In the election year of 1876, House Democrats initiated numerous investigations of the Grant administration, including possible corrupt practices by Secretary Robeson, who received $300,000 for giving out contracts to preferred businesses.

Without frequent major repairs to her hull, a wooden warship became unseaworthy. Image:  Lot-3370-25:  USS Miantonomoh, 1893. In June 1869 she was renamed Amphitrite. Since Congress had not appropriated money for a new ship, Chief Naval Constructor John Lenthall resorted to a practice occasionally done by the Navy before and after 1853 - building a new ship with repair money to occupy the "room" of the old ship, retaining the old name, and classifying the ship as "rebuilt." The American Revolution and the French Alliance, The Forgotten Wars of the Nineteenth Century, Civil War: Securing the Seas for Union Victory, In Harm's Way: The U.S. Navy and World War II: Atlantic, In Harm's Way: The U.S. Navy and World War II: The Home Front, In Harm's Way: The U.S. Navy and World War II: The Pacific Theater, Korea 1950-53: The Navy in the Forgotten War, Sailor's Life at Sea & Poetry (Grades 4-6), DIVE!

The new Nipsic was commissioned in October 1879. There were some variations within the class which leads some sources to identify them as four one-ship classes. USS Monadnock was one of four Miantonomoh-class monitors built for the United States Navy during the American Civil War. She differs, however, in armor and armament, her side armor being but seven inches in thickness. During that time she was viewed with interest and attention by the Czar, his family, and leading Russian naval officers. Her mission of showing both the flag and herself proved wholly successful. From 188O to 1888 practically nothing was done on her. Miantonomoh was decommissioned at Philadelphia 26 July 1867 and was laid up at League Island. [3], The only monitor of the class to see action during the Civil War Monadnock steamed to Norfolk, Virginia, and there Comdr. Despite his reputation, an 1872 investigation cleared him and the Department for the time being.

Enoch G. Parrott took command 20 November 1864. During the action, perhaps the largest amphibious operation in American history, prior to World War II, Monadnock was struck five times. [5], Monadnock departed Philadelphia 5 October; with Vanderbilt, Tuscarora, and Powhatan. She was named for the Native American tribal leader Miantonomoh. Sie waren relativ klein und langsam, aber mit sehr schweren Geschützen in einem oder auch zwei Türmen bewaffnet.

[3], Miantonomoh recommissioned 15 November 1869.

script.setAttribute("async", true); guns were finished and installed during 1891, and she was placed in commission during the autumn of that year.

var setNptTechAdblockerCookie = function(adblocker) { In late April she sailed to New York and there prepared for an extended cruise to European waters. Miantonomoh was then laid-up at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania until December 21, 1915, and her hulk was finally sold in January 1922. USS Miantonomoh was the second ship of the Miantonomoh-class of ironclad monitors.

Steaming via the Canary and Cape Verde, Islands, Caribbean ports and the Bahamas, she anchored off League Island, Philadelphia, 22 July, thus completing a cruise of more than 17,700 miles.

Now, in half the period of the wave, the extreme flat, shallow ship will roll through an arc equal to double the angle of inclination of the wave; that is; she will roll (approximately),through an arc of 36 degrees in 5 seconds, and that without any intermediate periods of rest.

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