You run up, that's okay, you gettin' played like Lenny Kravitz I picked up on a high route, we smokin', huh

Or maybe I'll just use 'em in a skit I die for my shit nigga, feel like I'm a martyr Put an X next to your name like Malcolm I will not go out, I gotta show out Roll a blunt up, a OG, and get high on this bitch

Niggas gon' go back and listen to me Yeah, it's a blowout How come all my enemies is frenemies Feel like Kudi 'cause I'm still rockin' the Dolo Yeah, yeah, yeah

Ah, put the pussy in a sarcophagus Well, bitch, I'm paid too (Uhh-uh) Switch up the beat gang Run up on me then I'm killin' She was sober, tryna get a upper cut Suicide if you try to take my drugs I feel like Drake, nothing was the same Rest in peace man, that shit was horrible, uh Yo bitch swallow the kids Off the dome, kickin' it, that's just how it is Did I take it too far? Run up on me, that's okay, you a pussy, get shot nine times I can say what I want and it come out how I want it I swear that you don't want no problems with me, it's over with I— Bitch, I been lit, man these niggas ain't shit but some pussies Kept my wits about me luckily, you know I'm smart, uh Mic check 1-2 testin' I am not with the DJ, DJ Drama In the new car, boy, I'm quick with it

What's that genre called? I take yo bitches then fuck 'em all I ain't dope, I'm anti-dope, word to Travis Better heat him up for lunch

Ayy, I flew from London to Chicago And she look at my whole team then suck 'em all It's not what I say (He wanted me to add more of that growling monster voice and I felt it was over kill.)

Fuck yo bitch from the back singing negro spirituals

Catch this chopper into yo intestines Eeny meeny miney moe, I always pick the choosers out

You know DJ L? Lookin' at my watch like that's a star, huh I turn my bucket list into a fuckin' fuck it list Besides, Ye, they can't stand besides me Yes I got a girlfriend these niggas do hoes And my only focus is stayin' on some bogus shit Man, all the songs that I'm bumpin', I got the partiers jumpin' You run up, uh, cool, I'ma let your brain splatter

I've been working like a damn nine-to-five all my life Yeah, uh, uh You ain't on shit, WW-dot-com

I'm bombin' like atomic, my eyes are redder than demonic But my flow is so unpredictable You don't like Adidas but this choppa give you shell toes Callin' a ruckers

And the way that I spit shit That's a preference, I heard you like talkin' about heaven, You can catch twenty shells, you a fat pussy, you get shot, Garfield, Man, these niggas sick to hell, Johnson couldn't magic that, My gun singin' like Barbra, guess, Streisand, It's commas, no exponents, but these bullets come in three, She made me replenish, I'm ballin' like I'm Dennis, The shit I say is for grown men, these bars are not for lil' boys, You run up on me, you get flexed on like Terry Crews and steroids, Put my dick in yo mom, that's the shit that I'm on, You run up on me, get popped, they judge a nigga like Cochran, The beats beat when I'm beatin' like Doctor the Dre, Yeah, she put her hands in the air when my song come on, I'm a misfit, Tony Hawk on my grind like a trip tip, you could get hit, It's presidential brain from yo bitch Sarah Palin kid, Dyin' my hair like Super Saiyans, leave his face on the pavement, Jackie Chan when I'm smokin', I really feel like an Asian, I don't gotta say a word, I shoot for the green, feelin' like Larry Bird, My gun sing like J Lo, you better get low like limbo, I'm up to bat, boy, it's out the park like Barry Bonds, Stevie Wonder with it, still got 20/20 vision, Chip on my shoulder it's lookin' like a Pringles can, Stevie Wonder like I said before 'cause I'ma rob you blind, In the paint like Shaquille O'Neal 'cause I babied niggas, Shake it up like earthquakes lil' Haiti nigga, I'm Matrix when I pop these Xannies, that's a limitless pill, Breaking bad with this shit, Crystal meth, Matter fact I'm on cold and colder than Ozone, I just made explorer, I feel like Dora, ho, uh, R. Kelly with the nina I'ma make it flirt, Rock Gucci and Louis but I dont fuck with Balmains, I'm Barack Obama with it I need all change, Call of Duty with the uzi, this is not a gun game, I run this shit like bolt nigga, no Usain. You promised me the day that you quit your boyfriend I'd be the next one to ease on in You promised me it would be just us two, yeah Uh [Verse 2: Kanye West] I see this shit before I say it, telepathy

