From there, simply walk to the Production Room. Frantic Factory is the third stage of the game Donkey Kong 64.It is most notable for being one of the largest stages in the game (next to Gloomy Galleon) and is the first stage to be played within Crocodile Isle.This is also where Chunky Kong can be unlocked and the boss here is Mad Jack who is fought by Tiny Kong.All of the Kongs play an equal role in this stage. You can get to the upper level of the Production Room from the starting area as follows. There, he must use, Donkey Kong must go to the Testing Room, stand on a, In the Production Room, Donkey Kong must Simian Slam on a blue switch to open a gate in a hallway to the right of the Lobby. Unfortunately, Mario never learned how to play the organ.

The Research & Development level of the factory. or should we say... bulletfighter? He must Simian Spring on a few Kong Pads to reach the top of the ABC block tower, with a floating, Diddy must go to the R&D room, climb up a ladder pole, and use his, Diddy must head down a passageway closest to the R&D area's Kasplat. Lobby- Where visitors to the factory first enter. He then has to climb up the room until reaching a pipe preceding to DK's Kasplat. The game provides names for different parts of the level that are convenient when one is referring to them: The C-up glitch can be used to get through the hatch to the left of the entrance without hitting the switch.

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Je commence par aller voir Cranky pour avoir mon Simian Spring. Thank you for printing this page from For information about tricks this page might refer to, see the main Donkey Kong 64 page. Tiny must slam on her switch in the Factory's central core then race up to a Bonus Barrel and play the game for a Golden Banana. By the Production Room's Power House, Diddy can slam his switch and swing to a Bonus Barrel to win a Golden Banana. Lanky must go to the Storage Room and use his, In an alcove of the R&D department, Lanky must stand on a.

Alternatively, using the temporary invulnerability power-up can protect Mario from the Kuromame's flames. Banana 3: Find the room where Chunky’s cage is. Donkey Kong 64 Guide > Golden Bananas > Frantic Factory.

The purple-haired Kasplat with the blueprint is guarding a room, with a pole, next to the Storage Room. Now, only Donkey Kong is left to rescue and stop K. Rool's evil plan. Download Pdf. After the Production Room machinery has been turned on, Lanky must head down there and hit his Kong Switch next to a platform moving up and down. If so, backflip to the top of the door, then jump up to the switch. On a pipe, just above the bottom level of the area. Down the hall by the ABC blocks, in the elevator quarter, Diddy can demolish his Kasplat for a blueprint. Go into the tunnel on the right from the main entrance, into the room on the right and up the pole. Once complete a Golden banana will be in her wake. In the room to the right of the pink Bob-omb, Up the pole in the second Boo’s room, in the hallway on the left, In the same hallway as the third Boo, but on the right side, Through the room on the right, near the fourth Boo, on the stairs leading out of the room. Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble! Do a sideflip wallkick to get on top of the vent, then carefully jump from pole to pole to get the star. Just memorize and repeat the tunes. At the end of the hallway is a room consisting of a number square with blocks of numbers 1-16. You can get out of bounds by using the C-up glitch on the hole in the floor near the Battle Crown pad in the R&D room (not the one with the Battle Crown pad in it). Once successfully, a Golden Banana appears. Difficulty: intermediate.

Once the power is on, the gate in front of Bananaporter 4 will open and DK can use strong Kong to make his way through various mechanical engines to the Golden Banana. Super Mario 64 Hacks Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. After the Bananaport Pad, DK has to jump on to three moving platforms. In the Testing Depo, Diddy can hop on his pad and spring atop a pile of ABC blocks to a Bonus Game. box and slam the Chunky Switch to reveal an iron button with his face on it. Lanky can slam his switch in the factory core to race up to his Golden Banana near the core's tip. The star can be reached from the third pole with a precise jump dive, but it’s a bit risky. In an alcove in the R&D department, Lanky can play his trombone to enter a room.

Donkey Kong 64 video walkthrough guide.

Reviews. The star is reachable from this vine, but if Mario misses its a looong way back up. Banana 2: Right in front of the high voltage room is a Diddy switch. Use Diddy’s new special ability to reach the top where there is a bonus barrel waiting. The second section is characterized by a huge tall circular room with pipes and rotating cylinders around the perimeter, and is probably the hardest platforming section of the game. The monster is invincible for a while, so Chunky has a chance to grab the bananas in the room as Hunky Chunky, who is much faster than regular Chunky.

Killing Big Boo will give Mario a star. Pound the switch near the entrance of the level to open the hatch. Donkey Kong 64 video walkthrough by Cloud12817. Use the, Chunky can reach the upper level of the Production Room as follows.

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