© Copyright 2020 Landmark Trading (Stamford) Ltd, Registered Office: Landmark Trading (Stamford) Limited, Cherryholt Road, Stamford, Lincs, PE9 2EP, Company registration number 5797704 VAT registration number 789 7136 65. The manufacturer its distributors and retailers do not accept any liability if users do not follow the instructions correctly. Molteno (LC) - 23847 Italia. Suitable for tree work, or linesman work, these climbing spikes come with two sets of gaffs: 1x pair of long (tree) gaffs and 1 x pair of short (pole) gaffs. This means the majority of the strength is in the core of the rope, while the sheath is designed for good grip, protection and (thanks to its bright orange and black striped design) good visibility - both in the tree and on the ground. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Select Option not separate leg loops). The largest is ½ inch (13mm). La CECLIMB di TEUFELBERGER 11,5 mm è il primo sistema di risalita e posizionamento certificato al mondo per il treeclimbing. ■ 使用荷重: MAX 120kg, 適正ロープ径:10-11mmと適用ロープの幅が少ないことと、横方向の動きが少し苦手なことを改善できれば最高のデバイス。, ・SINGING TREE のロープランナーは、ロープレンチとロープクランプを組み合わせた個性的なSRTクライミングデバイスです。スムーズな制動コントロールと確実なグリップをクライマーに提供してくれます。, ・シングルSRTのデバイスでの上昇と下降

- Ergonomic leg loops from maximum comfort.

・片手でスムーズに降下 Tree climbing (arborist) ropes come in different diameter sizes, from 10mm to 13mm. 使用荷重(WLL))= 300kg(3kN) 重量= 433g, Amazonで調べる;→Adjustable ブルドックボーン Nano スイベル付き ツリーケア, ・従来の人気のあるヒッチクライマーフリクションヒッチシステム。「ヒッチクライマーシステム」はTreemagineersの発案(従来式のプルージックプーリーシステム), 構成・1 x DMMヒッチクライマープーリー(供給色は異なる場合があります) Select Option Available in: Grey, Matt Black, Black, Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White, HiVis Orange, HiVis Yellow, info@getitatglobal.co.uk Spliced Eye Termination: This British made rope is supple and tightly braided and runs well through... 13mm diameter climbing rope. Each set of TH1000 tree climbing spikes comes complete with two sets of gaffs (long "Tree" gaffs and short "Pole" gaffs). Material (outer): Polyester Select Option Il PETZL JET  è un sacchetto da lancio di robusta costruzione, la sua forma facilita il passaggio nelle forcelle degli alberi, ed è identificabile per la cucitura gialla della fettuccia. ・調整可能な摩擦 35 metre (£113.20)45 metre (£127.50), : Top quality, great selection and expert advice you can trust. Failure to follow the rope care guidelines issued with the rope outlining the correct use and care may give rise to a situation that could endanger the user’s life. ・ロープに応じ工具無しで簡単に摩擦具合を調整できます。, 以下のロープは、以下に示す使用荷重制限でAkimboでの使用が承認されています。 Akimboには承認されたロープのみを使用してください。 作業負荷は、ギアを含むクライマーの総重量に等しくなります。, 厳密にいえば現在、CEの安全認証は申請・取得中でありますが、それ以外のクライミングロープでの使用は保証対象外になるかと思います。, ・LOV2はフランス製の新しいアッセンダー/ディッセンダー/フォールアレスター(複合器具)です。SRT仕様として唯一と言っていいほど数少ないヨーロッパの安全規格をクリアしているモデルです。ロープへの途中脱着も非常に簡単!, ・LOV2はレバースタイルのツールの中では一番応用が効くツールです。何故ならロープが真っ直ぐにセットされるからで、それによってフットアッセンダーやニーアッセンダーを併用してロープを登ることができます。, ・LOV2はヨーロッパ規格のテストをクリアしているのでSRT用アッセンダーとして他のバックアップシステムなしで正式に使用できるツールです。ロープガイドツインライン若しくはSRTボトムアンカーと10.5 mmロープを使えば無駄な苦労をせずにスムーズに下降ができます。, 【仕様】 We Price MatcH Other Stores. This method of eye termination has the advantages of splicing (small and neat) while also being suitable for machine construction, ensuring continuity in quality and strength. Select Option

