. Bottom line is that NO RESPONSIBLE breeder would EVER breed to intentionally reproduce a Disqualifying fault. Even her color is more brownish gray than the glossy silver gray of a Weim. He said except for the color she could easily compete. I agree with the others on the site about mix breeds, designer breeds, etc… they are mutts. They love attention and are known for being even-tempered. Rachel—-It’s very hard to believe that you had a clean dna test, or maybe it doesn’t give lineage/parentage and only confirms that it’s a “canine”. My female silver lab is loveable, intelligent and a beauty. BUT nothing about the dog I met said Lab to me. Would it be wrong to suggest that “Gail” is really just Jack Vandergrumper spouting more anti-silver nonsense? Everytime one of the “anti diluters” say anything they are basing it on the poorest reflection of the group. She looks nothing like, nor is her temperament like a Weim. I realize this thread is older. Your labs may be fine now but hip dysplasia which can be severely crippling (common in Labradors) may be lurking there ready to show up at any time. The hunting dogs are often specifically bred for field work and are referred to as American Labs. In the end, all dogs go to heaven and love unconditionally. If you want to say they shouldn’t be registered then have proof. And here is the curious thing….

Most I see look like a Weimaraner mix, or a Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix. Check out https://www.facebook.com/groups/SilverLabradorRetrievers/ It’s a good place to start. Love what you have. Even though this one is no relation he acts as if you took those two and bred them!

Just over all stocky show dog American style. I sincerely hope anyone wishing to breed Labradors will have their potential parents checked for hip, elbow and eye defects as well as other hereditary faults specific to the breed which can be tested for and only breed with the intention of producing healthy pups and not for something as superficial as colour. if Weim was introduces 60, 70, or 80 years ago shouldn’t the current “Silver Lab” be considered purebred? This is written in a 4 letter notation, an example being: BBEe. My two guesses were either a bulky Weim or a petite Great Dane.

(an example in photo just above.). We have been researching dogs to breed and since we have a registered yellow lab (which we would not breed again due to her age), we found the silver and are researching breeding them.

I’m assuming they share some pointer traits too, like perhaps having higher exercise needs, being more birdy, etc. I am sure you wouldn’t be to happy if we judged your dog.

And you know which my favorite dog of all time was? The prices charged for a silver compared to the blacks, yellows and chocolates only adds to the anger of the traditional colors breeders, causing even more controversy and dislike toward the Silver Labrador breeders. I have a silver lab she looks nothing like a weimaraner, as a matter of fact she could be a show dog. I find that Mr. Vanderwyk’s study on Labrador Net’s assessment is very much true and to the point. Just wondering if you could help me, I am looking for a SILVER breeder in Gatineau Québec or Ottawa Ontario or the nearest possible to these locations. Or did it appear much later on? I saw my first silver lab today. What’s next? How to Check Your Labrador for Ticks: A Step-By-Step Guide, Can Two Female Labradors Live Together? Chocolate Labs range in color from light brown to dark chocolate. Heaven forbid someone just love these animals so much that they want to share them with the world. So where did the silver Labrador come from? Well none that is possible at least. I think not, because if they did they would realise there is a great deal of pride to be taken in owning a pure bred, healthy specimen of any breed, one that is bred true to type and excels at doing the job that it was developed and born for. I tell them the recognized color by CKC and then they can choose. One of our favorite books is Your Labrador Retriever Puppy . I just saw a litter of 12 silvers at my vet’s office last Thursday.

So do not comment about her being a pure blood. AKC etc. They will usually mention the silver/charcoal/champagne if that is what they “specialize” in. The chocolate has a very gorgeous silver coat with pretty blue eyes. Good morning, I would really appreciate if could send me some info on the breeder you R talking about and thank you for your time.

The second reason, sadly, is that Yellow Labs were simply not wanted as much as the Black Lab and were often put down as soon as they were born. Like the champagne-colored Labs, Charcoal Labs are also caused by the diluted gene, only this time appearing in a Black Lab. It’s all a bit of a mess isn’t it? Hi Amy. At this point we still don’t know what the initial cause of the Silver Labrador was, all we know is they now exist. To either deny or confirm the presence of Weim? The two names simply distinguish what they are bred for. They believe the silver breeders have not only sullied the gene pool, introducing foreign genes into the once pure pedigree, but that they’ve done this purely to make a larger profit. These silver labs are no different. They seem to have appeared from nowhere! “Brindle” color pattern is another example of mismarking on a Lab. I have red hair but my mom had brown and my dad was blonde.

Me think the lady doth protest too much. We will not ship, but we can deliver for the cost of expenses – car & gas. A diluted chocolate is known as a ‘Silver Labrador Retriever’. Labs rarely need to be admonished for getting out of shot range.. You can contact us at “[email protected]” with any question. Surely they are as much responsible for creating the Labrador of today as perhaps any other breed used at a later date-even if it was after the registered were closed?

Silver Labrador Retriever Facts And Controversy, The ‘d’ Gene is Responsible For The ‘Dilute Color’. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'lovingyourlab_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',106,'0','0'])); Yellow Labs can vary in color from a light cream to a dark fox-red. I did not supply the breed name and she came back pure lab on both sides. The UK kennel club formalized the breed in 1903 and the American Kennel club in 1917. However where you are incorrect is that I personally am not on any sort of restricted list, my dogs are registered with the AMERICAN Kennel Club WITH breeding rights AND if you had bothered to read the MANY references on my website you would have learned that I have links to BOTH sides of the debate.

Mevecco 14K Gold Plated Simulated Diamond Evil Eye Stackable Rings,Dainty Eternity Bands Ring for Women 4.6 out of 5 stars 41. She’s an intricale part of our family and to the dirt with any skeptics, we have a Silver Lab who is loved by anyone who is fortunate enough to meet her! I am owner of a gorgeous silver female.

The gene pool was so small, they simply had no choice. I would like your web info to visit the litters please. The controversy surrounding the origins of the color, with the possibility of Weimaraner genes having been introduced angers them. If I post a Labrador cross-bred with any other breed, not a problem. © 2018, Silver State Eye Care. The reason for this was that regular pet owners liked the term “Chocolate” when referring to their dogs. I also believe that they should be recognized and registered as Labs. When we took her to the vet for her first visit, he immediately got on the local veterinarian’s “intra-net” and proclaimed that he “found the “unicorn”, that he had a silver, the other vets in town were in disbelief, until he posted a picture of her. SUMMATION: And if the Dilute dogs are SO fantastic that they should be reproduced, why are they seeking out Champoin traditional color dogs to breed with to “improve” their dogs? His health has been excellent with not evidence so far of any hip issues. Some in our breed hate the color and do not think it should be allowed. A friend of ours insisted we get one of her silver labs (she previously bred chocolates.). I have 2 labs a diluted yellow and a diluted chocolate. The coat color of a Labrador is determined by two genes that have nothing to do with temperament. Though I feel every puppy will bring joy to the owner, I don’t think an off black, nor silver qualifies to be registered but still can be wonderful dogs. I am interested in all health issues, not just alopecia. The more they are bred and have a higher population ratio the lower the prices will become until they fall in line with the rest of the breed. I’d love to see her…And there’s not been an argument on there for a while now so one’s due, haha.

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