[325] Aside from the use of herbs, Santería traditional healing rituals include animal sacrifice, offerings, altar building, music, dance, and possession trance. [281] Before they are used in ceremonies, these drums are typically baptized, after which they are referred to as a tambor de fundamento. [119] Although the dead are not perceived as being as powerful as the oricha, they are still regarded as having the ability to assist the living,[119] with whom they can communicate through dreams, intuition, and spirit possession. Nacido en la provincia de Río Negro, Ceferino Namuncurá, hijo del cacique mapuche Manuel Namuncurá, es también objeto de veneración en toda la Patagonia. La Constitución Nacional argentina actualmente vigente reconoce desde su primera redacción en 1853 la libertad de culto y el reconocimiento de la religión como derecho desarrollado en su preámbulo y artículos dogmáticos. [329] Many santeros and santeras oversee a healing ritual called the santiguo meaning "to bless" or "to heal by blessing"; this is particularly used for children. [367] During these rituals, the medium may be possessed by a spirit of the dead, who then engages in healing practices or offers advice and warning to assembled people.

In the 1960s, growing emigration following the Cuban Revolution spread Santería elsewhere in the Americas. [220] In 1993, the issue of animal sacrifice in Santería was taken to the Supreme Court of the United States in the case of Church of the Lukumi Babalu Aye v. City of Hialeah. [1] About 37% of Argentines say that religion is not too or not at all important in their lives, according to a 2018 Pew Research Center report. Islam in Argentina is represented by one of the largest Muslim minorities. This location is chosen so that the ancestors are located below the vertical water pipes, allowing the spirits to transition between the realms via water, which is their preferred medium for travel. [37] Practitioners of both Santería and other Afro-Cuban religions are called creyente ("believers"). One of the most famous is the veneration of La Difunta Correa ("The Deceased Correa"). [365] Various santeros or santeras are believed to have the power to communicate with spirits. [176] Cuban emigration also led to Santería establishing a presence in Puerto Rico and in Spain. [132] During the opening verse of the song, the akpwón may break into a personal prayer. [353], The oricha of Ifá, Orula or Ọ̀rúnmila, also has a prominent place within Santería. [383] The most important of these were the cabildos de nación, associations modelled on Europe's cofradias which were sponsored by the Church and which the establishment regarded as a means of controlling the Afro-Cuban population. [38], A 2019 survey made online by the Universidad de San Andrés showed that 59% of Argentines identify themselves as Catholics, 8% as Protestant, 9% follow other religions, 15% consider themselves not religious, 1% identified themselves as either Jewish or Muslim and a further 7% refused to answer. [58] Most adhered to a complex system of belief and ritual, now known as Yoruba traditional religion, that had developed among the Yoruba city-states. All other faiths and denominations are in principle required to undergo a registration process; in practice they are not allowed to register. [80] Another female divinity, Ochún, is the oricha of rivers and of romantic love. [7], There is no central authority in control of Santería. [49] In taking a triplicate form, this creator deity displays similarities with the Christian idea of the Trinity. [373] These spirit dolls may also be passed down through the generations in a single family.

Buenos Aires, for example, is an archdiocese owing to is size and historical significance as the capital of the nation. [236] As well as the santero or santera overseeing the initiation ceremony, the event may be attended by an oyubona ("one who witnesses"), who acts as a secondary godparent to the new initiate. [384] These operated as mutual aid societies and organised communal feasts, dances, and carnivals. Many of the myths associated with the oricha were transformed in Cuba, creating kinship relationships between different oricha which were not present in traditional West African mythologies. «La pachamama». [386] [98] This is a connection that, adherents believe, has been set before birth. [120] This is considered to be preordained but forgotten at birth;[114] it is not often, however, seen as an absolute predetermination. Its ritual of animal sacrifice he revealed on his own", "American Religious Identification Survey, 2001", "Santería: El Nuevo Manual del Oba u Oriaté", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Santería&oldid=985177834, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using multiple image with auto scaled images, Articles containing Spanish-language text, CS1 maint: DOI inactive as of October 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 24 October 2020, at 12:41.

