CUBA (the aboriginal name), a republic, the largest and most populous of the West India Islands, included between the meridians of 74° 7' and 84° 57' W. Stonefield (pop. Over the principal rivers at this early period there were bridges near the most populous places, as over the Dee near Aberdeen, the Esk at Brechin, the Tay at Perth and the Forth near Stirling. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. 4, 8), in whose time it was a populous and flourishing place, tells us that it was first occupied by the Oscans 2 (to whom we must attribute the Doric temple in the Foro Triangolare), afterwards by the Tyrrhenians (i.e. The other cities in the province are Kin-chow-fu on the west of the Gulf of Liao-tong; Kin-chow, on the western extremity of the Liao-tung peninsula; Kai-ping, on the north-western shore of the same peninsula; Hai-cheng, on the road from Niu-chwang to Mukden; Ki-yuen, a populous and prosperous city in the north of the province; and Sing-king, east of Mukden, the original seat of the founders of the present dynasty. and went to the Fox River Valley; there he established the mission of St Francis Xavier at the first rapids' on the Fox river near a populous Indian village. The populous suburbs of Rosendael and St Pol-sur-Mer lie respectively to the east and west of the town; to the north-east is the bathing resort of Malo-les-Bains.

Local acts had already endowed Scotland with a police system, and in 1857, and again in 1862, counties were formed into police districts, and the police of towns and populous places was generally regulated. The name covers a populous residential district lying north of Hornsey and west of Tottenham. The electrophoretic analysis of Populus by isoperoxidases. They are native to Asia, and the most populous type of tiger is the Bengal tiger, which makes up about 80% of the world's tigers. In 1850 a third Convention undertook to amend the Constitution, and now that the West yielded its bitter hostility to slavery, representation was so arranged that the more populous section was enabled to control the House while the East still held the Senate; the election of judges was confided to the people; and the suffrage was broadened. It embraced a population second to that of India alone, as China, probably the most populous country in the world, has not yet been subjected to this test. The populous suburb of Sutton, extending S.S.E. At Shaw, a populous village included within it, is a station on the Lancashire & Yorkshire railway. It was a populous place as early as the 11th century, and carried on a lively trade with Narva on the Gulf of Finland. For most district courts there is only one judge, but for the more populous there are two; they are all elected for four years.

As the village became more populous in the early 19th century, it acquired its own church. 31,687) and Collingwood (32,749), to the east Richmond (37,824), to the south-east Prahran (40,441), to the south South Melbourne (40,619), to the south-west Port Melbourne (12,176), and to the north-west North Melbourne (18,120). The Venetians already enjoyed, since 1080, a favoured position in Constantinople, and had the less reason to find a new emporium in the East; while Pisa connected 1 Yet the north always continued to be more populous than the south; and the Latins maintained themselves in Antioch and Tripoli a century after the loss of Jerusalem. Similar industries are pursued in the populous district (including the villages of Exhall and Foleshill) which extends southward towards Coventry. A populous land commanding the trade routes from Arabia to Damascus, rich in agricultural and pastoral wealth, Moab, as Mesha's inscription proves, had already reached a high state of civilization by the 9th century B.C. Indonesia is the fifth most populous country in the world. Population.-New York outstripped Pennsylvania in population in the first decade of the 19th century, and Virginia in the second decade, and since 1820 it has been the most populous state in the Union.

The tax on doors and windows is levied in each case according to the number of apertures, and is fixed with refetence to population, the inhabitants of the more populous paying more than those of the less populous communes. From this lake the river Xauxa flows southwards through a populous valley for 150 m. Padua early became a populous and thriving city, thanks to its excellent breed of horses and the wool of its sheep. Lying close to the Harkort iron and sulphur mines, and within the populous and rich mineral district on the lower Rhine, it carries on iron-founding, wire-drawing and the manufacture of machinery of various kinds, besides an active trade in iron, steel and brass goods. The capital is Bello Horizonte, or Cidade de Minas; other important cities and towns are: the former capital, Ouro Preto, Barbacena, Diamantina, Baependy (pop.

It is in this period that we first hear of Jewish settlements, 15 which later become very populous. To the north lies the populous suburb of St Mary Church. But already there were tokens of its decay; even then the eastern parts of the Tarim basin seem to have been growing less and less populous.

It is the centre of a rich and populous agricultural mining and manufacturing district. Canada's most populous province is grinding to a halt. Colonia Augusta Aroe Patrensis became one of the most populous of all the towns of Greece; its colonial coinage extends from Augustus to Gordian III. London gained its paramount importance from its favourable geographical position in respect of the rest of England on the one hand and the Continent on the other, and the populous district of the " home counties " owes its existence to that importance; whereas other populous districts have generally grown up at the point where some source of natural wealth, as coal or iron, lay to hand. In 1669 he was succeeded by Father Jacques Marquette (q.v.) Here are some examples. Troy is served by the Boston & Maine, the New York Central & Hudson River and the Delaware && Hudson railways, and by interurban electric lines connecting with Saratoga and Lake George on the north, Albany on the south and Schenectady and the cities of the populous Mohawk Valley on the west; it is at the head of river steamboat navigation on the Hudson, and has water communication by means of the Erie and Champlain canals with the Great Lakes and Canada. At the present time the land allotments per male head vary greatly, even in the relatively populous region of southern Siberia. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. It is the centre of a populous industrial district. The neighbourhood is populous, but the natural beauty of the Aire valley is not greatly impaired. The populous city contained residents of every ethnicity. In 1903 several populous suburban boroughs were amalgamated with the city. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Bombay is the second most populous city in the Indian empire, having fallen behind Calcutta at the census of 1901. , As the area became more populous, residential prices began to rise.

Owing to its endurance of thirst the long desert journeys which separate the populous centres are made practicable, and in the spring months, when green forage is plentiful in the desert, the Bedouins pitch their camps for long periods far from any water, and not only men but horses subsist on camel's milk. Lauis), the most populous and most thriving town in the Swiss canton of Ticino or Tessin, situated (906 ft.) on the northern shore of the lake of Lugano. The most populous island is Lewis-with-Harris (3 2,160), and next to it are Skye (13,883), Islay (6857) and Mull (4334) Of the total area of 1,800,000 acres, or 2812 sq. Their home was in the spurs of the Caucasus and along the shores of the Caspian - called by medieval Moslem geographers Bahr-al-Khazar ("sea of the Khazars"); their cities, all populous and civilized commercial centres, were Itil, the capital, upon the delta of the Volga, the "river of the Khazars," Semender (Tarkhu), the older capital, Khamlidje or Khalendsch, Belendscher, the outpost towards Armenia, and Sarkel on the Don. It flows through the populous regions of the continent of Europe, to discharge into one 01 the most frequented seas opposite Great Britain, and, besides serving as a natural outlet for Germany, Belgium and Holland, is connected with a great part of central and southern France by the Rhine-Rhone and the Rhine-Marne canals, and with the basin of the Danube by the Ludwigs-Canal. The populous city contained residents of every ethnicity. Many other … It is one of the most populous mining centres in the county. The pleasant, healthy situation has caused Finchley to become a populous residential district. The Doubs almost surrounds the city proper forming a peninsula, the neck of which is occupied by a height crowned by the citadel; on the right bank lie populous industrial suburbs.

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