It is extremely stable, very roomy, fast enough for our needs, and not too heavy. I have had a Loon 160T for about 14 years. Former owner never used it and had it stored on the 2 wheel cart for years. Current Price: $1 Condition: Used.

They were wrong. The length to width ratio makes for a very stable kayak that is easy to paddle.

Rather, it makes large turns. Summary- This boat will serve any family for years and years for a moderate price. Product In Action .. $2,209.00

Stable and very durable.

We originally bought a 160T in 2000 and have loved it. It keeps us dry and warm in 45 degree temps and 20 mph winds. We love it! The seats are cheaper and the boat doesn't feel as still as the older boat. However, that is not the fault of this or any other boat. This boat is NOT good for river running (of just about any kind) or for serious sea kayakking, ie waves over the head type stuff. I also own a Necky Zora Sport and a Perception Dancer to cover the touring and whitewater urges. Welcome to Old Town, makers of the finest canoes and kayaks. If you understand what you are getting in terms of weight, this is a great tandem kayak (with a rudder, despite what others have said). If I'd had to buy it new I would have in a heartbeat. I got my T-160 last fall and used it at every possible opportunity. I didnt get the rudder, but I could see where it would come in handy on the ocean. In addition, I wanted to have a boat that i could put onto the car myself and go kayaking by myself, if i wanted to.

It is a swiss army knife of kayaks and my Loon goes out more than any of my other four boats.

Also the rotomolded polyethylene looks much richer than other plastic boats.

We just bought a Loon 160T and took it for its maiden voyage.

Old Town Loon Tandem Kayak in very nice condition with very little use needs a new home. Width: 30.5″ I paddled solo without the rudder and was amazed how well it tracked on the river with cross winds and head winds.

Read reviews for the Loon 160T by Old Town Canoe and Kayak as submitted by your fellow paddlers. The key for me was to find a way to get the boat to and in the river then back on the car without hurting me, the boat or the car. No tracking problems for them, no rudder. Despite the tracking fault, it has still been a useful boat.

Legendary boat, very roomy and stable that also handles and tracks well. Compare it to boats with similar design and intended use when making an evaluation.

It is a two person kayak that can convert to a one person kayak. The thing I'm most puzzled about is, why are boats like the Old Town Loon 160T hardly ever made anymore? Your Old Town Loon is right here.A new Old Town Loon will cost you $649.99 + tax -- and that doesn't include the paddle. Three layers with a foam core for insulation from the cold and noise as well as flotation. The kayak is quite heavy but I expected Royalex to be. Grip your paddle with your hands on the shaft slightly wider than shoulder-distance apart. I can’t put a price on possibly more great memories for us and our adult children! (Our combined weight is about 260 and we carry very little gear, so it's not like we're low in the water.).


Friggin' heavy!!! It turns slowly without using special paddling and leaning technique which makes it well suited for lakes and mild rivers.

Love this Boat!

Yes it weights 82 pounds. I bought the green 160T after reading the reviews here. I would have regretted it! I have used them all.

We love the roomy cockpit where we can stretch out, put our knees up, or dip our toes. It's extremely comfortable and handles quite well, either together or solo. The first half pries the bow away from the paddle. I'm 34 and in pretty good shape, and it's all I can do to move this thing around on land. Specifications for the Aquaterra Keowee Kayak, Old Town Canoes Kayaks: How to Paddle a Kayak, Old Town Loon 160T Kayak Review.

Built with stability and comfort in mind so you can focus on time spent together. I can get it to track with the stern person paddling, but not with the bow person paddling. With extra width and volume for stability, and incorporating the all new ACS2 seat, the Loon Angler is designed to be the most comfortable sit-inside angling kayak on the water. Many years ago, my wife and I used to love kayaking at a friend's summer cottage in our Folbot 18 footer (now long gone). I would reccomend this boat to anyone who is going to be paddling with a partner most of the time and doesn't want to spend a fortune. I then took my 77 year old father out in it, and we had a great time. Today, I'm glad it didn't sell. My rudder needed a little bit of work to free it up but it was super easy to take the pedal guides off and sand down the rails.

My 160T was a gift from a friend who had lost her husband and paddling companion who I also paddled with. notice if the front of the boat moves left when you take a stroke of the right & vise versa. This used Old Town Loon 160T tandem recreational kayak combines paddling ease, tracking ability and excellent stability for memorable days on flat water bays, rivers and lakes. Be wary of the size of the boat. This is an older kayak which has some cosmetic flaws but otherwise is perfect. We have been building adventure since 1898. My primary passenger is only 4 yrs old, so I considered the Twin Otter & 138T. Thank you so much for the thoughtful reply. Tandem kayak - Old Town Loon 160t.

The akward weight distribution of the boat caused it to want to hang off the back end of the car, which during loading, caused me to nearly break my knee on the front bumper. I have loaded this on a jeep CJ and Ford F-250 mostly by myself for three years without any problems. It has great space to carry gear, a cooler, or our dog (if she'll ever allow it). Solid, stable, used Old Town 14' tandem kayak.

I bought him a kids kayak paddle from Bending Branches and he loves to help paddle (and play in the water). Otherwise, an excellent fun-time boat, which I've had on class I rivers, lakes, and even the Gulf of Mexico at sunrise! Stability is great. Having spent most of my life on the water in sail boats and now living in North Central Florida I knew I need something to get me access to the multitude of springs and rivers in the immediate area.

And the back paddler can handle directional control fairly easily in that boat. Excellent condition.

The Loon was the roomiest (I'm 6'4"), the most stable (We had it out on Lake Ontario in 2' swells and tracks great with the rudder. The Loon 160T Tandem Kayak by Old Town is a two person kayak that can convert to a one person kayak.

It tracks fine if you have good technique.

And I was reminded last week how wonderful the 160T is compared to even New Perceptions and others.

They are more experienced than I am but also had a lot of trouble with the tracking.

There is plenty of room. The first half of a stern paddlers sweep will serve to pry the stern away from the paddle, the second half draw the stern back towards the paddle. The key is to devise a system to make it easy and that so nothing gets damaged! I can pull my lab easily into the boat when I'm in forward seat.

One paddler can easily paddle this kayak while the second person just relaxes and enjoys the scenery. This transforms the kayak into a one-person vessel. But I’m getting a little tired compensating by harder pulls on the left side to keep it tracking straight. Too many people are too quick to blame the boat for their own shortcomings and lack of creativity in problem solving. Thanks! We are, however, in the process of replacing the Loon with 2 single kayaks. If one purchases the boat for those purposes they will not be happy, neither are their expectations realistic. With kayak paddles my students in the canoes can easily keep up with the Loon T-160s, and they are not fighting the tracking problem. Old Town Loon 138 Kayak in Exceptional Condition. Plus it flies. Most plastic tandems are significantly shorter now, and few tandems over 15' have the open cockpit design.

My wife and I bought this boat right after I got back from Iraq in 2005. Bow deck rigging, adjustable seats and rudder equipped!

I find that I need the rudder when I'm not paddling solo.

For the last two years I have managed a fairly large retailer which sells large volume kayaks and canoes.

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