Quite a mouthful but Wakmann was essentially an importer and distributor of watches to the US, with its own technical workshops in New York to make sure it could deliver on the orders as well as developing its own watches. Christie’s To Auction H. Moser & Cie. The Wakmann Watch Company had been a distributor of luxury watch brands in Portugal in 1943 before the company made its way across the Atlantic to set up offices in New York in 1946. Here are a couple of versions of what collectors now call the “Wakmann Big Boy”. The last of these notable watches from Wakmann is an automatic Regate chronograph from the early 1970s – very colourful and complicated indeed. It was also used for a Swedish Airforce Military contract, with exactly the same bezel/case combination. This invention gave birth to the first wave of small portable watches, which were in the beginning worn as a pendant on a chain Very interesting article about WAKMANN Watch Company!

Often, portable watches were placed on the wall of the house, but they were not really portable, this idea came some years later. I’ve been collecting watches for many years, mostly vintage. Wakmann, as a business, was fairly comprehensive in its offerings for the US market.

However, articles like this have made me focus on WAKMANN. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. changed all that, enabling watches to loose minute or two during one day. 6 responses. time measurements in many scientific experiments and public transportation systems (famous Ohio train wreck of 1891 happened because of train engineer H. Moser & Cie. Launches The Swiss Mad Watch, The Most Swiss Watch Eve... Christie’s To Auction H. Moser & Cie. Towards the middle of the 16th century second hands ensured accuracy of the time pieces. However pocket watches continued to be widely used in railroading even as their popularity declined elsewhere. By the time of World War I, pocket watches went out of fashion after highly miniaturized wrist watches became famous. The watch also features a full calendar bezel controlled and set by the crown at 11pm, whereas the chronograph has the standard start/stop/reset buttons on the right.

History of pocket watch covers the period between late 1600s and modern times when pocket watches are relatively rare. By then, Glass protection 1880. History of the Pocket Watch; History of the Pocket Watch. However benefits of wearing a wrist watch soon became apparent during the war when time was needed to be accessed quickly. A Short History of American Watch Making Now a days, when you say "fine watches", the Swiss immediately come to mind. These railroad-grade pocket watches, had to meet the General Railroad Timepiece Standards adopted in 1893 by most railroads. The image of the pocket watch began to change in the 17th century. around the neck. The colours – emergency orange, black and white – have been a recurring theme with these chronographs, although I have seen blue, white and grey models too. Pocket watches were passed down as a family heirloom and something a man could treasure, whether it were made of gold or platinum. Cases and dials were painstakingly hand crafted with opulent French designs whilst English, German and Dutch designs were more sedate. Between 1880 and 1900 saw the first attempts of standardizing time, not only for creation of time zones but also because of ever increasing need of precise

New brand – Vortic Watch Co. mixing antique American pocket-watch mov... America-Based RGM Watch Company Unveils 25th Anniversary Watches. As a tradition in some countries, gold cased pocket watches are given to an employee upon their retirement. To date I now have 8 pieces that intrigued me to open and inspect, which substantiates what I read above. Pocket watches were passed down as a family heirloom and something a man could treasure, whether it were made of gold or platinum.

In the second half of the 18th century, pocket watches were produced with three hands, thus making telling the time even more accurate.

H. Moser & Cie. Launches The Swiss Mad Watch, The Most Swiss Watch Eve... By Brice Goulard. It may also have been the original “assembler” of the Breitling Navitimer for the first two years of a production contract for the AOPA. By Roberta Naas.

Leroy made the most complicated pocket watch of its era. Approximately one hundred years later they were carried in the pocket. The railroad officials commissioned Webb C. Ball as their chief time inspector, in order to establish precision standards and a reliable timepiece inspection system for railroad chronometers.

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