Currently a steady rise of Evangelicals has occurred in recent decades, mainly due to the lower classes converting from Catholicism. [114] They are often included as a part of both initiation and funerary rites. [95] Each oricha is associated with specific songs, rhythms, colors, numbers, animals, and foodstuffs. La Iglesia Adventista del Séptimo Día o Guardadores del sábado que esperan la segunda venida de Jesús tiene 1,052 Templos con una feligresía de 118,407 miembros activos en todo el país de Argentina, lo que indica 1 adventista por cada 383 habitantes. The Islamic Organization of Latin America (IOLA), headquartered in Argentina, is considered the most active organization in Latin America in promoting Islamic-affiliated endeavors. [201] This is followed by a year of additional rites for the deceased individual. In addition, many of the Portuguese traders in the Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata were Jewish. [154] For this reason, Mason thought Santería could be described as a secret society. [201] As part of this, a funeral mass is held in a Roman Catholic church nine days after the individual has died to ensure that their soul successfully travels to the realm of the spirits. [143] During the mid-1960s, several African American practitioners established the Yoruba Temple of Harlem. A majority of Sephardi Jews migrated to Argentina because of both groups speaking the Spanish language. [1], About 37% of Argentines say that religion is not too or not at all important in their lives, according to a 2018 Pew Research Center report. [290] Women are discouraged from playing the batá during ceremonies,[291] as it is feared that their menstrual blood would weaken the añá of the drum. [340] During the session, an image of the overseeing oricha is often brought out and offerings of food placed before it. [374], After the Spanish Empire conquered Cuba, the island's indigenous Arawak and Taino people were soon annihilated. [38] A non-initiate, including those who may attend public Santería ceremonies, is referred to as an aleyo ("stranger");[39] these non-initiates make up the majority of people who participate in the religion. Catholic practices incorporate a great deal of syncretism with religious festivals in the northwestern provinces featuring Catholic icons with ancient Andean pagan ceremonies. [215] Once killed, the animal's severed heads may be placed on top of the vessels containing objects associated with the oricha to which the sacrifice has been directed. [277] In turn, the oricha are believed capable of soothing the grieving, healing the sick, blessing the deserving, and rebuking those who have behaved badly. [109] Some practitioners have also reported becoming possessed by an oricha in non-ritual contexts, such as while sleeping or walking through the streets. Muslims and Jews account for small minorities. [411] Priests of Santería, Ifá, and Palo Monte all took part in government-sponsored tours for foreigners desiring initiation into such traditions. Christianity is the largest religion in Argentina.. Argentina, for much of its history and including the present day, has been an overwhelmingly Christian country.The largest Christian denomination in the country is Roman Catholicism.The historical background is very much due to the Spanish influence brought about … [18].

[342] The diviner will ultimately determine which oricha will assist the client in dealing with their problems and outline what sacrifices will be appropriate to secure the aid of said oricha. [122] Among practitioners, aché is sometimes described as conveying notions of luck, health, and prosperity. En estos casos y en algunas fiestas populares es posible reconocer creencias precolombinas o africanas, a veces combinadas con elementos de la religión católica y/o evangelicalista (ver sincretismo religioso), como la generalizada costumbre popular de arrojar el primer trago de vino a la tierra como ofrenda a la Pachamama, cuyo culto se mantiene relativamente sólido y suele identificarse con la Virgen María.[42]​.

[390] Collectively, these different movements were increasingly described as the "Orisha Tradition. [376] Most Roman Catholic priests were located in urban areas, away from the majority of the enslaved population who worked on rural plantations. It entails honey and the ochinchín omelette being offered to the oricha Ochún, with the oyubona then engaging in divination to determine if Ochún has accepted the sacrifice. Factbook > Countries > Argentina > Demographics. [47] Olodumare is thus regarded as being inaccessible to humanity. [8]. [281] Many drummers avoid referring to the añá in public and may not refer to it by name. Argentina Was the First Country to Legally Recognise a Child as Having 2 Fathers In Buenos Aries in 2012, Carlos Dermgerd and his partner Alejandro Grinblat became the parents of a baby boy. [119] Especially propitiated are those members of the dead who are deemed to be ancestors. [115] The religion entails propitiating the spirits of the dead, known as egun,[116] espíritus,[117] or muertos. [126] The gitano (gypsy) spirits for instance are believed to have the power to warn of impending troubles and diagnose illnesses while the congo spirits of Africa are perceived as strong-willed, powerful, and adept at guiding people through hostile circumstances.

[138] It does not polarise good and evil, with all things being perceived as being complementary and relative. [131] Santería teaches that all beings possess aché but that initiates gain more of it. The descendants of Mizrahi and Sephardic Jews are more likely to identify themselves as just Jews rather than Arab Jews today. [125] Santería also divides the spirits into categories which each show different traits, reflecting stereotypes about different social groups in Cuban society,[120] with such spirits often portrayed as being African, Haitian, Gypsy, Arab, or Plains Indian. [258], This next ritual is known as the asiento (seating),[40] or the coronación (coronation),[259] and it is believed that it marks the point when the aché of the tutelary oricha which "rules their head" is literally placed inside the initiate's cranium. When it comes to religion, the Ecuadorian society is relatively homogeneous, with Christianity being the primary religion. Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedral, the seat of the archbishop, houses the remains of General José de San Martín in a mausoleum. [27], Although Jews account for less than 1% of Argentina's population, Buenos Aires has the second largest population of Jews in the Americas, second only to New York City, [28] and is the seventh largest Jewish community in the world.

The Association of Religion Data Archives however approximates that 1.9% of the population profess Islam as their faith. [357] In turn, those visiting the babalawos pay them for their services. [317], Santería teaches that supernatural factors cause or exacerbate human ailments.

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