That means it will be subjected to a wide variety of forces that affect its motion and velocity. Carefully place the wheels on the axles. CO2 dragsters are popular amongst school kids. In conclusion I have thus decided to create my CO2 dragster with the low rider design. First, it helps to shave weight by removing material. These model cars are a part of the curriculum in engineering colleges in several countries as they allow students to understand some of the most basic of principles. The wider the dragster, the slower the dragster races.

The lighter a car is, the faster it will go. Reduce friction as much as possible by ensuring that the axles rotate freely and by making sure that the wheels do not rub against the body of the car. You will be given class time to use the Internet to search for information about CO2 dragsters.

Dragsters that use CO2 as a propellant move when CO2 is escaping rapidly from the cartridge that is placed in the car. The instructions on how to make a fast CO2 dragster are presented in the article... CO2 dragster cars are helpful in studying the principles of mechanical engineering use for automobile manufacturing. Balsa Wood Prices this year have become unreasonably high. Please know this is not an effort on our part to overcharge our customers but instead to pay what we have to so we can supply our customers with the materials they need for their STEM Activities. Instead of chiseling the dragster out of wood, students can use additive manufacturing and computer aided design to print their own dragsters. Using motion equations, weighted nickel trial runs, and iterative protypes, they can even calculate the total force exerted on their model by the compressed CO2 engine! The Balsa Dragster Kits provide students in grades 6-12 a hands-on activity to design, build and race a model carbon-dioxide (CO2) dragster that demonstrates the scientific concepts of aerodynamics, motion, drag, and friction. The design that is created on paper should be used for tracing the outline on a piece of basswood. Next you will complete one (1) Final Sketch of the car you think will be the best and the fastest. You are an automotive design engineer in the research and development department of the ASA Automotive Company. The foam blocks enable students to experiment with creating a prototype body shape before shaping the woodblocks. It is difficult to create an extremely aerodynamic car. 4. It is one of the easiest models to make. They have.

Drag: As an object moves through the air, it is met with air resistance as speeds increase. The program is web-based, so it can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection.

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