Beware of creating a greed monster. Diane & Don Williamson Joliet Il.

But the Kingdom rolls on. Hee-jun was immediately jailed. Ministry. 3. Not one of us has room to boast. That means that real shortcomings, near-nearsightedness, temptations and even sin, are possible and probably present, in these organizations at any given moment. The financial demands on these organizations is sometimes fierce. Minister in sex scandal. We would do well to revisit that mandate today. He alone deserves our worship. The next person can accept the blessing and then begin to think they deserve royal treatment. This seems the best time to offer the simple reminders below. Granted, there are some organizations that are frauds from the beginning.

Keep fighting the good fight, Brutha! There are many keys to Biblical research that will unlock the door to the accuracy of … Churches and ministries are funded by donors, and donors have a God-given right to know that their funds are being used properly. Jesus deserves unreserved allegiance and adoration; no one else does. My ministry lost it’s focus when money became involved.

The National Youth Service Scandal was a corruption scandal within Kenya's Ministry of Devolution and Planning. You are always very engaging and interesting. Not so. These same traits that propel them to leadership can also be the seeds of their own undoing. The big picture, the meta-narrative, if you will, is not about little “kingdoms.” It never has been, and it never will be. But the events of last week serve to remind us that even the greatest spiritual giants have feet of clay, and even the biggest ministries can fall into scandal if principles of integrity are not practiced. No love for the brother, cold, lacks interaction or any bonding and more concerned with numbers and building expansion than with the word.

Instead of tarnishing ourselves with another scandal, let’s show the world that we can handle money properly. 3.

Israel, you nailed it Bro. They are persuasive, intelligent, have vision, charm, charisma, and a way to influence others and rally them to a cause. One of the most important lessons we learn is that no one is to be worshiped, but Christ alone. My husband and I met you first in Atlanta at an AV conference in 2009 or 10?? View Offer. By Candice Bailey Nov 7, 2010. We must also remember that we have an enemy who is always at work. If a leader can’t share power, he is headed toward disaster. There is nothing in the Bible that says a Christian leader is supposed to turn his ministry over to his family. Organizational Ministry is a Means to an End, not an End in and of Itself. Thank-you. The adjudication team was picked from their homes around 10pm and were interrogated by Mangwiro until the early hours of the following day. He has been particularly concerned with the “hero-worship” of leaders in Christian ministry, and has long felt the imitation of some business leadership models within the church and parachurch organizations opens a door for idolatry, rather than service. In today’s megachurches, huge amounts of money begin to roll in on Sundays—and if leaders are not careful, this kind of success can eventually destroy them. The Way is a worldwide, nondenominational Biblical research, teaching, and fellowship ministry headquartered in… Read More The Way International’s Statement of Beliefs . Get Charisma's best content delivered right to your inbox! So often every interaction this leader has with others is in a capacity of authority, where he is above those he leads, or serves. 4.

Scandal Teaches Important Lessons I don’t think the downfall of a ministry, or a leader is always a bad thing. There is financial overhead, deadlines, staff to pay, and the ever-present, relentless need (the reason the ministry was founded in the first place) that is always screaming. When we hear about McDonalds, or WalMart or Apple, we think of a corporate entity and what it represents. Scandal teaches us that Christ is jealous for His name, and though He is patient, eventually, He will bring down any effort in His name that becomes apostate.

We must remember that God entrusts us with these funds in order to engage in the work of ministry, not to provide leaders with mansions, luxury vehicles, bodyguards, private jets, shopping allowances and second or third homes. Develop a culture of openness. At the moment, I know of a couple of others who are a hair’s breadth away from hitting the national headlines.

The churches in the Jesus Letters in Revelation 2 and 3 are all gone today.

