Until the 1950s it was commonly assumed that the religions of the surviving Native Americans were little more than curious anachronisms , dying remnants of humankind’s childhood. As they raided other tribes to capture slaves for sales to Europeans, they fell into destructive wars among themselves, and against Europeans.

And their brothers, Lakota, the defiant warriors of the west who united with the Cheyenne to hold back the tide of western expansion for 50 years. 500 Nations is an eight-part documentary on the Native Americans of North and Central America. The human need of survival and spreading own genes is paramount and cohort behaviour always will lead to a situation to benefit own self survival. I'd be interested to know where this information came from....to me it seems as though any record of happenings between the many different native tribes, prior to our invasion of the Americas, would be extremely difficult, if not impossible to come by (although I admit I'm am not well-researched on the subject).

Uh, did you even watch the documentary?

Thanks for the info.

In our tribe, previously of the st lawrence river, it was told to me that there were criminals like every society but the tribes had strict laws and alliances that kept trading relationships good and warfare minimal. Maybe YOU aren't. When Christopher Columbus first encountered the peoples of the new world he was deeply moved. So the ideaology you subscribe to is that the usurpation by the french, english and spanish impirialists in the americas was for the betterment of the murdering savages, and they now live a better life thanks to the harsh ,albeit neccesary, putting down of the savage people who were hoarding resources and were better metered and squared away by a superiour set of justifiable legallised society with a system to tax. Instead of touching on historical events or famous personalities, this documentary tells the story of two sisters who took on the federal government in a battle for their land rights. Native American religion From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Bear Butte, in South Dakota, is a sacred site for over 30 Plains tribes. In 1492 the indigenous Arawak people of the Caribbean... Wind rotates around our daily lives unseen. People lash out and commit atrocities in the heat of the moment. I'd say Terrasodium was being sarcastic yet the comment had a hint of truth in. University of New Mexico Press. Native American religions are the spiritual practices of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. The word "slave" may not accurately apply to such captive people. For their part the Taino Indians of the Caribbean thought that Columbus and his sailors were gods who had come from heaven. It's simple laziness. These are the stories of the mightiest Indian nations. Native American groups often enslaved war captives whom … An enlightening and accurate historical account and an amazing read is 9 Years Among The Indians 1870-1879 Herman Lehman.

There are several ways to be notified about new content on TDF. maybe the military could provid free amunition to eliminate the slots ,black jack and bingo, you know like they did with the buffalo, it would be in keeping wih traditions your so fond of mentioning. Perhaps destruction of this self-aware virus we call humanity does not deserve to survive? Name one Empire that wasn't built without such means. Traditional Native American ceremonial ways can vary widely, and are based on the differing histories and beliefs of individual… Is real estate a good investment in the americas? Unfortunately , like Hutus and Tsusis in Rwanda, like Muslims and Christians (Hindus in India) , like Prots and Catholics in N Ireland) folks look for differences and see through stereotypes to allow them to exploit others. Whether or not a person FEELS morally superior, in reality they ARE OR AREN'T.

The inhumane treatment and mass slaughter of native Americans was completely sick, wrong, and unjustified, regardless of what these tribes were doing to one another prior to our arrival. You research it. I'm assuming those stories were passed down to them, and I have also read books on the subject, too. It documents from pre-Columbian to the end of the 19th century. Native American protagonist Wolf is … In the bellies of their ships the Europeans carried horses, guns and disease and in their hearts they carried a belief in their destiny to rule the Americas from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Why was the bomb not used in Berlin or Rome. And mankind continues to slaughter each other and trample over their weaker brothers and sisters. there was a very complex social system that was understood by most if not all members of native american society. Documentary about six major Native American nations that were conquered and repressed during the creation and formation of the United States. The present day handling of Asian economies is an exercise in the same direction. This new world, that Columbus found, was in fact a very ancient place and the people he called "Indios" had lived upon the continent for thousands of years. The fiercely independent Cheyenne, the beautiful people of the plains, whose families were massacred by US Army soldiers. I find it amazing that people find it hard to comprehend humans were not all following the idea that might is right, painting in broad strokes the notion that all were following the same set of warrrior codes is a tactic that serves to justify warrior justice, thereby revising history to suit that picture and provide excuse for the real issue of what the situation is today, Manifest destiny apologetics.

But within a single generation the peaceful kingdom of the Taino Indians which Columbus first saw would be gone forever, wasted by disease, slavery, torture and war.

And what school did you go to where they taught you native americans were all one peaceful group? Maybe not you, but that's just because you don't think you're in control. It's a free compilation of all documentaries posted each week, straight to your inbox. The Seminoles of Florida who gathered together free Indians and black slaves fleeing the northern lands. Most of these so-called Native American slaves tended to live on the fringes of Native American society and were slowly integrated into the tribe. You are he beneficiary or the savagery of your ancestors. I find it amazing that people find it hard to comprehend that humans were not always nice to each other regardless of race. Kennedy once said, "that man put a end to war or war will put a end to man", the choice is ours. It is the vivid history of our species that we are murderers and thieves, if you wish to take that perspective. Who cares, the planet is going to die anyway, solar system is going to fall apart, sun is going to fade, Andromeda is on a collision course with the milky way and all this is going to be nothing. ), punctuation, and surrender to the very low bar set by current internet 'writing standards' all work together to make your prose merely difficult to get through, your points vague and diluted, and your intelligence credibility open to question. If it was a battle it meant the Europeans won and if it was a massacre it meant the Native Americans won ! Their ancestors were its true discoverers. But I get what you're saying.

You have not followed one news item in north Africa have you Guest - where the Muslims are actively pushing a land grab and genocidal pogrom against Africans have you ,,,, Another lie taught in school, how the Pre Columbian North Americans were all a peaceful and loving group, one with nature and fellow tribes. Together they built a patchwork nation of peoples mirroring the melting pot of America. Ice age hunters who followed the rising sun east across the land bridge from Asia to discover a continent ruled by glaciers and great bison. A wolf pack will attack any other wolf that wanders into its territory, e.g. There should be a difference between war and genocide but these days the line appears blurred to me.

Yet the history of America is in many ways the history of the American Indians, for they gave the Europeans the skills and knowledge needed to survive in the new world.

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