Home, Part I | Baltar reveals to Boomer that he has injected him with a toxin. Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I | It has already been established that there are only 12 Cylons models in existence, and four have already been revealed in the Fleet (, Lee Adama can pilot a Raptor. The Farm |

As Cally is taken into custody, the dying Boomer tells Tyrol she loves him, and dies.

Roslin quips, "It's perfect. A voice calls out, "Saul!"

On the beach, he greets, Tigh thereupon begins to walk into the bay.

| Sine Qua Non | The Hub | Revelations | Sometimes a Great Notion | A Disquiet Follows My Soul | The Oath | Blood on the Scales | No Exit | Deadlock | Someone to Watch Over Me | Islanded in a Stream of Stars | Daybreak, Part I | Daybreak, Part II, From Battlestar Wiki, the free, open content Battlestar Galactica encyclopedia and episode guide, The Thirteenth Tribe and the "Final Five". < Previous Season Episode | Ellen didn't know she was a Cylon. Epiphanies | What are some examples of some unusable things?

Colonel Tigh derides Dr. Baltar for using ", This episode gives no direct indication of its date.

Lv 4. Sacrifice | Dualla smiles back warmly as they kiss. In Admiral Adama's quarters, Laura Roslin sits on the floor. Baltar's Cylon Detection Machine. Six and Ellen Tigh are both blonds who drive the men to action by whispering over their shoulders. (, How did the Significant Seven come to be aware of the existence, though not the identities, of the Final Five? Fragged | (, How will the Cylons in Cavil's faction respond to the discovery of the identities of the Final Five? Leoben warns Kara, "You might not like what you find," quoting verbatim Dr Zaius' admonition to Col. Taylor. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. To her, her disappearance and reappearance were brief; to everyone else's perspective, she was gone weeks.

A Cylon detector is a scientific method of determining whether a subject is human or a humanoid Cylon..

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Flight of the Phoenix | You gave the assassin a pass.

Apollo asks Dualla how his father is doing "this morning", and Dualla's response implies that this is at least the second time he's asked her.

Did human/Cylon hybrids ever occur when the two races cohabited Kobol, or is Hera the first of her kind in all of history? (, If the Thirteenth Tribe reproduced biologically, did the Final Five have Cylon parents, grandparents or other ancestors on Earth? Tigh's gun is pointed at Adama's forehead, but he hesitates pulling the trigger. He then tells her that he covered up her true nature as a Cylon from the rest of the Fleet, and that if she wants to save Tyrol, she must reveal how many humanoid Cylons remain in the, Captain Adama begins the escape plan by closing down a causeway on the ship for maintenance, securing a, On the bridge, Tigh learns that Captain Adama and Roslin have escaped on a Raptor authorized to launch for use by Doctor. Answer Save.

Resistance | Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down isn't subtle but then Ellen Tigh is not a subtle character. In the brig, Captain Adama tells Roslin that she still holds significant influence on some members of the Fleet (as evidenced by her growing relationship with Corporal, With the supply ships still refusing to supply, Tigh realizes that he has made the supply problem much worse. And how did so much of her Viper and body remain relatively intact after seemingly being completely disintegrated in the gas giant? Tyrol stumbles back, falling to the ground. Anger rising in his face, Lee leaves, passing by Gaeta outside without a word. As Ellen Tigh is complaining to her husband for not firing on Captain Adama, Commander Adama arrives in the room, having recovered enough to walk and move again. Resurrection Ship, Part II | DVD Movies and Features: Razor | The Plan, Webisodes: Razor Flashbacks | The Face of the Enemy, < Previous Season Episode | He That Believeth In Me | Six of One | The Ties That Bind | Escape Velocity | The Road Less Traveled | Faith | Guess What's Coming to Dinner? As more bombs detonate, Ellen delivers a prophecy: "Saul, it's okay. Kara has been declared "the harbinger of death", a description of man from the apes' sacred scrolls carried by Dr Zaius and read by Dr Cornelius.

Cautiously, she lifts the head to find it had blonde hair... "That was me," Tyrol says, pointing to the flash-silhouette on the wall. He apparently hasn't been there for long, and his arm is still in a sling. from the floor in front of the post boxes. Home, Part II | Half of the foxes would fight, the others would try to cross the river. What type of software does a television channel use to broadcast series, movies, programs, etc.?

There is a small resistance movement on Caprica comprising as of now 53 people, and, Saul Tigh accusing Galen Tyrol of being a Cylon is reminiscent of the communist witch hunts of the McCarthy era. Hello fellow Wikipedians, I have just modified one external link on Ellen Tigh. Dualla bids Lee goodbye and enters her quarters. Suddenly Cally steps from within the crowd and shoots Valerii point-blank in the abdomen. Holding it, he has a vision of the end of his former life. battlestar galactica: does ellen tigh know she's a cylon the entire time? As Ellen Tigh is complaining to her husband for not firing on Captain Adama, Commander Adama arrives in the room, ... Baltar tries to explain the failure of his Cylon detector: Saul Tigh: What the hell's the matter with your Cylon detector, doctor? All the first season episodes identify the date during their Caprica segments, and the first three episodes of this season take place on the same day as ". Favorite Answer. (, Does the presence of children among the Thirteenth Tribe indicate that they reproduced among themselves?

