It’s quite possible, he noted, that the authors may have solved a resolution problem in the offshore Gulf: Quakes in the diapirs might have been occurring all along but hadn’t been seen by land-based seismometers until USArray. Perceived shaking for the quake was very strong. Seismic instruments indicate the earthquake originated at a depth of 16 miles (26 km). If it’s fundamentally relevant, it should be detectable around the world.…It’s a beautifully testable hypothesis—great science.”, —Megan Sever (@MeganSever4), Science Writer, Editors' Vox 19 October 2020, Editors' Vox ET. Seismologist Wenyuan Fan of Florida State University in Tallahassee was trying to understand the seismic noise across the United States, using USArray data, when he ran across “a lot of sources in the Gulf of Mexico and got very confused” because the Gulf region is not known for producing many earthquakes.

But engineers and scientists would need to know just where to drill. By None of the 85 seismic sources showed up in the USGS earthquake database, suggesting the seismic events, some of which were as strong as a magnitude 3.5 earthquake, were not earthquakes. An unusual earthquake with a magnitude of 4.4 was registered with an epicenter off the coast of Tabasco. In examining this noise, scientists recently detected some strange signals emanating from the Gulf of Mexico.

Indeed, Goldfinger said, “if I were an oil guy reading this paper, I’d be concerned.”, The study also may have implications for paleoseismology because Fan and his colleagues “made a great case for remote triggering,” Johnson said. 13 August 2020, News Campeche, Camp. Eos is a source for news and perspectives about Earth and space science, including coverage of new research, analyses of science policy, and scientist-authored descriptions of their ongoing research and commentary on issues affecting the science community. If you shake the local layers of sediments on steep slopes hard enough, they will fail, producing turbidites, which can be dated to determine when the submarine landslide, and thus earthquake, occurred. They also compared the signals to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) database of known earthquakes. After a good bit of detective work, they determined the signals were coming from submarine landslides, about 10 per year, triggered by earthquakes hundreds to thousands of kilometers away. MEXICO has been hit by a massive 7.7 magnitude earthquake, leaving buildings in the country's capital shaking. If you accept the preconditioning hypothesis, Strasser said, Fan’s “fascinating” results could make sense and “could indicate that such slopes are close to failure.” Of course, he said, he would really like to see some ground truthing. “You can’t compare just one earthquake and landslide.”, “It’s a beautifully testable hypothesis—great science.”Strasser said it’s probably just going to take time before scientists have any idea how important this paper is: “I’m really looking forward to seeing this method applied elsewhere. Scientists have warned that extremely high temperature readings emanating from the Gulf of Mexico in the last week might be a precursor to a deep underwater supervolcano eruption. Disregarding the Maya peoples ancient legends, stories and myths that the Gulf of Mexico could, indeed, be a massive volcanic caldera, Western scientists have long sought to discover as to how came to it came to be shaped like one—with the latest attempt being made in 2002 when American geologist Michael Stanton published a speculative essay suggesting an impact origin (comet/asteroid) for the Gulf of Mexico—but that all global geologists quickly rejected for its not having any credibility. Although these landslides are small enough that they probably won’t change the tsunami hazard potential for Gulf Coast communities, they could change the picture for oil and gas operators in the Western Planning Area. The rest is noise: Sensitive instruments pick up signals from ocean waves, storms, ice movement, hard-rock landslides, traffic, and even the occasional football game. News.

