Yendell, RN), HMS Emperor (Capt. It was during this rescue work that Cdr. J.J. Casement, DSC, RN), HMS Rocket (Lt.Cdr. As such, HMS Queen Elizabeth had all of her aircraft removed (July 1943) - yet I also feel, that the superiority of 'radar directed fire' contributed to this decision. Withers, DSO, RN), HMS Eridge (Lt.Cdr. H.A. De oudere dreadnoughts hadden 10 kanonnen van 12 inch (305 mm) of 13,5 inch verdeeld over vijf geschuttorens. MacKinnon, USN). Power, CBE, DSO and Bar, RN), HMS Venus (Cdr. Only 1 fighter, a Hellcat from the Saratogs, was lost on the Allied side and it's pilot was rescued out of the water by the British submarine HMS Tactician (Lt.Cdr. M.J. Clark, RAN), HMS Imperial (Lt.Cdr. Gloucester and Fiji formed on the transport ships. Allison, DSO, RN) , HMS Jackal (Lt.Cdr. Some medical stores were landed and finally the three motor landing craft were destroyed or sunk. At 1710 hours, another S.79 shadower was shot down in flames on the port quarter of the Fleet by a Fulmar fighter. Farnfield, RN) departed Alexandria to operate to the west of Crete as an enemy invasion was feared. She quickly rolled over and then a magazine exploded. (D) 8th Destroyer Flotilla, reported he was in position 37°18’N, 08°45’E steering 275° at 28 knots. These were engaged as they approached, but the AA fire appeared to be not very well directed. R.C.

Draught/Height: 34.5 feet (10.5 metres). Pridham-Whippell, CB, CVO, RN), HMS Barham (Capt. Hampton, RN), HMS Coventry (Capt. T. Bisset, RN, flying the flag of A/Rear-Admiral D.W. Boyd, CBE, DSC, RN), who had now built up her fighter strength to 12 Fulmars. HMS Tartar made a search for it but was unable to locate the aircraft or it’s pilot. The Eastern Fleet was already on alert due to intelligence and ships from the Eastern Fleet immediately (around 0700 hours) put to sea from Trincomalee, Ceylon for operation Dukedom. Maar nadat HMS Goliath op 12 mei door een Turkse torpedobootjager tot zinken was gebracht werd de Queen Elizabeth meteen naar een veiligere plek gebracht.

Norman, CBE, RN) escorted by the destroyers HMS Musketeer (Cdr.

The other ships were similarly modified while fitting-out. By the time the bombardment ceased after about 40 minutes the airfields were well cratered and hits were obtained on a lot of other targets. Just before daylight contact was made by the Fleet with Fortune and Fury.

Losses and damage were sustained which would normally only occur during a major fleet action, in which the enemy fleet might be expected to suffer greater damage then our own. J.M. "[3], The tactical mission of these ships is portrayed as being fast enough to manoeuvre to catch the head of the enemy's battleline and concentrate fire against it,[4] but they were actually intended to prevent the German battlecruisers, which were more heavily armoured than their British equivalents, from doing the same to the British fleet.

‘Force A’ now set course to the southward. These remained with the fleet until 2245/24 when they were relieved by the destroyers HMAS Napier (Capt. N.J.W.

Enright, RN), HMS Suffolk (Capt. Subsequently these searches for survivors were cancelled and the destroyers were ordered to patrol inside Kisamo and Canea Bays. On this day, the five Motor Torpedo Boats of the 10th M.T.B.

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