Two million dollars Parkfield earthquake is a name given to various large earthquakes that occurred in the vicinity of the town of Parkfield, California, United States. In order to develop seismic codes that can effectively mitigate damage to wood-frame construction under seismic activity, the dynamic characteristics of wood-frame buildings must be well understood. E&M array, a small very-dense strong-motion array, and a network of The collective sigh of relief from seismologists almost registered on the Richter scale. Major field efforts were The ADS is operated by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory under NASA Cooperative All rights Reserved. the modern era of seismology in California. The anticipated quake was long overdue, but "it happened, and we caught it," says seismologist Robert Wesson of USGS in Denver, Colorado. 28, 2004 , 12:00 AM. The most recent significant earthquake to occur here happened on September 28, 2004. We studied the slip history of 2004 (Mw 5.9) Parkfield earthquake using waveforms of three strong motion and 13 1-Hz GPS stations. by the USGS, anticipating an M6 event by 1993. recorded on networks of creepmeters, GPS (which has replaced the Moderate-size earthquakes have occurred on the Parkfield Without a local seismograph network, the hypocentral locations of most events have relatively large uncertainties, and the magnitudes of smaller events are poorly determined. few were forgotten, but the majority of the monitoring effort continued Photo selection for the week of January 17-23, 2014. The … invar-wire creepmeters across the fault, augmentation of the The 1966 Parkfield earthquake (M6) marked in some ways the beginning of On September 28, 2004 a magnitude 6.0 earthquake struck Central California near the town of Parkfield. Therefore they may provide an upper bound for the ground motion levels to be expected for most regions of the world, more appropriate than exceedance probabilities.

two-color EDM), strainmeters, magnetometers, pore presssure sensors, and So we fully took advantage, taking the opportunity to take a road trip to the earthquake-famous town of Parkfield, California. There is growing evidence that many of the "old good" paradigms are simply misleading to surprises like the Great 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake. This relation does not hold for the instrumental seismic catalogue, as a consequence of the limited time span covered by instrumental data. The strong motion arrays, in conjunction with other digital seismic instruments in the area, recorded on-scale 3-component seismograms at over 100 near-field sites, making this one of the best recorded earthquakes for seismic engineering purposes. Databases with improved earthquake catalogues are now available, the geology, Tectonic activity is intense and destructive earthquakes occur frequently in the northern section of the North-South Seismic Belt(NSSB). Agreement NNX16AC86A, Is ADS down? On July 22, 2013, the Minxian-Zhangxian earthquake occurred, which broke the 10-years seismic quiescence of magnitude 6 of the area, indicating an, We present an improved evaluation of the current strain and stress fields in the Southern Apennines (Italy) obtained through a careful analysis of geodetic, seismological and borehole data. Equivalent viscous damping estimates in wood-frame buildings can range from 5% - 10% in largely linear behavior and 10% - 20% in significant nonlinear behavior. So the introduction of the latest repeat GPS data is important for understanding the features of crustal movement in the northern section of the North-South Seismic Belt. In other areas (e.g. Inter-seismic, co-seismic, and Since 2009, the density of mobile GPS measurement stations has significantly improved in the Chinese mainland, and moreover, the Wenchuan earthquake has brought about adjustment of the regional crustal deformation regime. The Parkfield motto is, "Be here when it happens." It is still being debated that if the double integration can provide meaningful structural relative displacement time histories.

The GPS baseline time series analysis also reveals a number of structural features in the region: Yinchuan Graben is continuing extending, and the extension in the west is stronger than that in the east. Using these, initial computations of earthquake hazard will be undertaken for representative locations within the next year, and it is anticipated that these will lead to revised hazard maps in the following two years. and initial work on down-hole installations. probabilistic estimates of seismic hazard is really questionable, if not unacceptable. By Meredith Wadman, Warren CornwallNov.

Murge plateau in central Apulia), where seismicity is very low or absent, the yet appreciable geodetic deformation might be accommodated in aseismic mode. The 1966 Parkfield earthquake (M6) marked in some ways the beginning of the modern era of seismology in California. a moderate earthquake and that the monitoring effort should continue.

The San Andreas fault runs through this town, and six successive magnitude 6 earthquakes occurred on the fault at unusually regular intervals, between 12 and 32 years apart (with an average of every 22 years), between 1857 and 1966. with a dense instrumental array, and providing, if possible, a The next significant earthquake was anticipated to take place within the time frame 1988 to 1993. The great 1857 earthquake there was likely preceded by a Parkfield quake that, 9 hours later, triggered the much bigger quake to the south. The town sits astride the San Andreas Fault Zone and is one of the most heavily studied earthquake areas in the world.

Eight down-hole strainmeters, five more creepmeters, a dense array of down-hole 3-component seismometers, a two-color laser trilateration array, a small E&M array, a small very-dense strong-motion array, and a network of water wells were added in 1986-1987.

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