I am not religious, so I have to do it on my own but thank you. AIDS decimated the homosexual community, killing mostly young men in their 20s, 30s and 40s.


My parents… of course! Thank you, Welcome, Sarah. Our work is to find the right container for these forces, to acknowledge it is their time.

I read somewhere that after the conjunction happens, we may well look back and divide our lives into “before 2020” and “after 2020”. This is done even by some teachers of traditional astrology.

The name Unlike Pluto developed from holding onto his outcast persona.

Look to aspects to the Moon and if you’re up to it, throw in progressed planets. I don’t know.

(All of those natal placements are at 21-25 degrees.

I can see some signs of it happening…I still need more clarity to get a fuller picture.

Saturn and Pluto can trigger long-buried antipathies, and emotions that can be manipulated for political ends. Saturn and Pluto are going to square my nodal axis in 28 degrees aries/libra, with aries being the north node. Also my third Jupiter return occurred within a week- so yeah not always “bad” in the 8th house! .

I tend to see the worst in everything and obviously with astrology like this I’m pretty concerned I won’t survive the weekend. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto conjunct in the 7th house: You may be afraid you will lose your partner… or never have a partner to begin with. Conjunct my moon and mercury in the 9th house to the degree.

We will have then to be even more focused on constructive uplifting work, avoiding especially the 8 o’clock daily soap opera that’s especially , being protective of oneself from external negative contamination cos hatred and general negativity may abound. The transit is already happening for me. As we did with the grand square. Think of it this way; the dark lord, Pluto, is dancing, while his partner, Saturn, holds the scythe. It’s almost 23 degrees. I’m thankful to have astrology to help with this time…though sometimes I’d like to find a hole and crawl into it . That’s an amazing update!

Both T. Pluto and T. Saturn are quincunx his ascendant. “Pleasant” might be a stretch but “empowering” is possible, if not probable. I’m simple inept, yet somehow people always mistake me for something else (Neptune being conjunct with my MC).

This coming transit will affect my 5th house (also in March I guess Jupiter and Mars will get there), which means all these planets will make sextile to the whole stellum in 3rd house. When you talk of the house is it natal one or revolution one? Knowing this, I can hang on. Pluto brings to mind purging, exorcising, and releasing buried power or core truths. What I bought is a beginners guide and I have enjoyed learning more about it. Pluto is a slow moving planet and Saturn is a planner unlike Uranus that surprises us. – a compulsive pressure to change That’s all I can say as my sun constellation is in the 9th with Jupiter here as well. There may be no way of knowing ahead of time.

I had Tr Uranus on IC at 18 and I moved everywhere for a long long time. My mother had a saying “Enough is enough and too much is too much.” That about sums it up. Uranus will square my moon and oppose my Saturn at the same time.

As Elsa described it in her article “scared to death”!

You may lose a friend during this transit. But worth it? I’m lucky to be very sensitive to Saturn energies: I always do my hardest to integrate those lessons into my life and that tactic hasn’t failed me yet. I can’t believe how spot-on your words were. Just remember that even in the dark you have to know better than to hide and not work with the new reality forming around you.

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