A magnitude 7.4 earthquake struck offshore Oaxaca, Mexico, on June 23, 2020, at 11:30 a.m. No human or material damages were reported. A 2006 study in Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, for example, showed that Gulf of Mexico sediments are overpressured, Strasser said. The submarine landslides would have to be enormous to create seismic signals, and that’s just not a likely scenario, he said. reports: Quickly following these mysterious events in and around the Gulf of Mexico, the Gulf Stream disruption it caused precipitated violent weather to strike the entirety of the European Continent. For one thing, the Western Planning Area is riddled with faults throughout the salt diapirs that make up much of the subsurface, said Chris Goldfinger, a geologist at Oregon State University in Corvallis.. It is far more likely that the seismic signals Fan’s team observed came from quakes in the salt diapirs than from submarine landslides, Goldfinger said. Not all geoscientists are convinced. All but 10 of the signals were preceded by earthquakes from magnitude 4.9 to 7.3, 1,000 kilometers or more away, suggesting that the landslides were triggered by remote earthquakes.Fan and his colleagues, Jeff McGuire of the USGS and Peter Shearer of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, found 85 seismic events between 2008 and 2015 emanating in the Gulf of Mexico’s Western Planning Area, a region managed for development of oil, gas, and mineral resources by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. But landslides don’t fail by the same mechanism, Goldfinger explained. According to the reports, the tremor was also felt in Campeche. Earthquake in the Gulf of Mexico is felt in Campeche and Tabasco, Cars stolen in Puebla and he finds it on sale on Facebook, Tourist denounces Cabo San Lucas Hospital for overcharging, The great doctors who made history in Tampico Tamaulipas. According to the reports, the tremor was also felt in Campeche. There has been no evidence of triggering of submarine landslides by remote earthquakes in the geologic record, he said, and submarine landslides are not known to produce seismic signals. A damaged building is seen after an earthquake in Mexico City, Mexico, on Tuesday, June 23, 2020. Beneath the picturesque waves of the western Gulf of Mexico lies a scarred landscape filled with canyons, salt diapirs, faults, and landslides. Unlike their Western counterparts, these Russian scientists, when confronted by such mysteries, look backward in time to our Earth’s most ancient stories and myths to see if parallels can be drawn to what is happening now—and that led an examination of the Maya peoples who in ancient times inhabited this entire region—even stretching into the American States of Florida and Georgia. However, Goldfinger added, the temporal links between seismic signals that Fan’s team found are intriguing. The National Seismological Service […] ... By Megan Sever 26 May 2020. Scientists could also survey the seafloor with “very, very good multibeam sonar or a submersible” before and after landslides, Strasser said, but it would be hard, given the size of the proposed landslides and the area to be surveyed plus current technology. Three days later, on January 8, waters began disappearing off the North American Florida coastline – which was followed 24 hours later by a huge 7.6 magnitude earthquake in the Caribbean Sea adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico.

1 September 2020. “Submarine landslides, by nature—failing poorly consolidated materials in a low-gravitation environment—don’t make much noise, like marshmallows rolling down a gentle incline,” Goldfinger said. Scientists working on the RFS Viktor Leonov CCB175 recorded water off the South American nation of Ecuador disappearing on January 5. ... Mexico,Tuesday, June 23, 2020. 18 May 2020, News Furthermore, all but 10 of the sources were preceded by earthquakes from magnitude 4.9 to 7.3 emanating 1,000 kilometers or more away, and the occurrences of these events coinciding with the passing seismic waves from the remote earthquakes suggested that the landslides were triggered by remote earthquakes, the team reported in Geophysical Research Letters.

The coast of southern Mexico was rattled by a powerful earthquake on Tuesday morning that triggered a tsunami alert for Pacific coastlines along Central America. Triggering of one earthquake by another is also quite common. But correlating old submarine landslides with past earthquakes is done by correlating numerous sites “to assess the origins of event deposits and to filter out extraneous signals,” Goldfinger said. 25 September 2020, News

One could also try drilling cores, said marine geologist Paul Johnson of the University of Washington. These findings have significant implications for the study of submarine slope failure processes and potential implications for paleoseismology, the oil and gas industry, and even coastal hazards assessments. 18 August 2020, News An unusual earthquake with a magnitude of 4.4 was registered with an epicenter off the coast of Tabasco. Some 5% of signals recorded in the seismic record are caused by earthquakes. 9 October 2019, Research Spotlight Megan Sever © 2020 American Geophysical Union.

