According to him, this is imperative for maintaining health and peace of mind. Fuck captiaism and love Nature. These days, he's a self-professed cult leader. Peace, My purpose is to awaken the chosen to few to become their highest cellves. Eligio Bishop is a former model, stripper, prostitute and barber. They here for the moment, we’re here forever. His rhetoric includes a theory about people of color living close to the equator.

Carbon Nation leader Eligio “Nature Boy” Bishop with one of his partners, Velvet Marquez Facebook Carbon Nation’s YouTube channel — which has nearly 85,000 subscribers — … Beliefs of Carbonation. We must get back to the Equator. Carbón Nation We The Divine Truth We Here Forever ... the race is not given to the swift or the strong them that endures to the end. Nature Boy preaches that the “end times” are near, and that he is the messiah.

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