During the Medal Ceremony, 1. Supermarket Sweep - 1994 - Twin Car Giveaway - Semi-finals - Week 4 Day 2 - Coby & Lisa vs James & Rick vs Lucy & Deanna (301T1) Catdog - 4/4/98 - Premiere! Kids From Room 402 1x09 - Free Lunch Think Fast - Brian & Cassie vs. Chris & Erica, Locker Room Win! Pick Your Brain - 1993 - Lenny vs Jonah vs Matt (237T5) 1986 - Ron Jons vs Ramettes (2T2) No Fire Drills found, and an INSANELY EASY Honors Round! Double Dare 2000 - ## - Red Barons vs. Blue Bombers Global Guts - 21 - Adam (Israel) vs. Baruc (Spain) vs. Yelena (CIS) (OC) (160T2) Think Fast (Lackey) - Omar & Jennifer vs. Matthew & Kristen (1990) [OB] Figure It Out Family Style - Sarah & Uncle John ~ Dan & Dad The Road to the Extreme Arena is the 34th episode of Global GUTS. Get the Picture - Jason & Carrie vs. Jordon & Taylor (57T3) Make the Grade - 1990 - Craig vs. Janeen vs. Matthew.

Figure It Out Family Style - Lucas, Zoey, & Mom ~ Brandon & Mom (3T1), Default Template for Easy Text To HTML Converter, Are You Afraid of the Dark? Finders Keepers - (Toffler) - Kevin & Gina vs. Daniel & Kelly (182T3) Dave and Robin recite the rules. Nick Morning Block 1995 (WACK, Weinerville, Gumby, Rugrats, Lassie, Gumby) (265) Double Dare - 1987 - Crusaders vs.

It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (1985 CBS Promo) Chill Dills vs Hot Peppers(Super Sloppy) (13T5) Supermarket Sweep - 6/1990 - Jay and Darrin vs Joanne and Bill vs Tyler and Debbie (original broadcast; no commercials) (258T3) Bobby's World S05 E10 - No Sale

Figure It Out Family Style - Sam, Marisa, & Grandpa ~ Zachary & Dad YCDTOTV - Growing Up (A+) o/c (82T1) -Ren & Stimpy: #14b “Svën Höek” Double Dare - 1988 Head Hunters vs The Boomers (20) Nick Arcade - Christina & Yennimard vs. CJ & April (1991/NICK) (58T5) Clarion Make Up1 Make the Grade - 1990 - Kathy vs. Gerard vs. Jaime (72T3) Finder's Keepers - Jacob & Nichole vs. Adam & Michelle (23)

Double Dare - 1986 - Razzles vs. Grizwolds (Christmas Show) (143T4) YCDTOTV - Saving Money (173T3) Supermarket Sweep - 2/1990 - Don and Mary vs Casey and Nancy vs Dani and Elaine (original broadcast; commercials) (258T2) Rugrats – 1996 – A Rugrats Chanukah [Original broadcast, with commercials] (214T2) -Roundhouse #1-10 “The Bully” The Millhouses (1988/NICK) (24) Get the Picture - Amy & Rick vs Ursula & Dax Allegra's Window - My Own Monster Super Sloppy Double Dare - The Shore Breakers vs. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. (1987) (26) Columbo TV Spot Allegra's Window - Allegra Has A Bad Day YCDTOTV - Chores (173T1) Toyota2 Get the Picture - Mary & Justin vs Andrea & Thomas Muppet Babies – 1990 – Operators are Standing By [1995 rerun, with commercials] (222T1) Double Dare - 1987-Pros (Liz & Steve) vs Brat Pack (Jessica & Sean) Marc talks to the audience and embarasses himself in the process (6) – 1995 – The Tale of C7 [SNICK airing, with commercials] (222T1)

Spazz Balls vs Stooges (6) Double Dare - 1987-Back to School episode! Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego - 1x48 - The Case of the Roamin’ Roman Ruin (Eartha Brute steals the Roman Coliseum) (early recorded episode w/USA Map w/flags and clues) (257T3)