A Plate Boundary Emerges Between India and Australia, Gravel Gives Clues to the Strength of Paleotsunamis, An Integrated History of the Australian-Antarctic Basin, A Juno Era Model of the Jovian Magnetosphere, Modeling the Cascading Infrastructure Impacts of Climate Change, A Geologist’s Guide to Exploring and Understanding Iceland, Rapid Reconfiguration of the Greenland Ice Sheet Coastal Margin, Future Fire Impacts on Smoke Concentrations, Visibility, and Health in the Contiguous United States, Diel Measurements of Oxygen‐ and Carbon‐Based Ocean Metabolism Across a Trophic Gradient in the North Pacific, The First Undeniable Climate Change Deaths, Severe Cyclones May Have Played a Role in the Maya Collapse, Advancing AI for Earth Science: A Data Systems Perspective, Making a Place for the Next Generation of Geoscientists. Most concerning about these events were the rapidly rising, then rapidly cooling temperatures of the entire Gulf of Mexico—with one location hitting the unprecedented high of over 55 degrees Celsius (+130 degrees Fahrenheit). Nobel Secretary Says Obama Should Be Stripped Of Peace Prize, Putin Vows To Feed Half The World With Non-GMO Organic Food, Copyright © 2020 The People's Voice, Inc. All rights reserved | News Punch, Nevada Whistleblower’s Sworn Affadavit: I Saw Mail Ballots Being Processed Without Signature Verification, US Media Claims That UK’s Fireworks For Guy Fawkes Night Were For Joe Biden, Russia To Wait For Official Election Results Before Recognizing Winner, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez Threatens To Leave Politics If Democrats Don’t Move Further Left, Millions of Patriots Sign Petition To ‘Recount The Election’ Due to ‘Lack of Transparency’, on Russian servicemen, weaponry arrive in China for Peace Mission 2014 exercises, on US Admits Airstrike May Have Killed Civilians In Syria, on Al-Qaeda Leader Admits To US Military Support, on Obama Signs Bill To Fund DHS For One Week, rapidly rising, then rapidly cooling temperatures, Bleeding Earth: Volcanoes as the Prototypical Mountains in Mayan Cosmological Past, Evidence for Sediment Eruption on Deep Sea Floor, Gulf of Mexico, revealed thousands of underwater mountains and extinct volcanoes, deepwater seafloor was dominated by canyons, ridges, and faults, Investigators Deployed After Fulton County Discovers ‘Issue’ With Ballot Reporting, Biden Supporter at Rally Screams at Cops: ‘Blue Lives Do NOT Matter’, Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin: ‘We Must BURN DOWN the Republican Party’, President Trump Says Adam Schiff Should Be Arrested For Treason, Robert De Niro: Trump Is Possibly ‘Crazy’ In A ‘Medical Sense’, Rand Paul: Only Person Who Colluded With Russia Was Hillary Clinton, Snopes Now Have Power To ‘Shadowban’ Conservative Facebook Users, FBI: Peter Strzok Worked For The CIA Under Obama, Israel Threaten To Downgrade Ties As Brazil Rejects Israeli Ambassador, Netanyahu Warns Iran Will Suffer Dire Consequences If It Threatens Israel, Germany To Fine Parents $3,000 If They Fail To Vaccinate Their Kids, John McCain: Obama “Directly Responsible” For Orlando Shooting, Trudeau Demands Social Media Companies Ban ‘Toxic’ Content, Russian servicemen, weaponry arrive in China for Peace Mission 2014 exercises, US Admits Airstrike May Have Killed Civilians In Syria, Tens of Thousands of Germans Rise Up Against Bill Gates and Big Pharma in Berlin, Al-Qaeda Leader Admits To US Military Support, U.S. City Issues Rattlesnake Warning To Residents, Meghan Markle Endorses Black Lives Matter: ‘They’re Beautiful’, Two-Thirds of French Citizens ‘Dissatisfied’ with Globalist President Macron, Poll Shows, Napoleon’s Experience Inside The Great Pyramid Of Giza, Obama Signs Bill To Fund DHS For One Week, Video: This Is The Story of Your Enslavement.

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