Many folks are driving two or three hours on Sunday to seek out a true biblical church. Leadership is a Double-Edged Sword You can follow him on Twitter at @leegrady. This is surely well-intentioned, but often deadly. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. As always, you step back out of the emotion and into the light without an inkling of arrogance, but with humility and truth. “Initial quotation by Young Health Care for supply of commodities under direct procurement amounted to US$5.6 million, which was coincidentally the same amount that was in the ministry coffers, suggesting that the company had inside information.”. Paul told his spiritual son Timothy that church leaders must be “free from the love of money” (1 Tim. during the Kevin Swanson “Family Economics” in 2012. If we ever become so possessive of a ministry or a church or some other good thing, that we can’t allow it to die at the appointed time, it is clear that it has become an idol in our lives. I think those people need to be encouraged and commended (the Apostles did this, mentioning faithful brethren and sisters by name).

God is interested in relationship with us, as individuals. Then we had the privilege of meeting you again in Wheaton Il. Please send us videos, photos, articles or any content on Zimbabwe... Another Covid-19 Corruption Scandal Hits Health Ministry, ZCTU President, Peter Mutasa Calls For Weekly Protests – Speak-Out Monday, Full Statement: Teacher’s Unions Respond To Claims That They Are Holding Govt Ransom, Henry Mandishona approched the Ministry of Public Service to stop his disciplinary haering, Zanu PF succession struggle intensifies as Mugabe awaits God’s call, Teachers Urge Parents To Keep Their Children At Home, MDC-Alliance Embarks On A Massive Mobilisation Project, Zimbabwe Now A Trillion Dollar Economy - Eddie Cross, Kim Jong-un 'in coma', Sister said to have taken over - Diplomats, Zimbabwe National Army demolishes homes built next to Heroes Acre. I was aware that the famous hero of faith was struggling with problems at his massive congregation, Yoido Full Gospel Church, which is in Seoul. People who lead organizations usually do so because they have a unique personality type (and in some cases calling) that sets them above the rest of society. Let the Hero Worship End!

Rather than recognizing his place as one who serves, he begins to see himself as worthy of being served by others. God uses them, in a temporary way, to establish his eternal purposes, but they are temporary, and are never intended to last forever. We never want that to happen. Insist on financial transparency. Even local churches are not THE KINGDOM. We are all equal at the foot of the cross. Healthy ministries encourage staff members and church members to give input. If a work ever runs its course, finishes its purpose, etc., then we need to be willing to allow it to dissolve. We need to continue to check our motives, and resist the devil. The recent ZACC investigations show that the then Health secretary, Dr Gibson Sibanda, wrote to NatPham on 15 July 2020 ordering them to directly engage Young Health Care Limited on Covid-19 supplies which violated  PRAZ Circular 1 of 2020 which makes it clear that only PRAZ listed suppliers can be used as sources of Covid-19 supplies. In recent months there have been a couple of national ministries that have been shaken (or completely destroyed) through allegations of moral and/or financial scandal. However, there is a tendency we all have to exalt people to a place of esteem that is unhealthy. During his ministry career, the renowned apologist—who died in May at age 74 from cancer in his sacrum—spoke of chronic back pain resulting from … The report from ZACC further states that “When NatPharm insisted on competitive bidding, Young Health Care Limited subsequently submitted a bid price of US$3.6 million for the same items. Ministry leaders also have a God-given stewardship, and they must acknowledge that the funds given to them are not for personal gain.

Don’t build a family dynasty. Some American leaders knew that Cho’s problems were linked to his son Cho Hee-jun, who was also convicted and sentenced to three years in prison for his role in an elaborate stock scheme that involved millions of dollars of church money. Publishers of Biblical Worldview Books & Videos, A Shift in the Homeschooling Movement | Christian Worldview, The Hostile Take-Over of Cultural Marxism, Does Institutional Racism Exist in America. I’ve found that in ministries that experienced scandal, employees constantly felt intimidated, controlled or even threatened. The latest breaking Christian news you need to know about as soon as it happens.

It needs to come out in the light. But when there is corruption, or false teaching, it needs to be exposed. This insane behavior should be confronted, not coddled. He lives in and directs the lives of real people, doing real work; hopefully His way. Charisma News - Informing believers with news from a Spirit-filled perspective, 6 Ways to Prevent an Embarrassing Ministry Scandal, Click here to subscribe to the Charisma News newsletter. True ministry must always be an overflow of the reality of the life of Christ in our own personal lives, and our families.

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