Remove the fly and open the tent door. Do not stake down the tent just yet; Jetboil; Johnson Outdoors Family ... Tetragon HD 2/3/4/5/8; Timberline (all 2/4/Outfitter Models) Timberline SQ Outfitter; Timberline SQ XT; Titan; Tundraline; X-Loft 2; Eureka! Camping product manuals and set-up instructions. ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE TIMBERLINE and TIMBERLINE OUTFITTER TENTS: Component List: 1 Tent Body, 1 Tent Bag 4 Poles 1 Spanner 1 Tent Fly, 2 Fly Rods 1 Pole Bag 2 Junction Tubes 1 Stake Bag and Stakes • Unroll and unfold the tent and lay it on the ground. Listing of Eureka! Camping product manuals and set-up instructions.

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