Pair this with the Whisper lite International, Dragonfly or the Windpro II and you will have a great setup. If you are experiencing an issue that you feel falls under the MSR Limited Warranty, we’re here to help with that too. All other MSR stoves with a flexible fuel line will fit into all MSR cooksets that are 1.5 liters or larger, except the DragonFly™ stove which fits in a 2L pot or larger. However the stove and fuel bottle will fit nicely in the side pocket of most backpacks. MSR has not evaluated every product but out of caution, we include the warning. That sounds like something I'd look into :). Fuel bottle. To learn more about California’s Prop 65, please visit: The Alpine ™ 2 pot set is made from incredibly durable stainless steel, reliably standing up to even the most extreme conditions. A chemical is listed if it has been classified as a reproductive toxicant or carcinogen by an "authoritative" organization on the subject.

These are great pans that will last for years. The cook set is not the lightest on the market but it does get the job done. The law states that companies selling products in California must display a warning when the product contains one or more of the approximately 800 chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm. You should expect some soot, and if you place the pot in too hot of an environment, some warping. Nothing special here besides the fact they last forever. It includes a 1.5 and 2 liter pot, a lid that may also double as a plate, a pot grabber, and it neatly packs into its bag. As such we encourage you to hold your product availability questions so they can focus on helping others get back outside with their favorite gear! Original MSR Alpine cooksets were sold with a strap to hold them together, rather than a stuff sack. The label simply indicates that the product contains the chemical and because of that, there is a potential for exposure to it. I tried it and sure enough it works! Stainless Steel: The Prop 65 list contains a wide range of naturally occurring and synthetic chemicals that are known to California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. It lies somewhere between aluminum and titanium in terms of its cooking ability/suitability.

I don't see myself owning something else besides this set. The Alpine set takes my Dragonfly (which is bigger than the Whisperlite), pot handle, wind screens, lighter and the kit that comes with the stove no problems :). What are the properties of titanium vs. aluminum vs. stainless steel? It is also extremely efficient. If weight matters, I'd say buy titanium pots in exactly the size you need for the trip. The MSR Titan is a wide-mouthed titanium pot with a convenient spout and insulated pot handle. Why has MSR placed a Proposition 65 label on some of its products? Older cookware, which blackens through use, becomes more efficient than new cookware.

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