He'd debated going and begging S. Ward Smith for some real weapons but figured balloons wouldn't be any better, and the less Debbie knew about everything else, the better. Now, Randy must protect Norrisville from the evil plans of the Sorcerer, his ally Hannibal McFist, and Hannibal's assistant Willem Viceroy.[2][5].

Didn't explain why she was doing it now, but he couldn't exactly ask that in front of everyone. Use the HTML below.

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Stank'd to the Future • I don't know why he wants the Ninja mask—", "He doesn't want the mask," Randy said. ", Bash snorted. Viceroy was good, but he couldn't cover all of McFist's tracks. One of these days, someone would realize how often they were on the scene of an attack. ", Debbie, with the phone already to her ear, held up one finger.

According to, During Randy's first run-in with Catfish Booray, Randy introduced himself as "Reginald Bagel", leading Booray to believe that to be the Ninja's true identity. Debbie handed her a backpack filled with Frisbees. "I think you can move faster, which you'll need if the attacks begin again. ", "I know, sir." It premiered on October 12, 2013. She could deal with the implications later—including the scary ones, like how the heck this Nomicon would know to leave a message for her. Besides, keeping the tattered remains of his secret intact demanded he not argue.

Less so in Season 2, but it is still there. And the Ninja—you—have to stop that."

Looking for something to watch? [3] Many of the character designs were supplied by Jhonen Vasquez, the creator of Invader Zim. She was leaning against the wall, arms crossed, looking out at the joyful chaos on the lawn instead of at him. All the characters in this story are created and owned by Disney and I do not claim any ownership over them or the world of Randy Cunningham. "I'm gonna go check on Howard," Randy announced, getting to his feet. In the final weeks of his freshman year, Randy Cunningham faces his greatest failure. She slipped on the backpack, knowing it wasn't ideal but that she'd need both her arms for this to work—even if this was crazy.

They are genuinely surprised and excited when the Nomicom tells them in plain terms that this is a good idea. the Nomicon tells Randy he needs an "Unlikely Ally" to beat Evil Julian. ", Debbie pursed her lips. For now, she was a Ninja of Norrisville, and she had to fight accordingly. She swallowed. He tried to focus on the Art of Disguise, but his head was still spinning from the last hit he'd taken, and he couldn't even focus his eyes well enough to pick Howard out of the crowd, let alone do the required Ninja-ing to get out of this. Something similar had worked once before; it had to work again. And what the cheese was all this about a Sorcerer? Debbie was right, of course. Jacques, take the east. The series premiered on October 4, 2012 on Disney XD (UK & Ireland). 30 Seconds to Math • Can also become a bit of a difficulty curve if the dearest possession in question is something abstract such as a relationship or winning streak. Randy thinks it's Howard, but the savvy viewer will know it's Julian, right? If they actually managed to trace this back to McFist, well, she'd at least get the scoop before Heidi. I would've been way better!". Many of the character designs were supplied by Jhonen Vasquez, the creator of Invader Zim. And that he get to Howard as soon as possible to fill him in. Add the first question. I still watch some of the episodes and I can remember all of the characters' names. Whenever Howard got 'exposed', she was supposed to step up and switch him off. Where'd you get the sword and everything? Swampy Seconds • Randy struggled, even though he knew he was pinned to the tree, that his suit wouldn't easily tear free from the knives thrown at him by Viceroy's newest robot. (Randy/Ninja x Kunoichi!Reader) ***** Throughout the generations of ancient warriors, the Norrisville Ninja has always had a partner, lost in legend after so long. when he's stank'd. "You're late, Ninja!" "Everyone clear on the plan?" He'd be stupid to think Viceroy couldn't build something that could alter its internal mechanics as easily as its exterior to adapt in a fight. They needed to do damage control now or there really wouldn't be a Ninja in Norrisville. Not knowing it'd somehow result in the Sorcerer being free does not excuse him. "Tell it to me straight for once, Cunningham. Debbie must have read something in his face because she sighed and continued, "It's basically the pen is mightier than the sword, isn't it? And McFist wants to free him. And, despite that this was his choice, she'd feel responsible. "Then we're a go. So he can get free." Randy does regains his memories back thanks to the Nomicon and is also told of the true nature of the Ultimate … "I mean, you can chop someone to bits with a sword. It's revealed in a later episode there.

continued Bash, pointing in Randy's direction. Just as well. This is also how Randy avoids having to slice Howard in half. She was also good at convincing the others that their eyes had been playing tricks on him, that he wasn't the real Ninja.

http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/WesternAnimation/RandyCunninghamNinthGradeNinja. Randy was the one to suggest this to him, and it inadvertently makes every single downcast participant turn into hideous monsters for Randy to fight behind the curtains. Some of the crowd had dispersed, but most were still there, blithely unaware that they were in real danger because the Ninja always saved them. Cartoons Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. He should probably be shloomping on this, but there wasn't time.

He is a student of Norrisville High and plays the french horn in the school marching band. And if this Sorcerer would be freed when the Ninja was destroyed—either by McFist's robots or her words—then Norrisville would probably become a ruin, too, if the monsters were any indication. He'd already opened his mouth to say something else when he realized he was hearing a high-pitched whine coming from the robot. Weinerman Up •

", She tried not to let her heart swell at his words, at the concern in his voice. Hannibal McFist is called by his last name by everyone except his wife and his brother.

Lucky Randy managed to prove his worthiness to be the Ninja and the Nomicon used the ultimate lesson to instead mind wipe Debbie. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

The other Ninjas. If the Ninja—the former Ninja—was murdered by a robot in front of the entire school, some nerd would figure out who was behind it all. ", It was not the time to point out that he had built the Robo-Chef, nor that they'd merely unmasked the Ninja rather than ensured his defeat—especially not when he was about to give McFist some bad news. "But I want to do this. ", Randy repeated himself before adding, "That's what the Nomicon said. Instead of sounding like he wanted it to—calm, commanding, in control—his voice cracked. When Randy inadvertently mind-wipes himself and develops amnesia, Howard must fill in as the Ninja until Randy can get his memory back.

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