This leakage of... Slotter Machine - Types, Parts, Operations, Diagram, Specification.

Learn how your comment data is processed. ), the name of the CAD software used and its version, the name of the source part or assembly file, the units of the dimensions (if the drawing is mistakenly printed on a different paper size, the scale becomes meaningless). View the Engineering Drawing Basics Course. My college instructor used several methods to show the difference between these two orthographic projection techniques but I could never wrap my head around them. My supervisor’s words rang in my head at this point and I decided to upskill myself in this field. Learn Engineering drawing by simple engineering graphics, lettering, scale dimensions and freehand scratching.

Thank you For Visiting. Engineering drawing, is the most important aspect of mechanical engineering, as it is the fundamental need to develop the design and assembly of a machine. Read more about this portal or Sachin Thorat click on below button! There are many different standards related to technical drawings.

The figure shows the layout of a typical sheet, showing the drawing frame, a typical title block, parts list (bill of materials) and revision table.

Codes and standards are made to organize and unify the engineering work. Introduction to Slotting Machine : Engineering graphics is an effective way of communicating technical ideas and it is an essential tool in engineering design where most of the design process is graphically based. Examples of the organizations that establish standards and design codes: ISO , AISI, SAE, ASTM, ASME, ANSI, DIN.

To those reading this, I can confidently say that taking Engineering Drawing Basics was the right decision for me.

“If you cannot interpret an engineering drawing, there is no place for you in a professional engineering department.” remarked our internship supervisor as he showed us a huge blueprint during the industry-orientation tour. • The name or title of drawing : What is the name of the component ?

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• Surface texture (or roughness) : How smooth/rough each part of the component has to be. The margins of the drawing frames are standardized for each size of paper. : Does the component need protective coatings ?

These lectures not only transfer knowledge but also provide a break from the monotonous classroom routine; they make the learning experience fun and wholesome. I can now confidently point out which projection is being used in a matter of seconds. Standing at the tail end of the group, I was unable to catch a glimpse and being a naïve junior year student at that time, I thought, “That’s pretty easy, I aced the engineering drawing lab at university”. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

He also likes to write articles related to the mechanical engineering field and tries to motivate other mechanical engineering students by his innovative project ideas, design, models and videos.

It may be considered as a vertical shaper.

Hence, before I moved on to the specifics, I thought it pertinent to mention that this course makes you industry-ready by building upon what you have learned in college. Sachin is a B-TECH graduate in Mechanical Engineering from a reputed Engineering college. • Material : What material is the component manufactured from ?

2 Course Resources for Printing.

Read more about this portal or Sachin Thorat click on below button! Oil under pressure is moving in every hydraulic circuit.

As a college graduate or a professional looking for a refresher, you can expect to find such bonus lectures scattered throughout the course.

Engineering Drawing is one of the basic courses to study for all engineering disciplines.

Required fields are marked *. To those reading this, I can confidently say that taking Engineering Drawing Basics was the right decision for me.

• Tolerances : What are the manufacturing tolerances for each part of the component. An engineering drawing is a type of technical drawing that is used to convey information about an object.

Engineering drawing also has its grammar in the theory of projections, its idioms in conventional practices, its punctuations in the types of lines, its abbreviations, symbols and its descriptions in the constructions. the drawing number, which is generally a unique filing identifier, the angle of projection used, either first or third, generally shown symbolically, the signature or initials of the draftsman, checker, approving officer, and issuing officer, with the respective dates, the sheet number for multi-sheet drawings, other information as required (tolerances, surface finish, etc. This leakage of... Slotter Machine - Types, Parts, Operations, Diagram, Specification. The instructor leaves no stone unturned while exploring a topic.

Information other than pictorial views and dimensions necessary for completing a drawing is classified as “notes”. Sheet 1 of 3) : When more than one sheet is required. While the interpretation of a component in terms of sketching can be done in various methods, related to Descriptive Geometry, the three most necessary techniques of drawing/projection are: Read More : Projection Method | First And Third Angle Projection | Difference.

Learn how your comment data is processed. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Plane Geometrical Drawing is the art of representation of objects having two dimensions, i.e., length and breadth such as square, rectangle, quadrilateral etc. • Drafter (who drew it), Checker (who checked it), Approver (who approved it) and dates • Zones : Where on the drawing are you referring to ? While both good and bad practices are ‘legal’ per se, knowing and employing the former ones makes you a more competent professional. Imagine; what if there was no standard for bolts? The bill of materials is usually placed at the bottom right of the drawing frame, just above the title block. These lectures taught me their complete application by listing down everything that can go in a note; I came to know that the information they contain is not ‘extra’ but an integral part of the document. It may seem like a silly statement to make but I would still like to highlight that the biggest take-away from this course is that one becomes an expert at reading an engineering print.

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