The bag was generally packed with the heavy stuff up high, so the center of gravity could more easily shift to be over the hips. They’re usually pre-shaped to match the curve of your back although they can be bent further to fit your body shape. These TOM BIHN bags include (come with) a removable internal frame with aluminum stay: I have a stripped down Circuit weighing in at 32oz and it’s a great volume for winter gear up to 40lbs max. So I've spent the day looking around online for a way to add a cheap framesheet to a backpack that otherwise doesn't have one. Perhaps the most important thing of all: going out into the world. They’re metal rods that have been bent into a curved 360-degree shape, making it possible to create a cavity behind your back so air can flow through. If you are carrying heavy weights long distances you might want to capitalize on the experience these packs have proven over the decades .

Their load transfer abilities and load lifter effectiveness depend on how stiff they are, which is why you typically find them used for backpacks designed to carry lighter loads. Make them true internal frames with an aluminum stay, and make them optional. I also have a couple of internal frame packs, each has advantages. At about 3.5 pounds, it’s not *that* heavy for the comfort and features it offers. It has held up to constant training hikes for the past 6 years showing no signs of wear! It’s a nice way to begin the day.”. A.L.I.C.E. You can get a 12"x24" sheet of Kydex for pretty cheap. I asked GG if they could do any kind of a custom waist belt with extended padded, and they said no.

Press J to jump to the feed. Nope. No duplication of photos, maps, or text without permission. I routinely carry 30kg ( 66lbs ) 10 – 20 km in my TacGear from Deuter . Oh, and we collaborate on blog posts, too. They’re usually pre-shaped to match the curve of your back although they can be bent further to fit your body shape. A backpack frame helps maintain the shape of your backpack and its height when you load it up. If you didn’t have a frame, your pack bag would just be a shapeless cloth sack that would fall over on itself when you fill it up. You can indeed stow away the backpack straps and the Padded Hip Belt, even with the Internal Frame installed.

I’ve thought about it, but its one of those things.. if I’m already buying a new pack, maybe I should go more different than just the same bag with 10L more of volume. The rigidity of the frame allowed a fabric or mesh back panel to be stretched across it, creating air circulation between the pack and the user’s back.

Who is the reader? Conversely I’ve heard that the Ohm needs to be packed very specifically to not have things poke into your back because of its (innovative) inside carbon loop. The Circuit looks like it would sag a lot more if underpacked as your food grows smaller, or depending on different seasons… My issue is really that every trip has such a different combination of *volume*, even if baseweight and total pack weight stay relatively constant. So far so good. Tom and Nik work on the internal frame for the Synapse: the evolution continues. We've made an effort to offer internal frames that provide all of the benefits without requiring a firm commitment: it's totally optional whether you use one of our included or add-on internal frames. I am just narrowing down from many evaluations of different packs, prices, etc.

Frame stays are vertical strips of aluminum or carbon fiber that are inserted into long pockets inside a backpack and behind your back. I found this out the hard way. A passing fad. They also have enough attachment points to tackle any load like first aid kits to skis and snow shoes .

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