A Charlie Brown Christmas (1966 CBS Promo) Fun House - 1989 - Tracey & Kenneth vs Neil & Romy But around the world, more than 10,000 kids are auditioning to represent their countries in Global GUTS, and with those athletes, come an international team of presenters, who are broadcasting the action to an audience of over 250 million viewers across the globe. California Raisins Figure It Out Family Style - Dustin & Dad ~ Sara, Katrina, & Family Dog Get the Picture - Natalie & Paul vs Jammie & Matt Family Double Dare - Red Roundtable vs. Blue Bandits 9/7/96 rerun with commercials Family Double Dare - 1992 - Red Lobsters vs Blue Babes (246T1) Double Dare - 1988 - Swiftees vs. Supermarket Sweep - 2001 - Marina & Tim vs Stephanie & Cindee vs Vanessa & Justin (251T5) Think Fast - Kim & Todd vs. Tana & Kevin (53T2) Double Dare 2000 - 54 - Red Dragons vs Blue Knights Fun House - Tiffany & Bryan vs. Pokey & Carrie (1989/OB) (48T6) Figure It Out Family Style - Kyle & Dad ~ Ashley & Mom - 1991 - Milk-Drinking Contest, Magic Tricks, Feeding Tarantulas, WWYD Medley. Allegra's Window - Bandages R Us – “Get the Picture”/”GUTS” host Mike O'Mally and “Nick Arcade”/”You’re On!” host Phil Moore give you an inside look at Nickelodeon’s `93 live tour! Brandy & Jason, *Cable Glitches (55T2) Family Double Dare - 1990 - Odd Squad vs. Farvergnugens, New 8/20/10: Get the Picture - LeeAnn & Jason vs Amanada & Larry Roundhouse - Dealing with fear. Beakman's World Season 1 Super Sloppy Double Dare - 1989A - Pus Slugs vs Liposuction (129T4) Today’s Special - Fun (81T1) Nickelodeon president Geraldine Laybourne appears on camera and Marc gives her a kiss! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Double Your Money Finals (11T5) Whatever Turns You On - Boss Helal (77T3) FDD - The Datz-Lerners/The Dieroffs (Celebrity-FDD Logo/Correct Team Placement) Double Dare - 1988 - Gruesome Twosome vs. Roaring High Tides (190T4) - Jamie vs Latoya vs Gloria SNICK - 8-14-93 Think Fast - Tangela & Keith vs. Tiffany & Bo (166T1)

Nick Arcade - Cast of "Clarissa Explains it All" Plays (1992/NICK) (60T7) Kentucky Fried Chicken Supermarket Sweep - 2001 - Jacque & Stephanie vs. Carolyn & Cathy vs. Shannon & Bob $5,000 was found before the 2nd item was found. Double Daredevils (Gail, Brian, Kyle, & Tom) (1992) Talespin (Complete run) Donna & Martha vs. Melissa & Darlene vs. Jeri & Beverly (65T4) Finder's Keepers - Michael & Brett vs. Casey & Morgan (23) Nicks vs Expressions (13T2) Host Mike O'Malley and referee Moira Quirk give an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes of Global GUTS, and what the contestants do before and after the competition. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego - 1x04 - The Loch Ness Mess (Eartha Brute steals the Loch Ness Monster) (intro missing) (256T1) Double Dare - 1986 - Corncobs vs. Ghouls (Halloween Show), New 8/10/10: Figure It Out Wild Style - Alyssa ~ Zachary & Wesley Think Fast - Angela & Eddie vs. Felisha & Randy (55T1) Double Dare - 1988 - Spuds vs. King Cobras (147T2) Rancid Rash People vs Brains Unlimited(Super Sloppy and the Sewer Chute is mislabeled as the Sundae Slide) (13T1) Burger King2 Kelloggs Frosted Mini-Wheats Figure It Out Wild Style - Lindy ~ Faith - 1991 - Mummy-wrapping, weight-guessing, Hokum W. Jeebs, Making babies laugh, WWYD medley (190T1)

Fun House - 12/14/89 - Jill & Steve vs. Erika & Fernando (A tag breaks!) Double Dare 2000 - 18 - Red Hots vs. Blue Marlins Double Dare - 1986 - Wildcats vs Rockers (273T1) Figure It Out - Jordan ~ Lacey Fun House - 1988 - Janet & Eric vs. Denille & David (183T1)

Double Dare - 1988 - Nuclear Puppies vs. Red Hots (128T5) Nick Afternoon Block 1995 (Lassie, Gumby, Tintin, Beetlejuice, Muppet Babies, Alvin) (260) Beat the Geeks - Sean/Dina/Lee (32T4) Bobby's World S01 E11 - In Search Of The Ring Bear Ren & Stimpy – 1993 – To Salve and Salve Not ~ A Yard Too Far [SNICK airing, with commercials] (226T1) SNICK - 7-10-93 Double Dare - The Slime Balls vs. Supermarket Sweep - 1994 - Liz & Noelle vs. Julie & Christine vs. Isela & Erika. Witness to Survival TV Spot Fun House - 1989 - Ian & Maura vs. Brandon & Maggie, a bit fuzzy (205T2) Certs Breath Mints Bobby's World S04 E10 - It's My Party Scaredy Camp - Complete Series (GAS Airings), New 11/23/11: Family Double Dare - 1990 - Redskins vs. Gadgets Triaminic Medicine The Debackle Heads (22) Fun House - 1990 - 90210 Day with Brian Austin Greene & Douglas Emerson (203T4) Fun House - 1988 - Rachel & Joe vs Matt & Julie (Hats Off to You is played)

GLAD Drawstring Trash Bags (Original commercials, slightly jittery video) (245T2) YCDTOTV - Sports (1982) (177T2) Legends of the Hidden Temple S03E10 - The Upside-Down Compass of Henry Hudson (246T3) Think Fast - Niki & Jon vs. Kathy & John (204T4)

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