Then I wrote them down and pondered them carefully, and after praying according to these principles for a while, I obtained God’s leadership.”.

Why Must We Pray, Gather, and Read God's Word to Attain New Life?

» Read more on our Sermons on Prayer page, or click on the related articles below: • 4 Aspects Christians Need to Know About Praying to God, • How to Draw Near to the Lord in a Hectic Work Life, • What to Do When You’re Losing Faith in God in Setbacks. But sometimes, when we meet something that we cannot thoroughly understand and don’t know what to do, it may take us several or more days to receive the Lord’s answer after we pray. Upon hearing that there are principles in praying to the Lord, I felt very fresh and joyful. Such kinds of prayers can’t receive God’s answer. God never meant prayer to be only an individual activity. Now I realize that such irrational prayers don’t conform to God’s will. 3 Keys for Reading the Word of God Effectively, 4 Aspects Christians Need to Know About Praying to God, How to Draw Near to the Lord in a Hectic Work Life, What to Do When You’re Losing Faith in God in Setbacks, How to escape sin and enter the heavenly kingdom, Morning Prayer Song - The Significance of Prayer, Why Fasting and Prayer Cannot Resolve the Issue of Desolation in the Church, How to Do Devotions to Achieve Good Results. • Why Is Prayer Necessary?

That is to say, in order to enter into the heavenly kingdom, we need to practice God’s word and act in accordance with the requirements of His words, rather than merely work hard for the Lord.

True prayer must be united prayer. You are welcome to contact us in the following ways. So, if we fear God, our prayer should be based on the understanding of God’s words. One day, I sought from one of my friends, who believes in God, about the matter of prayer: “Many times when I pray to God, I cannot see the leadership and guidance of God, nor do I know how to pray in a way that conforms to God’s will.”, Hearing this, my friend earnestly said to me, “I also had a similar situation as you in the past. I just want him to care for me rather than think about how to care for him.

If you pray to God everyday but couldn’t receive the Lord’s answer to your pray, this article will give 3 tips to get your prayers answered. Can We Truly “Be Changed in the Twinkling of an Eye” and Raptured Into the Heavenly Kingdom? Frequent disasters occur in the last days. Could It Be That God Can Only Incarnate as a Male? Oh God, lead me in this matter; You know I have weaknesses, I am too lacking and am unsuitable for You to use. So I eagerly asked my friend to share them with me. Specific prayers are more natural Specific prayers are more honest and authentic Specific prayers help us express our faith Specific prayers are more effective If you want your prayers to be … Continue reading →. In reality, God’s answer to our prayers is usually not based on our imaginations. We are just creatures, so we should stand in our place as created beings and should have reverence for and obedience to God. May you give me faith and strength to practice the truth.” Amazingly, after I prayed like this, I had confidence to tolerate my husband and the complaint and discontent all disappeared. He followed the way of fearing God and shunning evil throughout his whole life. The plague bre…. We should not be unreasonable in the way we speak when we ask God for something, nor should we ask God for something unreasonable, much less make a trade with Him. A true prayer should be centered around how to enter the truth, how to enter into the reality of God’s word, through which we can receive the enlightenment and leadership of the Holy Spirit. After many times of praying and seeking, we will receive the enlightenment and leadership of the Lord, which allows us to understand that this sentence refers to the requirements for entering the heavenly kingdom: Only by following God’s will and His way can we enter. Each of us who are believers … Continue reading →, United prayer can be seen beautifully by this wild  flower–as each individual pedal forms the whole of the flower. “For if you forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you” (Matthew 6:14). Christian Testimonies Resources for Spiritual Growth Topical Bible Study Weekly Updates. Please read and agree to our privacy policy below to start chatting with us. He will enlighten and guide us to know His will in the things we meet, because He sees our honest heart. In our life, we always encounter all kinds of problems and difficulties, which are the opportunities for us to get close to the Lord. Doing so, I believe your prayers will surely conform with God’s will as well. I must practice and enter into these principles so that my prayers conform to God’s will and I can have a closer relationship with the Lord. From this passage of God’s words, we understand that we should firstly stand in our place when praying.

Another example is Job. It’s not that I won’t tell you; I want to see if you rely on Me when you are in My presence and whether you depend on Me with confidence.”. We have little needs, average size needs, and sometimes huge needs.

Han Zheng was confused by these words, “God’s word and work are not all contained within the Bible, and they do exist outside of the Bible.” Later, through seeking communication with her co-workers, she understood that the Bible is only a record of God’s two stages of work in the Age of Law and the Age of Grace and that there actually are words and work of God outside of the Bible.

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