The activities especially the horseback and trek to the Blue Lagoon was the best activity we had during our 5 week trip to Patagonia and South America. Patagonia Weather & Climate. [email protected].

more. Learn all about Patagonia air temperatures, wind and precipitation during every season. * Both Spring and Summer, optimal hiking conditions. As weather continues to cool towards the winter months, the Helsingfors Lodge eventually shuts its doors until the Spring season. Patagonia is influenced by the South Pacific westerly air current, which brings humid winds from the ocean to the continent. December is generally a beautiful weather month in Patagonia. C and summer maximum temperatures can reach 40º C in the Alto Valle del Río Negro area.

Patagonia is known for its often windy conditions. While this does draw the most visitors to the area, it’s important to note that with Patagonia being such a remote area in the world (and with the Helsingfors being so secluded) you’ll be certain to find peace and tranquility regardless. Highly recommended - Phone: We ❤️ to talk!

Below is a brief general summary of temperatures, precipitation and wind per season. To answer the question “When is the best time to go?” will depend on what you want to do, see and experience. Managed by an outstanding young man who knows how to select staff whether gauchos or chefs. Each season has its own unique landscapes, activities and advantages. For a place so close to the Southern tip of the planet, timing your trip appropriately is crucial. When you’re booking your trip to Patagonia, remember that January and February draw the largest crowds, so book early! Annual Weather Averages in Punta Arenas. The staff was professional and accommodating and very personable. You’ll be able to begin the new year with a fresh perspective after this exhilarating trip. Don't get there the wrong period! Everything was to our liking. However, remember that summer and winter are switched in the Southern Hemisphere—winter in the Northern Hemisphere is summer there. All Rights Reserved. Call us now: +1 (800) 747-4540, Tollfree 1 (800) 747-4540 / +1 (206) 203-88001904 3rd Ave STE 930 / Seattle WA 98101 USAMon-Fri / 8am - 6pm Pacific - Sat-Sun / 9am - 4pm Pacific, Tel (0800) 747-4540 / +49 (711) 856-6972Hauptstr. All rights reserved, PATAGONIA-ARGENTINA.COM "La Tierra, como solía ser S.A." Tacuarí 237 8th. This was a once in a lifetime vacation and we have nothing but praise. Everything about my trip to Helsingfors was amazing, from the staff, service, horseback riding, beautiful surroundings, treking, and of course the food. Discover when to go to be sure of having perfect weather. Lodge Helsingfors, Patagonia Argentina | Los Glaciares National Park Here is a quick rundown of what Helsingfors has to offer for travellers during each month during the season: This is a fascinating, beautiful place especially if you like hiking or riding in stunning country for a day or more at a time. Our Lodge is closed for the Winter season. Sign up to Receive Special Offers & News: Trekking and horseback riding to the Estancia Los Hermanos. 303,Miraflores Lima 18 / PeruMon-Fri / 10am - 7pm. Read our full policy. Many lodges in the area are only open during the spring and summer months from November to April, including Hosteria Helsingfors. The climate is relatively cool around this city the month of april, but it is bearable by dressing cosy. Further north, temperatures may creep in the 70s, while in the south, they may fall to the mid-50s.

This is the peak Patagonia season and is the most favorable time to see all the surrounding attractions. The least amount of travel happens during this time due to the cold weather. Because Patagonia is known for its extreme weather, the best time to visit is in the summer. These winds, however, lose their humidity (through cooling and condensation) as they blow over the west coast of South America and over the Andes, and they are dry when they reach Patagonia. Isolated, scenic, active, and informative, Helsingfors provided daily hiking, wonderful trail riding, (we are horse people), and delightful company, both in staff and fellow guests. In other words, this an ideal time to travel throughout the region. It’s important to understand that the South American seasons are in reverse to those of North America. Summer season officially begins and provides extended days of outdoor activities to celebrate the holidays, such as Christmas or New Years. November to March are the summer months, giving the best weather for travelers. - A visit to Península de Valdés, an amazing Patagonia Flora and Fauna reservation at its purest state. We're Proud of the Reputation We’ve Earned, Homepage Image: Grizzly bear mother & Cub, © Ingo Arndt / Minden Pictures, Please send me a free 160-page catalog of the World's Greatest Nature Journeys, /know-before-you-go/south-america-travel-tips/patagonia/weather-climate/. It’s important to understand that the South American seasons are in reverse to those of North America. However, the winter months are the time of year with the least amount of wind, often with several days where there is no wind at all. Based on weather reports collected during 1985–2015. © 1999–2020.

This is a journey to the End of the World, reaching the mythical Tierra del Fuego and then visiting the Glaciers National Park and the deservedly famous Perito Moreno Glacier. The southern Patagonia has a sub-arctic climate, characterized by strong winds and not too abundant rainfall. Patagonia Climate & Weather. This will be very important when you’re planning a trip to Patagonia, especially for those coming from America or Europe. From June to October, Patagonia is good for skiing. While weather temperatures are generally mild in Patagonia, the months between October and April are clearly the most favorable. In the winter months, precipitation is very common at night in the form of snow, giving way to some beautiful landscapes as you awake in the wilds of Patagonia.

Terms and conditions of our Travel Services. Ecolodges, resorts, tour groups, and campgrounds that may close during winter, will be open for the season. Due to this variety of land, the weather in Patagonia can be unpredictable. The climate is unfavourable 7 months out of 12 in Patagonia. Winter is the season of Patagonia with the least amount of wind, often making it easy to photograph reflections of the majestic landscapes in the water of the region's many lakes. Temperatures become very comfortable and trails are open all over the area. Weather Information. commented on by travelers at this time. This nature is very unlike the rest of South America's subtropical climate. An all-encompassing expedition into the wild heart of Patagonia!

Pack extra layers and wind-resistant gear, so that the breezy chill factor doesn’t affect your hiking and other outdoor activities. To be able to enjoy the Patagonian landscapes, you can come all year round though the best time is (our) summer, between the months of November and March (this excludes the snow lovers as well as those who do not care about cold but sunny and pristine days!).

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