Thus losing ties to their aboriginal spirituality, they were assimilated; they were forced to learn Christianity and British values in replacement of their own and they were taken from the land to which they had a reciprocal relationship. (Dr. Graham McKay. Reconciliation is Australia’s attempt to say ‘sorry’ and expresses the ‘changes in the dominant society’s attitudes’, and the establishment of Reconciliation Australia has been effective in the building of positive relations between indigenous and non-indigenous people.

Aboriginal children between 1900s and 1970s were forcibly removed from homes by government officials. Surely a response in a HSC exam would require a more in depth analysis of Aboriginal spirituality.

With saying something like that will back up your statement and extend your answer. Source C express that the inextricable link that the indigenous Australians have with the land and language, the quote stats that language is their soul, therefore it hold extreme impertinence to identity and spirituality.

(D) It explains how the world was formed and how it is sustained. There is a negative side to recognition given by the white Australian community, an example of this is the welfare given out to Indigenous Australians. Source B highlight the neglect that has been show by the white settles towards aboriginal spirituality and the dreaming. This however did not fix the problem of dispossession which Indigenous were experiencing because the problem was much more deeply rooted within their life and not related to wealth which is all the British associated with, this is well shown in source D when it is said that “we must change our idea of attempting to quick fix the problem of dispossession with welfare.”.

This is where problems occur, as different cultures clash and the dominant culture (the Western culture) takes over. "Aboriginal Spirituality" The death of their whole spirituality through the elder who died and was unable to pass down the dreaming to the younger ones.

This affected their way of life with them not being able to pass the dreaming and customs down. There are many reasons as to why the Aboriginal people of Australia have had issues regarding their Spirituality. The Dreaming, the indigenous peoples spirituality, is the centre of life, the past, present and future and provides an explanation for how the earth was created. Instead of giving the Aboriginal people back their sense of connection with the land and the ability to express their culture, the government gives them welfare, which does not help them to gain a spiritual connection with the land and a sense of the Dreaming.

‘Language is our soul’ – Aunty Rose Fernando, Gamilaroi Elder, 1998 (Source B). This is making programs becoming less effective and creating more issues regarding Aboriginal Spirituality… This issue plus many more has inflicted irreversible damage, such as loss of culture, loss of customs, poor lifestyles and a way of life they are not accustomed to. The Aborigines believe, as do Native Americans, ... name can act as a ... ... of the program in order to respect sensitivities of Indigenous Australians. 0 votes, Discuss how Aboriginal spirituality is determined by the Dreaming.

WriteWork contributors, "Aboriginal Spirituality,", (accessed November 10, 2020). The result of is has been loss of identity and culture as all aboriginal history was recalled though oral forms and could not be told when separated from there family groups. There were many negative effects on Aboriginal spirituality from when the European settlers declared Australia Terra Nullius and implemented governmental laws to get rid of any Aboriginal influence.

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