Henttonen et al.

The main reason for unnatural death in Arctic foxes is starvation, and is most likely to occur when the fox is on the move. For northern red‐backed voles, small‐sized individuals from Yukon and Northwest Territories generally had larger body masses compared to those from Alaska with similar CI, AI and RMT, whereas large individuals from the Northwest Territories tended to be lighter (Fig. We are very grateful to the Swedish Polar Secretariat for organizing the Tundra Ecology Expedition 1994. ) from the Commander Islands Breeding conditions for waders in Russian tundras in 1992. Estimating the body mass of rodent prey from measurements of mandibles found in pellets allows a precise quantification of resource partitioning among predators and how biomass is transferred across trophic levels in food webs. [5] The disappearance of lemmings and the lemming cycles in the Arctic have shown that they are the causes of fluctuations in local breeding among geese and waders. A high density of arctic foxes was related to a declining Siberian lemming population at site 14 and the Siberian lemming population at site 15 in the increase phase was associated with low arctic fox numbers. Their weight can vary greatly but the average weight between males and females is about six pounds. Like plants, lemmings use the blanket of snow as insulation. This was supported by phase determination of the lemming populations.

are shown. Equations to convert mandible size to body mass are provided for site‐ and species‐specific estimations.

When we measured predator response to different lemming densities across areas, it is therefore likely to be a general arctic fox response.


Quantifying consumed biomass within food webs is critical to identifying and quantifying energy fluxes (Cohen, Jonsson & Carpenter, 2003; Reuman & Cohen, 2005). A Predator–Prey Two-Sex Branching Process. Read also: 50 Beautiful Peacock Facts You Should Not Miss. This may be related to higher primary productivity in that region (boreal and subarctic vs. low and high Arctic), but more studies are needed to clarify this.

While fresh food is always better for the Arctic fox, the animal has to do what is necessary to survive in its harsh habitat. Dynamics of a discrete-time stage-structured predator–prey system with Holling type II response function. The sample size for this analysis, however, is limited from site 11 and the peak density might have been very local. However, considering that bones can be damaged during gastric degradation, it is encouraging that the RMT measurement was also highly reliable in most cases.

The Arctic fox enjoys lemmings over any other type of prey. Herbivores inhabiting the High Arctic in winter are a prime example of a situation where food availability is anticipated to be low, and thus reduced diet overlap is expected.

We also excluded females noted as pregnant to avoid positive mass bias for females. Seasonal pulses of migratory prey and annual variation in small mammal abundance affect abundance and reproduction by arctic foxes. Because our analyses revealed site‐specific relationships between body mass and mandible size for some species (see below), we also ran one model per species per location per mandible part (nmodel = 48). Arctic fox facts tell us that the animal has a unique evolutionary trait that helps it to survive in the subzero temperatures of its climate. Effect of snow cover on the vulnerability of lemmings to mammalian predators in the Canadian Arctic. Dynamics of Predator-Prey Community with Age Structures and Its Changing Due To Harvesting. Because growth rate declines with age, we assumed a non‐linear relationship between body mass and mandible size.

A trophic interaction framework for identifying the invasive capacity of novel organisms.

Each map shows the distribution of specimens per genus. In meadow voles, individuals from Alaska with short RMT and AI were slightly heavier than at the other sites (Fig. Do arctic foxes

Arctic lemmings migrate when population density becomes too great, and they resort to swimming in search of a new habitat. Limiting sampling to a single season should eliminate the first issue but one must accept some inherent problems inherent to using mandibles, which currently does not allow identification of sex of the consumed prey. The proportion of collared lemmings in the diet of those predators was high at low lemming density (both species) but decreased as lemming density increased.

Received 17 October 1997; They don’t bark but do make a wide range of noises to communicate with other foxes. 1991, 1993; Hanski & Korpimäki 1995; Hanski & Henttonen 1996; Turchin & Hanski 1997).

Annual, seasonal, and habitat‐related variation in feeding habits of the arctic fox (. and you may need to create a new Wiley Online Library account. We hypothesized that in small rodents, the size of mandibles is closely related to body mass because voles and lemmings rarely live more than a few months due to high mortality rate (i.e. It is important to note that for all the species covered, especially voles, we did not cover their entire geographical distribution. On the role of lemmings in biological connections at southern Yamal. Brown Lemming (Lemmus trimucronatus) ... Arctic (Tundra) Shrew (Sorex arcticus tundrensis) This is the most brilliantly colored of the shrews.

Resource partitioning among predators may occur not only on the basis of species consumed, but also on the basis of prey size within the same species.

7). ) This helps the entire body of the Arctic fox to remain warm. Goszczyński (1977) reported that birds of prey fed in a higher proportion on large common voles (Microtus arvalis) than mustelids and foxes in agricultural habitats of western Poland, owing to the inaccessibility of young voles remaining in burrows.

Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. The population ranges in the hundreds of thousands worldwide and fluctuates on a regional basis with the availability of food supplies.

Some authors describe ‘seasonal migrations’ in northern Siberia (e.g. Patch use and vigilance by sympatric lemmings in predator and competitor-driven landscapes of fear. Annual variation in arctic fox diet in both summer and winter was correlated with lemming abundance.

Obviously, the local high density in winter 1993/94 at this site was missed in the dendrochronological analysis. Without this thick and warm fur, the animal may not be able to survive in the harsh cold temperatures of its habitat, which in some areas can reach below -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Arctic Foxes, Lemmings, and Canada Goose Nest Survival at Cape Churchill, Manitoba.

Arrows numbered as 1 indicate the notches (dotted polygons) between each process, whereas the arrow numbered as 2 indicate posterior extension of the condylar process.

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