I keep it in the trunk of the Bimmer that's where it's 'posed to be It's evident that I'm your bitches favorite Run up on him with the chopper, I swear I'ma shoot 'em for real I don't show no remorse Fuck yo bitch when I'm high, call that shit Asian persuasion I'm off of a ecstasy pill, that's a flat for a flat Sometimes I think it exposes and reveals me No matter where I'm at Matter of fact, my mind is my weapon Straight Jeffrey Dahmer when I'm grippin' the Llama

[Intro: 6ix9ine] Run up on me goin' harder than granite

Now I gotta come back gotta slay 'em I'm the shit up on the niggas like a bunch of doodoo, haha Freestyle type to pull up, put the gun to your youth group I'm kickin' this shit like, off of the brain 808 my chopper that's a Mafia thing, yeah, uh I forgot a W, I took that out, 'cause that W stand for "Win" Going 90 when I'm on the Highway “TUTU” was first teased by 6ix9ine on social media on May 30, 2020, with an Instagram post announcing that he had begun the recording process of his upcoming sophomore album.

For your brains I may bargain, I caught you lackin' at Target

Kanye, thank you for being the genius you are. I am the last man, they killed every one of my niggas Losin' too many niggas out this time

Nigga, I'm that dude A four-leaf clover on a bullet, good luck with these niggas Freestyle shit no write I got the sack I called a player I ain't fumblin' I use his head as a centerpiece Don't believe me, I ain't lyin' I pull it out and it lick 'em, I'ma shoot him 'til he done, uh Run up on me you get murked

I'm still rappin' on it 'cause I'm showin' the distance between me and these other niggas Niggas beefin' all over computers [Verse 6] Rock Gucci and Louis but I dont fuck with Balmains Rodman, rotten, plottin', freestyle, no jottin', I got it Keep it on my hip, holst it up comfortably I'm spittin' miracles, I'm in that white whip It's like I talk to my conscious, I say what it's tellin' me

I'ma leave you scratched like a DJ after DJ Drama touched it I'ma need to see your fuckin' hands at the concert Must be a pimp, you a ho, yah

That's what we aim at I check this beat I spit anything they want Stevie Wonder like I said before 'cause I'ma rob you blind Next part, what should I kill? Westwood at the gates of London, he just had to let 'em in With a passport and a black torch Home run, goin', gone, it's outta here Emperor new school, call me Juice Kuzco Niggas was actin' I got my hand on on my hand on my trigger

Got the shit sealed like a fuckin' envelope, uh Yeah, yeah, yeah Had to tell 'em, "Back-back," tell 'em get off my dick (Uh, uh)

We and Westwood lit as a bitch All this shit that I'm talkin', I could probably back it up I had the last laugh You can't fuck with me, uh, you can't fuck with me, huh But that shit doesn't matter, 'cause my pockets gettin' fatter I'm the shit to these niggas like damn I guess you didn't weigh your options out, your outcomes I just may borrow her to go to Paris, coolin' with Bari, yuh Lookin' at my pills, them Xanny bars, nah Pull up on the scene freeze it, I call it a snowglobe

Caught a fat nigga lacking he was up at Denny's

I wrap the rap in plastics, that's just some plaster rap

I'm at yo head nigga, I feel like a barber Matter of fact, here it go Stomp the yard like Chris Brown like he got shot in the movie Walkin' with a limp .40 heavy like I'm pimpin' I heard the beat, the same raps that gave the track pain Matter who you go and get, ain't nobody cold as this She Paul Wall 'cause she wanna chop and screw me Man somebody tell me to stop, nah, I'ma keep goin', just watch

Who the fuck tottin' all these toys But I ain't got no time, I just got my 40, and I got your shawty

Sound like some DJ L shit

Uh, uh, I've been going through a lot as of lately

On Monster’s 7-year anniversary, Nicki wrote on his Instagram: 7 year anniversary of #Monster Kanye called me to tell me Jay put a verse on this song & that he was still deciding if he would put it on his album. These niggas talking stupid, they crusty Stars, how I shine

I pray to god they workin' Said that twice 'cause shit is mad real

I'ma need to see your fuckin' hands This is off the top like waves in the durag Run up on me, choppa make you sing like that Run up on me, I got heat like the sun Ayy, Westwood we should go shoppin'

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