We provide a comprehensive, innovative, integrated science-based, data driven approach to strength and conditioning, nutrition and sports psychology. Cool down will be utilized to enhance recovery by slowly letting the athlete recover through stretching or some sort of flexibility variation. Club websites are not maintained by Campus Recreation. The 1932 Santa Clara Broncos football team was an American football team that represented Santa Clara University during the 1932 college football season.In their fourth season under head coach Maurice J. Nov 25 (Neutral), Santa Clara (3-1) Win vs. Oregon State, 50-45; 5.

There are 17 competitive club sport teams at SCU that compete locally, regionally and nationally against other universities. This method will be used throughout the course of the year and in all facets of program design. GOALS

It is a trait that will be developed through constant challenges they will face during each training cycle, regardless of the time of year.

Be an expert and make the athletes feel that you are the best coach and teacher in the nation. In sports, speed kills, so if a player lacks the necessary explosion to compete at collegiate level, we want to add that component to a players’ arsenal.

Within that macrocycle, there will be mesocycles and microcycles, breaking the training phase into an even more complex part. The links below will take you to individual Club Sport websites. Always have attention to detail and always be consistent in your  coaching…consistency is everything. Core Stability Bucky's Kids Club; Dance Team; Famous Santa Clarans; Fan Experience Packages; Gameday Promotions; Live Stats ; Mascot and Traditions; Pep Band; Ruff Riders; Social Media Directory; Sports History; Visit Santa Clara; Tickets; Facilities.

Coach the person…not the athlete. The next program update will be announced on December 1, 2020. Currently the program is suspended until further notice. The core is the centerpiece of the body and will be worked in some way in every exercise performed. It is our goal to develop champions in life through competitive excellence, social responsibility and integrity both in and out of the classroom. Motivate your athletes to work at a championship level every time they step foot in the weight room, regardless of the situation.

It is the goal of the Sports Performance Department to make sure that the athletes are in the best possible shape, both physically and mentally to play their sport at the highest level. The emphasis will be on core stability and overall body strength will be built around the strength and stability of the core. PROGRAM PRINCIPLES. Students who wish to be part of a competitive team should consider joining one of these clubs, playing intramural sports, or signing up for a local sports league. Toughness through overcoming challenges is a trait we want every athlete to gain through their work with us. Flexibility and mobility training will be a primary focus of what we do with the athletes.

Get your athletes to reach their potential; we are measured by the results and our effort determines these results.

With 20 intercollegiate sports, Santa Clara's Division I teams have a history of excellence in the West Coast Conference and on the national stage, with student-athletes going on to become All-Americans, Olympians, World Cup champions and Hall of Famers. Know your athletes and understand that within a team there are individuals that have different needs and respond in different ways.

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