Marlow builds excellent arbor ropes, including Gecko 2 16-strand climb line. Global House Prior to each use a complete risk assessment must be carried out to ascertain that this product configures with and is appropriate to the work being undertaken. Each karabiner is both batch and serial numbered for tracking the necessary routine inspections. accounts@getitatglobal.co.uk, Global Plant Sales Ltd The shaft of this climbing iron is shaped to fit around your boots, and slightly cranked to line up with the lower leg. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Select Option The rope is finished with one specially sewn eye – low profile and neat.

Each climbing rope that is advertised in this section has been designed and selected to fit the individual needs of every arborist and also respond to the needs of every job. The seat is reinforced to ensure comfort for long days in the tree. La quantità minima ordinabile per questo prodotto è 0, Corda da Treeclimbing MARLOW VEGA 11,7 mm. This means the majority of the strength is in the core of the rope, while the sheath is designed for good grip, protection and (thanks to its bright orange and black striped design) good visibility - both in the tree and on the ground. Application: DRT

- Adjustable 'speed click' waist & leg loops. With reinforced webbing upper and lower strap sets, and soft and comfortable leg pads, these climbers are a good choice when looking for budget climbing spikes. 重量:246g(8.67oz), Amazonで調べる;→Singing Tree ロープランナー SRT ツリーケア, これまで18年間、造園に関わる仕事を続けてきました。日本には世界に誇る造園・技術があると思っていましたが世界から遅れた点がありました。日本はいつの間にか安全後進国だったということに気がつきました。 Material (inner): Polyester ・簡単に取り付けられるミッドライン The THCR131 is a low-stretch kernmantle rope. Sistema di lavoro TEUFELBERGER CECLIMB 11,5... Custodia per sagolino COURANT POP LINE LARGE, Custodia per sagolino COURANT POP LINE SMALL, Custodia per cordino da lancio PETZL ECLIPSE. 35 metre (£121.50)45 metre (£139.50), : ■ 材質: スチール+ステンレス Before Use:

・軽量でコンパクトで重量 261gです。

YALE Cordage XTC PLUS is CE Certified to BS EN1891:1998 Standard Type A, Yale XTC Plus 13mm Climbing Rope 15m, 25m, 35m or 45m – with 1 Spliced Eye, Product Care:

・2 x DMM Ultra O Locksafe Karabiner The highly textured 16strand sheath is made from polyester and the high strength core is made from multiple twisted strands of polyamide. 25 metre (£99.50)35 metre (£123.55), : ・ロープに簡単に途中で脱着 可能です Friction Ropes Split Tails & Accessory Cord, Marlow Venom 11.8mm Blue & Yellow Climbing Rope 1 Sewn Eye 35m, Marlow Vega 11.7mm Grey & Orange Climbing Rope 1 Spliced Eye 45m, Marlow Vega 11.7mm Grey & Orange Climbing Rope Unspliced 200m, Marlow Gecko 13mm Climbing Rope 1 Spliced Eye 45m. Kings Heath La TEUFELBERGER TACHYON 11,5 mm è una delle corde da Tree climbing più conosciute e diffuse al mondo, questo grazie alle sue ottime caratteristiche di affidabilità e resistenza all'usura. 48 Warstock Road Select Option service@getitatglobal.co.uk The simple oval karabiner is perhaps one of the most popular shapes amongst tree climbers. Comfort is assured, thanks to the soft leather leg pads, laminated with natural wool-based padding. Join our mailing list to get the latest offers, news and arb adventures straight to your inbox.

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