Ian Holzhauer, 36, an attorney and James’ brother, told Chicago WGN Radio that he never needed a calculator as a kid because his little brother could calculate everything in his head. James Holzhauer is a professional gambler from Las Vegas who is the current “Jeopardy” champion and set the single-game record with an astonishing $110,914 on April 9. His preschool teachers said he could add two digit numbers in his head, which is pretty astonishing for someone who has max only been not wearing diapers for like half his life. 1. Share this Post : 10 Comments Vb. His knowledge base is incredible - super high IQ…. James Holzhauer. 4. His analytic capabilities are superior - he can figure out the answer when he does not know the answer. James Holzhauer (born c. 1984/1985) is an American game show contestant and professional sports gambler. His ability to recall his knowledge is superior - super high IQ…. 3. Holzhauer … Jeff Glor’s Last Day Set at ‘CBS Evening News’ Actor Known for ‘Magnum Force,’ ‘The Waltons’ Dead at 73. He is the third-highest-earning American game show contestant of all time and is best known for his 32-game winning streak as champion on the quiz show Jeopardy!

As a kid he was already kind of a prodigy — in 1989 he was featured in the Chicago Tribune as a 4-year-old math whiz. James Holzhauer grew up in Naperville, Illinois. 2.

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