(, Will Thrace or Conoy tell anyone about their discovery? Why they were all still alive? Angel Six makes a comment like: "I guess anyone passes these days". Get your answers by asking now. "We are no longer enslaved to the ramblings of Pythia, no longer pecking at the bread crumbs of the Thirteenth Tribe...We are now free to go where we want to go, be who we want to be." Lee Adama stands by the shrouded body of Anastasia Dualla in the ship's morgue as his father enters.

—Preceding unsigned comment added by 04:22, 21 August 2009 (UTC) External links modified. Only after she was resurrected and told by Cavil did she know she was the Fifth "Final Five" Cylon.

Accordingly, the blood was digitally removed in post-production, leaving a pristine white dressing. Also in his podcast Moore says that Kara Thrace did actually die when her Viper was destroyed, not some trick. So tell me why would she do this?" The Cylons have testing methods which can distinguish between human and Cylon remains. Downloaded | Adama goads him, "Go on," but Tigh realizes, returning Adama's insult as he rips out the gun's magazine and safes the weapon. He kisses the body, saying, "I let you down. The alarms sounding after the nuclear attack during Tigh's flashback are identical to the two-tone, randomly-overlapping red alert klaxon heard on battlestars in the original series. How was dead Thrace's hair left unburned while her facial flesh was charred beyond recognition? (, Could Boomer return to the show, to be reunited with Chief Tyrol, after having her consciousness transferred to another body? Helo gives a more detailed version of Baltar's findings: the planet was nuked over 2,000 years prior. (, What will happen to President Roslin, now on the run?

"Two thousand years is a long time to forget!" Tyrol is in a holding cell. Of course, in light of ", If Boomer is to be believed, there are eight more Cylons hiding in the Fleet. How did they come to the Colonies, to believe they were human? Pegasus | They program you to be my friend? They stop kissing mutually, both stopping from it getting further.

tired.". Adama pours both of them a drink, but Tigh slowly pushes it away.

"So let us not talk falsely now, 'cause the hour is getting late.". Anders angrily questions the paradox. Moore admits that the scene just before Dualla's suicide was intended as an emotional "sucker punch" to imply that Lee and Dualla were perhaps going to get back together.

The astonishing fact, confirmed by his Caprica-Six, is that the every one of the skeletons themselves are also, After the meeting, Lee Adama asks Roslin what she will say to the. (, Was the corpse found in the field that of the "real" Kara Thrace? Adama drops his gun and reaches for a bottle, but Tigh tries to stop him. Adama throws insult after insult about. Black Market |

Together. Adama drinks from a glass anyway as he speaks of his uncle as a kid in the summers spent there, of foxes that would attack his henhouses, of the dog hunts that chased down the foxes at night, forming into a team, forcing the foxes toward the river. Tyrol is released and Baltar tells him that Boomer will be sent to new, fortified cell for testing. Lee Adama and Dualla come back from her date as he humorously (and drunkenly) recalls his report to the Quorum. Astronauts discover a post-apocolyptic Earth; the view of which bore striking resemblance to New York City. The Captain's Hand | "I'm sorry, Bill, but this is the one time I can't help you." The Final Four Cylons accompany the senior Colonial scouting team. Moore states that there was an intention in the Director's Cut (but dropped) to subtly imply that Anders wrote "All Along The Watch Tower" himself, and not as in reality, Bob Dylan. Baltar doesn't reveal the results of it, saying "I'll never tell". Moore said Admiral Adama used the actual real life. Cylon Galen assists human astronauts in their survey of post-apocolyptic Earth, just as chimpanzee Galen did in the, What was the source of the nuclear attacks on Earth? Adama directs that all be instructed not to ingest the water and plants. "Sit down, Cylon," Adama says angrily after pulling out Tigh's sidearm, arms it and drops it on a table. According to Moore in his podcast, his wife. (, What will happen to Cally now that she has killed Boomer? I let everybody down. Without any hesitation at all, Dualla pulls out a sidearm from her locker, places it against her temple, and fires. His first words are to ask what has happened on his ship.

"Is that how it worked? This lends further credence to the speculation originating with ", Dee's decision to spend her final hours with Lee is in keeping with her deleted engagement scene in ", The episode (including the final scene of the preceding episode, ". "Because they wanted to drown," Tigh adds. Boomer dies in a manner that mirrors what happened to, Continuing from the events of last episode, ", When Baltar interrogates Boomer by threatening to kill Tyrol if she refuses to supply him information, he could be trying to ascertain if it is really possible for a Cylon (like, It takes him less than two minutes to determine Boomer's true nature in ", It has been (approximately, see timeline issues below) 26 days since ", What will Commander Adama do to resolve the crisis now that he has regained consciousness?

", Tigh counters that he wanted, chose to be his friend.

"I don't frakkin' know," he slurs out, taking out a bottle of alcohol to offer to Lee, who refuses it.

(, With D'Anna Biers remaining behind on Earth, who will take over as the leader of the rebel Cylon faction?

(, Were the Thirteenth Tribe Cylons generally aware of Cylon resurrection/reincarnation, and the cyclical nature of Cylon life, or was Ellen Tigh unusually prophetic? Tigh tries to apologize about his revelation of being a Cylon, but Adama is beyond angry.

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