The pack is actually comfortable and had padding support for upper lower and mid back. It has a good suspension system, has a place to tie my tripod to the pack, has just the right qty and design of small pockets for keys, glasses, phone, etc. average rating Good padding for support Small clip that I use for my trail crampons. The padding on the back and the belt is comfortable and has good support. You get the spacious backpack with its entirely separate internal Crux Reservoir water system.

I really like how it has those two big divided sections and all of the pockets. Very nice lightweight backpack if u adjust it properly it fits like a glove. +3   It is also quick and easy to disconnect so that you can conveniently re-fill when you need to top up the water on-board. Camelbak has been a favorite of mine because they kept D-rings longer than other manufacturers. July 8, 2015. I have had this pack completely loaded up with gear for long day treks and it rides great on my back with no issues. $140 isn't too bad considering what I've paid for other packs. Source: bought it new Organization is great. The 100 oz water bladder worked perfectly and was big enough for an 8 hour day of hiking. Camelbak has been a favorite of mine because they kept D-rings longer than other manufacturers. The bag is a bit bigger than I prefer for day hikes but it had what I wanted. This works for me.

I lusted for this pack for quite some time before finally buying it on sale at REI (25% off). Source: bought it new +2 It has one pocket on the belt, wish it had two, one on each side, but beggars can't be choosers. As for comfort I have used a few other day packs (Osprey, which I enjoy) and this one is my favorite. If we look at dimensions, both the Fourteener 20 and the Fourteener 24 has the same length (22 in). Well-made backpack that holds its shape and controls the load very well. As for the rest of the pack. I find belts such as Osprey's Atmos 35 and Manta 25 just a bit uncomfortable around my slightly-too-big tummy. The other pocket has a great area to stash keys, knives and other small items for easy access. I also wanted the pack to be narrower than my Camelbak Peakbagger or my Atmos 35 so that the 1-liter bottles in the side pockets did not bang my elbows. If you are thinking of investing in a new hydration style backpack, it can be tricky even to know where to start as there are so many varied options. Curtis, I'd love to see some pictures of your pack! If you are looking for something that still has the built-in hydration system but isn’t quite as large as the Fourteener 24, then you might consider instead their smaller model, the Fourteener 20. It holds a ton and has an amazing back system that makes the pack feel light even when it's loaded and it stays cool on your back. If it had D-rings and hip-belt pockets, it would be perfect! The hydration system took awhile to get used to, but it is so easy to use! Having gone through the gammit with different daypacks, this one takes the cake. This works for me. This backpack has a great suspension system and holds everything for a great full day hike!   All the storage pockets are in the right places for easy access to items needed while on the move. The scoring that appears on this site is determined by the site operator in its sole discretion, and should NOT be relied upon for accuracy purposes. Storage with in the pack is pretty good. Very lightweight lots of storage and very comfortable: used it on a 8 hour hike got home and back felt great. Bottom line is this package durable looks great does everything is supposed to and for the cost well you're getting more than what you're paying for. The other thing that's great about all Camelbak products is their warrantee, which you can access on their website for replacement items. I have only used this pack for one season so far, in the summer about three times a week and in the winter about once a week. But the control comes at the cost of too many buckles, straps, zippers and fiddly-bits. My name’s Jim and I love backpacking. Holds the weight perfectly and doesn't fill bulky even with 2 extra layers food and 4 litters of water etc.

My name's Jim and I love to get outside. But, honestly, when carrying five gallons of water, am I getting any benefit in weight from extra-thin nylon? Hydration Pack, 50oz, CamelBak Scout 2018 Kid's Hydration Pack, 50oz, CamelBak Bootlegger Ski Hydration Pack, 50oz, Best Hiking Backpacks for Adventure Seekers, Best Trekking Poles for Comfortable Hiking, Best Beach Tents for Safe and Comfortable Rest at the Ocean, CamelBak Fourteener 24 vs CamelBak Fourteener 20. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for CamelBak Fourteener 24 100 oz Hydration Pack, Galaxy Blue/Navy Blazer at ­ All Rights Reserved. My pack worked perfectly!

It's very well thought out, simple to use, and has been reliable. So far I have had no durability issues with the pack and from what I can tell it should last me a while. The information which appears on this site is subject to change at any time. Alongside the structured internal steel frame, there is also a convenient and secure fastening hip belt that assists with even weight distribution. As far as weight distribution it's perfect and the ability to keep my back cool outstanding. At one point, I had the bladder full, two one quart bottles in each of two side holsters, and a 2 gallon MSR dromedary bag strapped into the helmet pouch -- and the pack handled the load with ease.

Differences from Fourteener 20: The Camelbak Fourteener 24 is a high-volume backpack that can stuff more gears, lots of food, and clothing.

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