Things like peanut butter, protein bars, and crackers are all great examples. Serve on sourdough toast for breakfast, with canned chickpeas and zesty lemon for lunch and with spaghetti, fennel and broccoli for supper (not necessarily on the same day!). You’ll also need cooking equipment along with cutlery and crockery, as well as other accessories for your pop-up camping kitchen. Some campers love to take a disposable BBQ with them on summer camping trips, while others like to make a hearty stew or curry that feeds everyone from one pot. How to Stay Cool While Camping in the Summer. A potato baked in the coals is one of my favorite foods ever! One of the most crucial pieces of kit you can take on your camping trip is a decent cool bag. Something  best eaten cold, like a lamb or pork pie. As I now have three    children and can’t afford to purchase festival food for everyone, I take a large festival pie to feed the family. 1 / 75. Which ingredients to take camping. One common misconception about cheese is that it requires refrigeration.While soft cheeses does tend to get oily when at room temperature and do turn a lot quicker, that isn't the case for hard cheeses. If you’re making your kit list ready for your trip, don’t forget about food and drink supplies. You’ll also want to take some instant coffee or tea bags, along with a wine box (much less breakable than a bottle) if you fancy a tipple under the stars. The Ultimate Camping Food List – Bottom Line. When setting up camp, I keep the children quiet with a cake or two. Before I go, I might make pasta sauces, salad dressings, spice mixes and treats to take along and add to local produce – these days many campsites are near decent farm shops. Camping recipe specialist, Cathy De Abaitua, gives us her top 10 meal ideas for eating on a campsite. I make spiced nuts at home and bring them along, which are great to share with friends. It should do two meals if kept in a cool box. Group of friends gathered around the camping stove cooking breakfast. Click here to learn about cooking with a Dutch oven. Get Recipe. This keeps all of your fresh food cold, and also provides a handy bag to carry everything in. Cheese. Making a meal using just a handful of ingredients you’ve carried along is one of the joys of camping – as long as the ingredients you’ve picked are light and versatile. For example, you could take the ingredients for breakfast pancakes or omelettes in the morning. Lunch Camping Food Ideas One of the more popular lunch camping food ideas, especially among kids, is peanut butter and jelly.

What is the best food for camping? These re-sealable granola packs are perfect for camping.

hot dogs We cook these on marshmallow roasting sticks over the campfire. , as well as other accessories for your pop-up camping kitchen. or omelettes in the morning. Cooking outside can mean a relentless diet of meat. With my family, I seek out campsites that allow campfires. One of the most crucial pieces of kit you can take on your camping trip is a decent cool bag. Let’s take a look at some of the best foods for camping and how to pack, store and prepare them. One of the most crucial pieces of kit you can take on your camping trip is a decent cool, You can keep items that need to be chilled in a cool bag or box. It’s not recommended for longer camping trips, but for shorter ones, it’s perfect. The banana chips are perfectly balanced by sweet honey, crunchy nuts, and a touch of coconut.

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