[2018-08-03 15:54:03:390] [6604] [v8interfaces.cpp:136] VPN is not installed. Hinweis: Ihre E-Mail (geschäftlich) für den Zugriff auf Ressourcen. Erfahren Sie, wie Sie die Citrix Workspace-App für sofortigen, sicheren Zugriff auf alle arbeitsrelevanten Inhalte herunterladen.

[2018-08-03 15:54:03:383] [2932] [srstore.cpp:273] Gateway selected by user doesn't match any from the store. Workspace app for Windows. My environment is as follows Netscaler Gateway VPX Platinum Edition 12.1-48.13 using StoreFront  Authentication, Storefront 3. Ihre E-Mail (geschäftlich) für den Zugriff auf Ressourcen. [2018-08-03 15:54:02:379] [3784] [networklocation.cpp:386] .....Beacons report: deciding HI All, I want to use Email to input on Citrix Workspace App as open it ,the first. [2018-08-03 15:54:02:393] [8324] [windowsnetworkservices.cpp:942] GetProxy: WinHttpGetIEProxyConfigForCurrentUser success Have anyone help to advise us the step by step? “servername.company.com”. Indonesia (English) Thanks Carl,  I created a self signed cert and put it on the storefront and changed the base URL to https and also changed it on the netscaler. [2018-08-03 15:54:02:379] [3784] [networklocation.cpp:348] intResults.size() = 1 Sverige (Svenska) Nov 2, 2020| NEW. Dieser Artikel wurde maschinell übersetzt. Have done some addition test and have found it to work on iPad- internally and iPhone - externally. This is to ensure that users can add accounts and Citrix Workspace app can discover USB devices that were in a suspended state during installation. Klicken Sie auf der Homepage der Citrix Workspace-App auf das Plus-Symbol unten rechts, um das Dialogfeld. [2018-08-03 15:54:02:357] [8292] [networkservices.cpp:414] DNS lookup for server: NonExistingSubDomxin6a1e1a4c.oakland.k12.mi.us If your company is a Citrix partner, you can request that your company administrator add you as a contact in your company’s account. (Clause de non responsabilité), Este artículo ha sido traducido automáticamente. [2018-08-03 15:54:03:383] [2932] [networklocation.cpp:348] intResults.size() = 1

When trying to add an account in receiver, I put in the URL that point to my Netscaler and then it prompts for the Username and Password after I enter these in both Windows and IOS I get the error screen saying "Could not add Account. This article has been machine translated. [2018-08-03 15:54:03:447] [7776] [srdocparser.cpp:453] DeserializeProperties Get the logs from Receiver and post them here. Beim ersten Start der Citrix Workspace-App werden auf der Willkommenseite Ihre Konten angezeigt: Wählen Sie Bearbeiten, um die Citrix Gateway-Adresse und den Authentifizierungstyp für ein Benutzerkonto zu ändern. [2018-08-03 15:54:03:446] [7776] [ctxaccountxmlprovider.cpp:23] Parsing accounts xml file: [2018-08-03 15:54:03:447] [7776] [srdocparser.cpp:453] DeserializeProperties [2018-08-03 15:54:02:356] [7776] [srprovider.cpp:977] SRProvider::CreateDummyStoreForAutoD :: added dummy store [2018-08-03 15:54:02:375] [7776] [winhttpclient.cpp:72] created request: 031869A0 Klicken Sie auf das Stern-Symbol auf den Ressourcensymbolen, um die Apps oder Desktops zum Homebildschirm hinzuzufügen. Follow, to receive updates on this topic. Also the block of time 15:53 is when I filled in "Enter your work email or server address provided. 15, XenApp 7.17, Windows Receiver 4.12, IOS Receiver 7.5.6. Using default from store: https://netscaler.com/ France (Français) India (English) THIS SERVICE MAY CONTAIN TRANSLATIONS POWERED BY GOOGLE. [2018-08-03 15:54:02:357] [7776] [srprovider.cpp:982] SRProvider::CreateDummyStoreForAutoD :: END Log on as a Domain User account. It doesn't come up with any error, it just doesn't do anything when you click on "Add account". New Zealand (English) [2018-08-03 15:54:03:446] [7776] [ctxaccountxmlprovider.cpp:24] d6fcfcbf-b0ba-4ecf-8b12-724771f4a14fXenAppStorefalse866081817


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